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  1. WTB - 12Vdc DevaMate, or 12Vdc capable DVD-Drive Shell, or Someone with the Skills to modify a shell for 12vdc ... I'm looking to add another one to my setup... the one I have (that's 12Vdc) is an original Zaxcom DVD-RAM shell modified by Trew Audio for 4P XLR ..... Anyone got one lying around ? Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  2. Whitney - Is your policy considered an "inland marine" .... ? That is a very good price, and you certainly want to be covered for any and all travel, fire, and theft ... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  3. Sadly I'm starting a project that is going to knock me out of the AES in NYC... always a great show, in a great place! Of the many things I wanted to check out -- something new on the Cantar X2 : the AutoSlate. Is anyone out there running this? Is it a software upgrade, or a piece of hardware ? It seems like a great idea.... a timestamp for the file triggered merely by sticks.... Since the advent of the GR-1, I have always tried to include a reasonably close TC entry on each take of my sound reports ..... such an AutoSlate function would pretty much do that for me ..... with frame accuracy. It seems like it might be a "hybrid" use of TC with either Denecke or standard slates, and it might solve the problem of the occasional un-readable slate TC display.... I'm also curious if Nagra is to release it's projected mid-priced 6 track NL Recorder, Nagra VI ..... has anyone seen or played with any prototype? Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  4. Thanks for all the info men..... Especially helpful, since I'm on vacation now and will have about 9hrs to prep AND sleep before this job ! What can I say - I said "yes" ...... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc. mike@afpusa.tv
  5. I've worked with Deva 2 for so long... I am used to getting 8 "track hours" out of 2G partitions... At 48K/24bit I can count on 1tk = 8hrs on a 2G block, 2tk = 4hrs on a 2G block, 4tks = 2hrs on a 2G block ....... when it comes down to 2G partitions... I've got a 2hr performance recording coming up, and the client wants 16 tracks plus timecode.... I am looking for the storage capacity he'll / we'll need to be ready for.... I plan on using BoomRecorder here.... For BoomRecorder users, has the formula been roughly the the same ? (1 tk for 8 hrs = 2g) Therefore, 17 tks at 8 hrs would require 34G ..... Since I'm only recording for 2hrs (8/4 = 2, thus 34/4) I could get away with all of this with about 8.5 - 9G of media ? Is my logic correct or have others developed a better way to pre-determine storage needs for certain projects ? Thanks in advance... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc.
  6. I always cover gear on walkaways - everything .... Space blankets keep your stuff from walking, and don't forget the possibility of some stupid event that could set off the ceiling sprinkler system.... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc.
  7. Whitney - Be sure to call your colleagues locally and make sure that they understand what to do if they get that call..... When that BS circulates around here, I try my best to inform everyone that a stand is being taken for market standards, and to please back off..... 250 is a huge insult -- the gaffer will pull 5 and won't have as much responsibility.... I took an LA call recently that wanted me at 400 / 12 - (yes, trying to book me on a TWELVE !!) .... HD as well.... I negotiated up significantly (AND got a 10hr day) upon reminding the caller that audio is a KEY position, and needs to be at par with other keys, such as the gaffer... in the course of the negotiation managed to find out that the hired local HD Tech / "AC" (a friend of mine) was pulling 500 ...... for keeping up with the tapes, plugging in the monitor, changing TC, batteries, etc.... MAYBE pull a focus here or there --- Give me a break..... We should never forget that we are KEYS .... this FACT is eroding and that simply must be prevented... (and I have some thoughts on that, and not enough time to address them right now....) Fact of the matter is .... before HD came down to earth, this might have been a beta or DigiBeta project... without an "AC" and the extra expense of HD equipment.... They are trying to take it out of our butts..... don't let it happen, y' all.... (How organized is it down there ? .... if everyone is IA, your solution is a phone call to the rep... )
  8. Thanks men..... kind of an ah-duh moment here..... Of course I've done that dozens and dozens of times on simple video projects that don't involve secondary audio recording and local TC generation .... it certainly is the way to go here.... I don't know why it didn't just "come to me"... Being hardwired does make things a bit easier ... Scott, thanks for the link.... from the looks of it, I think I'll be seeing this camera a good bit.... Many, locally, have been chomping at the bit for it's release.... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  9. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been able to convince a client on the merits of Tri-Level Sync.... today, in comes a client who cares ! We are working with a pair of newer Panasonic P2 "500s" and I won't have access to them beforethis due to my road schedule.... when the cams arrive, I'll be in transit.... we meet on "show day" ... (We are dealing with a two-hour stage performance) I just have one SBT box - In a hardwired, multi-cabled situation, would a mere split of the TC and Vid / outs work on a two camera project Has anyone tried this in the past ? Is there enough signal / poop to drive two sets of inputs ? Of course, we'll all be on common tech power...... I'll be recording 8 tracks with BoomRecorder and a MOTU Traveller... The safest alternative, of course, is to acquire more SBTs, but I'm a bit curious here .. it seems to me that a hardwired split (with no more than 25-50' separation camera to camera) might be OK.. Comments / Observations most welcome .... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc
  10. And another question .... has anyone utilized a channel of CAT5 / Balun setup for TimeCode ? I would hope to be able to occasionally provide script/vid village a viewable channel of TC when possible.. Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc.
