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  1. Nick - This looks great! I like the modularity - sort of a less expensive version of the Festool stuff. Did you get the 7 Drawer version? The website seems to indicate lotsa options... MF
  2. An up-to-date article with interesting perspective - long but worth the read..... http://m.deadline.com/2014/04/sarah-jones-death-midnight-rider-accident-randall-miller-safety/ MF
  3. Very cool, early demo of "Beat It" - vocals only into an SM-57 with a great "natural room" sound. Worth the listen - http://lacienegasmiled.tumblr.com/post/77598143356/demo-of-beat-it-composed-using-only-michael MF
  4. They are truly sweet.... but so so expensive. Have you looked at Rastorder? if a long cart (ala magliner) is your desire, Rob Stalder builds some real unique and functional beauties. I have a taller version, and I love it. http://www.rastorder.com.au/ MF
  5. You are correct! It's some sort of unique low-noise system - haven't had the chance to hit the Apple Store and hear one (or not) It might take me awhile though, as Apple Stores are very very dangerous for long-term addicts to enter without proper supervision! MF
  6. I think Jeff's point might be that the "racking" of the revolutionary device fundamentally NEGATES the cylinder and puts the computer into a near-standard tower - but mounted sideways! That is funny!! Hey - It appears to be a sealed box - so I hope they have a plan for ventilation - the cylinder design, in it's intended natural state, is supposed to handle that task in optimal fashion - and rather quietly... MF
  7. Absolutely not to be tolerated. I'm curious what other department on your little movie might endure such treatment? ANY? And I'm sure you are probably either working alone or, at best, with a boom op - 2 person team, and multiple cameras too, right. Very simple fix - Inform mgt they will need to find another mixer for the rest of the film. Then quietly finish the day, while calling all the usual friends / fellow mixers / suspects that might get "the call", informing them of the situation. At day's end, they get no sound files until we settle up for all labor and equipment rentals and equipment repair. A Check - right now - from a local bank - I will bring you files when the check gets cashed after 8am or whenever the bank opens. Hopefully they'll be shut down for a day. And the best part - you don't have to worry about getting paid. This is the only way super-prick will ever "get it"... the only way. And do you really need to finish a film with this assclown?
  8. I don't know your degree of mechanical proficiency, but if I may advise.... there is definitely something "springy" in there. I have been inside many a machine, but my gut feeling told me "NO" this time. I think I paid just around that including shipping. I sent mine off awhile back, and all I can say is it came back better than it ever was - I had them detail it, tweak it, and I think a few new connectors too. When it came back I had total confidence in it, and to date has been a real trooper - the confidence alone in using it is worth the $$$. And I bill $65 / day for it when it comes out - I recovered the cost in 5 days and it's been all gravy since... All I can say is it might be safer to hire a professional ...FWIW, Gotham has THE ex-Fostex primary tech on their team, at last check, though it's been awhile for me. I've forgotten the name. He did a great job refurbing mine. And of course, there is ALWAYS Dave White at DWSound Services - he's done some great work for me and several others on this group for a good while now. Keep it going - it's a great machine for what it does, and often just what I need for some jobs that come to me with budgetary limits. MF
  9. Your back will thank you year after year - it'll be worth every cent. MF
  10. BUMP - Calling out to Pacific Northwest - 488, Missouri - 493, San Fran - 494,, and San Diego - 495 Can anyone provide some insight, or simple one line answers for me regarding your union or your local? (focusing on Stage Mechanics) Is your Business Agent elected by membership voting, OR - selected and appointed by your executive board? Looking to complete the survey and fill in the blanks as soon as I can. Thanx in advance - MF
  11. I picture the Lion singing a Barry White tune... MF
  12. So THATs what that beef was about -- I did read reference to something like that recently from a "senior" member of this group, and personally I think that is a travesty. For THIS particular person, if I am correct in my assumption, well - in light of recent developments out in your neighborhood - that union just lost out on a chance at a great legacy leader and candidate....... I am with you, completely, on disagreeing strongly about rejecting the experience and wisdom of such candidates, regardless of any recent working track-record. Frankly, if the candidate offers a degree of seasoned diplomacy, experience in a craft, the toughness and tenacity to enforce the rules (both on production AND on members), and the personal skills needed to connect with membership and earn their votes - well it's clearly a major "wrong" to deny any local's membership based on that criteria. I have been to a National Convention - a LOT of what goes on there pertains to StageHands and Theatrical stuff - a whole different world than ours... and major differences in skillsets and hiring practices. That's where I learned what a "hiring hall" is about. A very important clarification here - this is not "my proposal" by any means - I will state right now that I am NOT in favor of such a move. ANYTHING that diminishes a member's right to vote on his / her's representation is completely against my principals, which are rooted in pure democracy, however utopian that seems to be. The assignment of such a duty to an Executive Board, without any good reason whatsoever, and sold to the membership with less-than-true statements regarding this change as a "trend" in IA Leadership, is not going to be well received. Taking away a member's right to vote and participate, in a right-to-work state, is rather unwise, for at what point will a member question their whole affiliation anyway. Start with the crappy ASA, then add to that the "tax" or assessment, and then take away existing rights to participate and vote? I do not think such a move would be well received at all. The assignment of such a duty to an Executive Board is fundamentally establishing a de facto "electoral college".... and that really worked well for the nation back in the 2000 elections, didn't it? Popular vote over-ridden... and then George Bush Jr. for 8yrs. IN this version, there isn't even a popular vote. Why, because "we don't care about your popular vote... just give us your dues and your 3%, and we got it from here - trust us". Think about it - a majority of a 7 or 9 member executive board means that no more than 4 or 5 votes will determine everything. I could not think of anything worse, in pursuit of true democracy and representation. SO - thank you for informing us / me of this 120 / 3yr working criteria established and reinforced at a recent National IATSE convention. For me, I find the notion that a 4 or 5 person majority of a local's executive board can be empowered to hire anyone they want to off the street or not, is stunning incongruous with such newly established and ratified IATSE criteria... stunningly. MF This is no small thing.
