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  1. Whitney - this compares to the Transit Connect 2L 4 cyl - did you feel enough oomph in the power train to get some "heavy lifting" done? Btw - those mileage specs, if true and real-world, are far better than I'm getting in my TC - 19-22 loaded, up to 24mpg not... MF
  2. I'm curious what serial numbers might be assigned to these fraudulent Mics ? EBay CAN be restrictive to the benefit of some brands..... Apple was very aggressive in getting listings for "hackintosh" Dell Minis removed - sometimes within hours of being posted. Fwiw - just about anything I seen eBay that has a Chinese or Hong Kong origin is dubious. Especially rather current CDs I see listed. It really bothers me that these counterfeits steal revenue from the artists and groups that I like and support. MF
  3. In these days / times a 4500 Camera hop system can often be a larger investment than the CAMERA it's hooked up to... I'm never afraid to let them know that fact. OF COURSE it needs to be paid for when used.... MF
  4. +1 on that..... a 4-600 phone, amortized over 24 months, is pretty significant, IMO. Though I'm very much a Mac-ophile, I went with a $200 DroidX2 deal and am pretty happy with it - for over 2.5 years. It does everything I need it to do, and I don't bog it down with too many apps, letting my iPad do more of that "work". Verizon keeps bugging me to upgrade to something newer (of course with the 2-yr "hook") but I just don't have the need yet. That iPhone 6 does look pretty interesting - but having / finding a big white "projector screen" available at any given moment might be frustrating. It does look like a good business idea though - it's certainly going to increase data consumption for any owner / viewer of the next latest greatest......... MF MF
  5. Richard - you beat me to it.... I had planned to make a call up to New Jersey this week and make a private plea for a similar thing.... The Pix260 seems to be a very viable product. The inclusion of a nice monitor in that price point is also quite attractive. It was Phillip - several months ago - that opened my eyes up to the possibility via his Yamaha group. I have been with Zaxcom since 1998 - long before the development of the 702. I admire the brand, and it's leader, for the revolutionary innovations that have changed this thing we do in a major way. I also have to admire the foresight and drive towards all of the other well connected products, IFBs and Wireless and Panels, etc etc. ZaxNet tying it all together is just the bees knees.... ! Especially now - with the development of machines that might easily have ten + year working lives... somewhat unprecendented in our world. (Certainly different from the camera universe, that's for sure - all my DP owner op friends have had to turn over their stuff often, sometimes in less than 3yrs to "keep up") and I thank Zaxcom for not building in any planned obsolescence to force customers into purchases. All of the changes and innovations were fundamentally driven by the market and progressive demands on our craft. Instead of any sort of planned obsolescence, Zaxcom has very much banked on a wider range of products for it's prosperity, perhaps realizing that they have put out a wonderful flagship recorder that is going to actually have a long long life. (Heck, my Deva 2 is STILL a perfectly functioning and viable recorder that makes 4 tracks of 48k / 24bit files with 23.98... not afraid one bit of using it in a pinch) My affinity to, and trust in, Zaxcom is strong, but I will also afford much much respect to SD for their recorders. I have not needed to embrace their recorders yet, but they have sold a great number of these and certainly have their ardent supporters as well - many of my friends are among their legion.... This PIX260 is one killer recorder for sure. However, I do not see people ripping these out of their racks for the more than occasional car / rugged outing that occurs in the field, and I'm not sure about Dante in anything but a large-mixer cart situation right now, either. Perhaps in the future, but not now. Back to the idea - Item 1 - I would propose a modular approach to this - with an external box that gets it's own power source and does not tax the Deva CPU too much to cause any doubt or insecurity when one hits the max track counts... Some sort of conversion box? I would like the ability to move this box to another recorder, if I had to... or to replace it if, god forbid, something should go wrong with it -- without having to send my Deva off, too. Item 2 - I would also offer that that the price tag would have to be not just less, but less than half the cost of a new Pix260i to make it attractive enough for me to give it a whirl, as opposed to just getting the other machine. Food for thoughts? MF P.S. One thing's for sure - I'm not giving up my touch screen !!!