  11. Regarding Isolation with Balun "boxes" - is there a specification to look for that indicates this needed property? I'm a firm believer in the principal that you get what you pay for (Especially for us!)...... The limited research that I've done on Balun boxes has pricing from about 10 - 100 dollars.... a pretty wide gap... I found one that actually has designations of "Transmitter" and "Receiver" for each of the two boxes included in the set... they are bi-directional, right?
  12. Joining this late, I am anxious for the development of a device that would put the burden of metadata accuracy in the hands of those that initiate the changes and scene / take number assignments.... Scripties.... If metadata is not 100% accurate and reliably so, I do not see the benefit .... I still experience the occasional and frustrating communication gap between what gets on the slate and what the take actually "is" ... Although not as elegant as the GR-1, the Denecke TC-JR is a much lower cost reader that will take a TOD jam and it has a "hold" button ... I often hand one to script for their use.... Since the advent of Deva and the pre-record feature, I can count on one hand the number of times I might have used Rec-Run in the last 8 years.... I always use TOD, and am very careful with accurate dates in UserBits... even after midnight. Although I prefer to jam a slate or syncbox, one can still broadcast a TOD code and still have incremental segment numbers pop into the UBits for better "locating" in post ... I've done that a time or two, but I still prefer no RF link between me and the slate.... Michael Filosa, CAS
  13. BTW - does anyone know of an entity that might be able to fix an Oktava MK-012 ? I had a nice pair, and now one seems to be dead.... Something metallic is floating around inside, and I believe a fatal short occurred... Thanx in advance for any advice here... Michael Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc.
  14. 30nd / 48.048 would / should be used in the field for pulldown to 29.97nd and 48K in telecine... After pulldown, this would provide proper 48K for the digital studio decks, and maintain the digital signal chains in the facility if they choose to work all digitally. ( I still do quite a few disks at 30nd / 48 as analog routing and machine inputs are still used a good bit around here.... ) I'm not getting the 29 / 48.048 combination.... are they trying to pull down 29.97 ?? No can do... Mike Filosa Atlanta Field Production, Inc.