  13. Laurence, Thank you very much for the info, and others as well. I actually hope to get more input from this inquiry, and hope to fill in the list, at the head of this thread, so that it can become a definitive "document" regarding the salesman-like presentation to our membership that implementation of this process as "common and growing." Judging from the list so far, it is clearly NOT. Though my opinions on this proposed process are steadfast, I do have to say that the original intent of the thread and inquiry was strictly to validate, or invalidate, the "selling" of this to our membership as a "common and growing" change among IATSE locals. At the onset of this inquiry, I simply did not know one way or the other, and now I do.... However , ALL opinions, observations, thoughts, and affirmations of the list items with respect to IA Locals are appreciated, and I hope it continues.... good debate. Yes, indeed, this is a tough topic that does bring out some strong emotions. MF
  14. Rich, You are right on there... definitely a victim as well.... and what about Gregg Allman himself? Certainly there is unfortunate association, for him, to this tragic event. MF
  15. Laurence - Thanks for the info - of course, 600 is Camera, and a national union. There are local offices, and local point people, that's all I know. Forgive my ignorance, but are 700 and 800 "Nationals" as well? What crafts are covered by 700 and 800 ? MF
  16. Bud - PM sent as well --- There is a Revised Constitution proposed and presented that will change the Business Agent position from one that is elected by the general membership to one that is appointed by the Executive Board of the Local. Regarding Business Agents, we have been told that this is a common and growing practice with Locals around the country. However, so far I have only verified that 491 / Carolinas uses this process. The only one. There must be a good reason, but I haven't been contacted by a local 491 historian to give me the background ( I'd love a confidential chat with anyone from 491 over this) Examples presented by proponents of this process were 491, and then mention was actually made of SAG and DGA - god knows why, as these unions have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with IATSE or technician concerns (though IF they could teach us how to get residuals, well - yeah!) There is no other example, in the nation, of a comprehensive (multi-craft) IATSE Studio Mechanics local other than 491 using such a procedure towards the employ of a business agent. To date, there are no known examples of dedicated-craft unions (I just created that term, don't know what would best describe..) like 695, or 44 that uses such a process either. Some one made mention that the Makeup national (NYC?) does, but I have no official verification. What about 600 ? I thought that was elected, right? http://www.iatse-intl.org/member-resources/local-union-directory has been an interesting link - the designation I am using for comparisons are "SM" ... you'll see what I mean if you poke around the page a little... many many of the locals are more about stagecraft and theater, thus not really apropo to the info I seek. I am hoping to hear from more members of more locals regarding this, so that I can present an actual real assessment. As we all know, there is always the possibility that what we have been told is not exactly gospel truth, perhaps an accidental product of salesmanship........ MF
  17. Thanks Chicago, thanks Florida - Anyone in the Pacific Northwest? New England? Anyone in Minnesota? New Mexico ? Looking for the answer to the question, and confirmations of the above as well.... Important and time sensitive - Many thanks for your responses.... MF
  18. +1 - Zaxcom introduced the Dsub to our world (rugged field recording) with the DEVA 2 - it got mixed reviews back then, but I really have liked them all along --- a manufacturer can get a lot done with those 25 Pins! MF
  19. I really liked the verbage in Mr. Osbourne's "Letter from the Business Agent" ... pretty good
  20. Michael - Awesome idea, going 24 - 30volts and then stepping down towards 12v - ish... Firstly, your experiences with LiFePO4 have been good, using simple conventional charging process, correct? I have several good ol' PSC PowerMax units - I believe they are created for 12v charging, feeding 13-13.8, and will charge one or two blocks simultaneously, carefully and by design, enabling you to operate AND charge whilst plugged into anywhere between 100-240v. They distribute 6, 12, or 18v via 6x 4p xlr outputs based on your selection of Pins 2 (6v), 3 (18v), or 4 (12v) in the cables you make or buy to connect to your gear. So - I doubt if I can safely charge battery blocks to 24-30 through these trusty workhorses and achieve your desired effect. Do you have special chargers built into your system, or do you externally charge overnight exclusively? Nothing wrong with that at all !