  6. I use a Roku box to access my Netflix subscription, and I just received an email announcing that PBS has signed on - it's a free channel. The box cost me $70 bucks four years ago - I bought a couple and one for the parental units.... www.roku.com/channels/#!details/23353/pbs I am ecstatic over this news - PBS World is one of the only reasons that I have to keep my ultra-Basic cable going.... For quality, production value, and impartial objective journalism and documentary work, PBS is the benchmark, for me, of the real promise of broadcasting - to entertain AND inform.... Things that have gone rather awry, IMHO, over the last decade. My 3 cents, thank you much..... MF
  7. A couple of years ago I came across the receipt for my first Mac Laptop - a PowerBook 540. $3800 !! MF
  8. I have been a fan of the collective unit called the Doors forever.... since 1967. I've seen a lot of video and film about them - but never caught this one... Thank you very very much for digging it up. Every time I've watched this guy speak, he and his voice has always had such remarkable clairity -- so lucid, thoughtful and so insightful about his art. This video, and many others out there, really show the Doors to be the true collaborative band they were.... Though marketing put Morrison out front, they were ALL virtuosos in their own right. Manzarek was an amazing class act -- Now I've got some reuniting to do with certain records in the collection ..... MF
  9. FWIW, and for "the Archives" - The Lectro T4 IFB transmitter has RTS opportunities built into it's selectable inputs. Via dipswitches you can dry out an RTS line AND select one or the other available channels for transmission. MF
  10. It has been decades since I did this process, and have completely forgotten how we achieved it back in the early 90s. I thought we used drypair adapters somewhere in the chain... I think RTS PLs can pack as much as 50v down the lines.... Would the Shure A15BT work in this capacity? http://www.fullcompass.com/product/435414.html?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=googleps&gclid=CP3T-onDircCFdJ9OgodIEoAEA The link claims it can also serve as an isolation transformer - might be a less expensive way to achieve the result. Based on previous good results of course -- Does anyone have a thumbs up for this inline solution? MF
  11. Congrats on these - especially if you had anything to do with their evolution - A fantasy / dream for my kit for only about 20 years ! I'll give Doug a call tomorrow...... MF
  12. Todd - looking great - congrats on your design and execution..... I'm keen on that mixer lighting scheme too ! MF
  13. I've always admired the Brits and their output. They have had a high bar for sound quality since the beginning IMO> Owing to the original post - Me and the missus were fully engaged in a great new BBC detective show called "DC Banks"... We saw the whole series streamed via Idaho Public Television. It sounded great, looked great, and the scripts were very engaging... but it had a very distinct attribute that was kinda appealing - Each episode was 1.5 hrs... not quite a movie, and not quite a traditional episodic. Thus, watching each episode was more like an "event" for us.. check it out. MF
  14. Actually - early to late 80s for certain.... I was blessed to have an opportunity to work with the man himself - AND one of the ShotMakers - on some commercial work in LA back in the late 80s. We were doing Olympics spot work on the UCLA running track He gave us all T-shirts, and I had him sign mine in Sharpie - I'm going to have to hunt for it now ... or figure out who I gave it to... http://www.movievehicles.com/car_show/hal.htm MF
  15. Hilarious - I'm gonna ship mine right now !! MF
  16. It could also be the ultimate expression of "I QUIT !!!" MF
  17. John - It's been a long time since we've had a face-to-face, but in light of your recent announcement, I just want to thank you very much for something I now feel the need to bring up, as there's a LOT of people on this group that probably have no idea... You were the one - the early adopter, the evangelist (and I'm not reaching here) - in tandem with Zaxcom - in the evolution and adoption of the Deva hard disk recorder....... I want to personally thank you for your tireless pioneering efforts in the early years of hard-disk recording, which have culminated in the way we ALL work now. I am certain you spent a lot of barely compensated time and effort in those very early years..... as it took a good while for things to catch on in the face of a fully methods-conservative, tape-based industry..... and all the kinks and misconceptions and communication and troubleshooting, new features conjured up, etc etc... You did a lot of the work that eventually led to the proliferation and outright overhaul of production sound recording as it is today. I remember when I first met you - either the last AES held in L.A. or maybe it was another AES convention, long-ago, in San Fran. To be honest, I think I practically / very luckily stumbled into your booth or location. I wasn't looking for a Deva - I had NO idea what one was ! You took the time to go over a lot of things with me about and I have to say I was "sold" from minute one..... especially when you picked it up and shook the hell out of it while you were recording - oh, yeah, that new "pre-record" feature was rather mind-blowing too. That was one radical new toy you were fronting, and though it took me over a year to come up with the money to get one, it was your demo and firm belief in this new future that was the driving force in my acquisition (of course, coupled with a special hatred for DAT that most of us shared!) -- kinda life changing by the way.... Good luck on your new ventures - you'd be a great rep for any product line smart enough to take you onboard - and I hope I can buy you a few rounds at that next / future show where I'm lucky enough to bump into you again.... MF