  15. My Cart is named Sputnik.... Actually, I am driving Sputnik 3 now, and the quite-near reconstruct / reconfig ..... Well, I haven't decided yet.... MF Michael Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc
  16. Nobody wants to pay for batteries?? Me either ...... but its a cost of doing business..... TO THE PRODUCTION! Just like tape stock.... Dude, that is a standard charge on everything..... it's called an expendable. Batteries on an EASY video day can easily eat $10 or more into your day.... Multiply that into a working year, and you could get into 4 figures.... I stipulate that on EVERY negotiation.... right up front -- the cadence is like this: "Rates? ... OK - Labor? ... $$ ... then Equipment? $$ .... then extra equipment charges if the needs discussed here are exceeded... $$$ ..... then expendables (what they cost at Target, BTW) $$$ .... then mileage past 50 roundtrip per day... Great, we've got a deal... " I've never lost a job due to that... to them, it's usually less money then they spend on Starbucks.. When you give that stuff away once, then it becomes an expected freebie, whether you are running one wireless or TEN. AND, you ruin it for the others in your market.... Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  17. 5-10 minutes!!! Now I understand the "why?" to my initial question! Wow, that is very fast to me.... well, it's apparent that the CF mirror would be more than fine for my archive needs, as that would be easily achieved later on, and not much of an imposition to the workday.... could even be achieved next morning / first setup.... Thusly, the possible need for a second simultaneous DVD-RAM is a wholly unnecessary complication IMHO... Last questions, off-topic, but none-the-less... 1- does the 744T playback from all three mediums? (Internal HD / external firewire DVD-RAM / CF card) 2- do you experience any latency, however slight, from monitoring any of the mediums? Is there even a way to choose, beyond the internal HD, what you are listening to...? Thanks in advance.. Mike Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  18. Thanks for the enlightening responses.... I don't own a 744T (yet) and can't experiment on my own.... Firewire instead of USB 2.0 is a basic element I wasn't initially aware of.... yikes! I should have been, because I remember reading that a long long time ago... the 744T is 2 or 3 years strong, correct? So external firewire DVD-RAM drives are what is needed here... I am curious, if one nixed the CF "mirror" and went for a second DVD-RAM, that the machine might possess enough processing power to do that.... OFFGROUP, I recieved an e-question along the lines of "why would I want to do this ?" To explain, I partition my removable drives in 4G pieces, and get about 9-10 days on a drive before I plug another one in.... So a typical long-form dramatic project gets divided up they way I prefer - not all eggs in one basket.... Having worked that way for many years... personally, I'm not so sure that I would be as comfortable as others might be (burdened with the task of recording and archiving a 30+ day project) to have the whole show on one fixed, non-removable internal disk built into the machine. I would love to make a simultaneous archive copy during the normal day. I am opposed to dealing with such a copy "later on".... especially after a brutal, perhaps freezing night of 14+ hour feature fun... in the dark... while everyone else is wrapped and enjoying the 8 hr turnaround.... it would seem to be good policy to knock this archive out on a daily basis, not in big batches over the weekend or at the end of the multi-week ordeal. Again, not owning a 744T, but seriously thinking about one... my experience with mirrors are pretty much SCSI to DVD-RAM.... quite sluggish at best... Maybe the future would be brighter, feeling the speed of firewire working in my favor, I don't know... this begs the question... how long does it take for the 744T to bang out a 4G disc ? And maybe my whole inquiry will be answered in the form of a future of incredibly cheap and FAST CF cards for my daily archive.... Regarding possible need for 3 mirrors... one for dailies/telecine, one for sound post, one for local or on-site editorial, one for archive... If the machine packs the processing power, why not? Thanx for the exploration / dialog.... of course I'm going to seek answers from the experienced ones out there.... It seems like this machine is having a lot of impact in the NL landscape and it might be an affordable path for me towards FAT32 ... Michael Filosa, CAS Atlanta
  19. Hello - I am curious about experiences / experiments with the version 2.0 of SoundDevices 744T software.... I read that it will record, simultaneously, to 1) Internal Hard Drive 2) CF Cards and 3) external DVD-RAM, via USB.... For starters, is this working well for anyone out there - all 3 simultaneously ? Has anyone tried a SECOND DVD-RAM simultaneous mirror via USB ? (Loopthru or Powered Hub ? ) I am curious if the machine could handle it.... I am very used to the removable drive concept, having been onboard with Deva 2 for many years... it seems that the alternative recorders out there have skipped over this aspect of design ..... in favor of 80+ gigs of internal capability... (I remember the "quantum leap" from 10/12G to 40G with Deva 2 - groundbreaking!!) This question owes to a desire to safely archive to a second disc during the workday, and NOT on precious downtime. In the past, I would archive by simple swapping out internal hard-drives - not too difficult! The downside there, of course, is that I am storing ZAX files, which, if the occasion should arise, would have to be mirrored to a post-friendly DVD-RAM.... fortunately this has NEVER popped up..... I'm just curious if anyone has tried this ? Four copies may be pushing it, but maybe if one dropped the CF mirror in favor of a second DVD-RAM ? Thanx in advance.. Michael Filosa, CAS Atlanta Field Production, Inc. *(This might well be my first post here.... if this has been posted to the "wrong" category, would someone please let me know ?)
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