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  1. Ha ha, thanks Mike for bringing it back on the OP. I appreciate the varying options. Always good to feel the passion!!! I will spend a day or two at some sound folks to try out their favorite choices Will let you know, what choice I took All the best M
  2. Thanks everybody for your responses Yes Vin, I am looking for ONE Mic or a combined system, that can be used in one windshield system. I will see what Sennheiser will say. But even before the self noise was quite present in quieter ambiences. What are your experiences with the CMIT? Sounds like a great mic. Matthew thanks for the offer. I will see if I can get a hold of a CSS5 and hear what it sounds like. I tried the Audio Technica BP 4029 but couldn´t hear a difference to the 418s regarding self noise. After the crash of the 418 I used a 416 as a backup and added for amb
  3. Hey everybody, on my last shoot my MKH 418S Sennheiser started to give me trouble. The 418 has its own noise anyway, but after a day on the ocean it felt like I imported the ocean to the land. The noise of the mic itself was unbearable. I will send the 418 to sennheiser to see if they can fix it. But maybe it´s time to look for alternatives. I´m mainly working on documentaries, a lot of times on remote places, with harsh conditions. I´m looking for a system, that is stable and that can be used for scenic situations, interviews and basic ambience at the same time. I know its a hard task
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