  21. ( List updated on 4.10.14 - MF ) Very important information quest here - Can anyone provide some insight, or simple one line answers for me regarding your union or your local? (focusing on Stage Mechanics) Is your Business Agent elected by membership voting, OR - selected and appointed by your executive board? Please Correct me if I am wrong below ...... one line just fine, or em me - mike at afpusa dot tv 52 - NY, NJ, Philly - currently elected by membership vote 44 - LA - currently elected by membership vote 695 - L.A - currently elected by membership vote 728 - LA - currently elected by membership vote 487 - Mid Atlantic - currently elected by membership vote 44 - LA - currently elected by membership vote 476 - Chicago - currently elected by membership vote 479 - Atlanta - currently elected by membership vote 490 - Minnesota - currently elected by membership vote 491 - Carolinas - currently selected and hired by executive board 477 - Florida - currently elected by membership vote 478 - Louisiana - currently elected by membership vote 484 - Texas - currently elected by membership vote 488 - Pacific NW - currently elected by membership vote 480 - New Mexico - ?? 481 - New England - currently elected by membership vote 493 - Missouri 494 - San Fran - ?? 495 - San Diego - ?? Please forgive me if I left any local out - but I'd like to have an answer to the question as it might apply to ANY Stage Mechanic IATSE Local. Hit me up! Thanx very much for any and all insights.... MF
  22. Joe, When we refer to a scratch track, it is usually a mono mix of what the sound department is recording. It is strictly for quick viewing, reference, and possibly rough cut editing later on.... Though the specs of an Alexa are superior, that is the exception, not the rule, so to speak. If you are attempting to wrangle an actual working track for editorial here, there is only ONE way to ensure success - Hire a professional and worry less about sound, and more about the picture and overall production - you have the best camera out there - maximize it. Put a little crew together and make your client an awesome product that will get you and your client yet another shot at another shoot. Do not "one man band" it with an Alexa... I just don't understand the rush, on this newsgroup, to denigrate what we do by "helping" / enabling the elimination of our craft and position even once .... this happens a lot here. What we do is special, involves experiences and focus, and is worth every penny in "bringing it home" on any shoot, large or small. MF MF
  23. Very good to catch this out there... a local mixer here lost a model of SM transmitter a couple years ago, and I don't know if it was ever retrieved.... such an easy thing to walk away with and never come back, especially at, say, 4am on a Fraturday. Jeesh, the price on it right now wouldn't even cover the Sanken, so why the "giveaway" ? MF
  24. I am interested in trying an LiFePO4 battery in a new setup - 40 or 60ah. The investment cost here is pretty steep, so I don't want to make a mistake! They are often sold with marketing that commends their utility as replacement block batteries for any standard or AGM block that we use conventionally. (As our market is rather small for such a manufacturer, these larger blocks seem to be aimed at the golf cart / handicap scooter crowd.) They all seem to use 14.6v as charging voltage, leaving a battery that's fully charged at 12.8-13.2 I've also seen mention of the preference to use a PCB in the battery build which "spreads" out the charging amongst the cells in an even fashion and enhances performance. I have not been unhappy with my conventional AGM blocks, but have been thinking about this newer, MUCH lighter approach before I retool for my next big project. These batteries also have exceptional lifespans. And, I am also looking to build this myself as a cost saving measure.... So.... I am getting very conflicting reports about charging them up. One source says my PSC PowerMax will be just fine for charging and distribution. Other sources say there is a "specific charging regimen" involved in their use - This could be true, or could be an easy excuse to sell chargers - the chargers don't seem very sophisticated or different at first glance. The presence of a PCB installed IN the block would seem intended to "smooth out" the charging process, but hey, what do I know? Just a guess.... Does anybody have any experience with a larger LiFePO4 homebrew setup, and charging? And just as important, has anyone HAD, or know of others that have had, a LiFEPO4 casualty, tragedy, catastrophe, or other unwanted career-changing consequences from experimenting with this latest greatest chemistry? Any insight will be greatly appreciated, carefully compiled, and shared for the masses....... Thanx MF
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