  18. I agree - with a resume that many rock dreams are MADE OF.... Let's do the math - 61 = born in 1952... Led Zep 2 out in 1969 = 17 years old..... F N A For any (other) hardcore fans amongst us, check out "From A to Zeppelin" -- saw it via Netflix aways back...... Andy Johns has some golden interview moments in this doc. MF
  19. Roso - Is that the backside of the collapsible UrstaCart ? It looks like a great rig you are running there! MF
  20. I gotsta agree with you.... it would be far easier to manufacture a desired soundscape from off-the-shelf elements, which has been the MO of most wildlife shows for decades... And wow - how does some immense structure like that NOT effect the environment in some way, at least as far as wildlife is concerned. MF
  21. Granted, the whole "subscriber" thing can make anyone wary these days - but nothing is for free, including content. It was not without plenty of trepidation that I hit those "fields", but I have to say - in this particular instance, all they have is my gmail address - which is definitely not my primary. And as of now - I have not received one iota of e-traffic regarding this show or the WIGS network - nada ... unlike recent enlistments with Rockler and CafePress, resulting in daily contact that I really don't need !! Before this thread dies off - one of the possibilities that came to mind for me for this type of distribution is the extension of series / shows with hardcore followings that have somehow lost the confidence of networks.... Case in point - Arrested Development ! Someone said it's only getting one more year of runtime on Netfilix - now what if this, due to popular or hardcore fan demand, became a PayPerView show on a YouTube "channnel" of it's own ?? It would take investors, or better yet sponsors, but that is just one of the possible ways that this new distribution could work, and be monetized too. Hardcore fans might be happy to pay 1 or 1.99 and episode.... It has to be monetized somehow - otherwise there's nothing for us worker bees in all departments.... MF In away, NetFlix, though certainly "new media"
  22. With a great added benefit - The enormous "eye" look is sure to keep one safe from sharks ! MF
  23. Tom Short, in his last contract negotiation before retiring, I believe....... And don't forget his loudly broadcast stance against our organized union brethren, the Writer's Guild, in their early efforts to properly define and account for this very future that is now developing..... talk about visionary ! As painful as the writer's strike might have been, it was truly an important fight, and I am ashamed that our international did not support them. I did. Are you aware that this has infiltrated the commercial rates too? It's called the " L o w Bu d g e t Com mer cial " contract. Do you know what the rate is? It's called "Per Individual Negotiation" -- or fundamentally, low bidder wins.... At this point, that's a big WTF ....... the union is supposed to do the negotiation, and preferably to our benefit.... Recently our BA did a great thing and actually fixed a problem here on a commercial shoot that was supposed to be "new media". Some of the content was clearly scripted, timed :30s, and definitely intended for actual cable network broadcast. He came out and got it fixed.... took him many many hours. But they would have gotten away with it otherwise.... and we got our benefits, at least. Thus, at my last local meeting, I stood up and praised the move, and then I brought up the FACT that we all need to be aware that "New Media" is now the NEW BROADCAST, and that this issue needs to be taken up firmly in the next national meeting... I got no response at all from even the membership, save for two fellow sound mixers up front that actually raised their eyebrows, practically scoffing at me... Thanks guys - the joke will be on you pretty soon if we don't act collectively and strongly at the next negotiation. The primary problem with New Media BS? IATSE doesn't have even near the manpower or desire to police it all .... and as stated in this thread, what is "New Media" now might well be on the air / broadcast - in the traditional sense - in a year, who knows? And do you then go back to the now-dissolved production company to "fix" it ? Not going to happen....... It's an immense, colossal loophole for our employers, and it makes the race to the bottom even faster in 2013 and beyond. More like a mad dash..... We must take action to inform our leadership that this term will not work in the next negotiations..... MF
  24. And a big local spot buy / presence here in Atlanta - In heavy rotation for last two weeks... MF
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