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  1. This week saw the launch of the new SOUNDCART.audio website. Although the Accessories Page is still under development, it features many new photos and details about the range of cart and accessories available. Please visit www.soundcart.audio for further details.
  2. Matt Bacon AMPS

    Frames for sound cart

    Arne, I use aluminium profile to construct the frames of my carts (www.instagram.com/soundcart). If you read and adhere to the detailed information provided by the manufacturer you will be able to construct a very strong cart. Pay attention to the types of fasteners available as not all are equal! Some can loosen over time so read up!! Many aluminium profile manufacturers offer CAD files. If you have the time to teach yourself CAD design first you’ll be able to design your cart before any costly mistakes in the real world!
  3. Matt Bacon AMPS

    RF Venue 4 Zone 12v

  4. Matt Bacon AMPS

    RF Venue 4 Zone 12v

    I asked them last year about the possibility and I'm aware of a prototype existing so it is possible. Sadly they have told me there are no plans for this to happen as they are working on other products. Very short sighted in my opinion. I think they'd sell rather well.
  5. Matt Bacon AMPS

    RF Venue 4 Zone 12v

    Hi, Anyone modified a RF Venue 4Zone (https://www.rfvenue.com/products/4-zone) to function on 12v DC rather than AC? Alternatively, anyone know of a product that does the same but on 12v DC? Cheers Matt
  6. Matt Bacon AMPS

    NAB 2018 Products update

    I’m not an Ambient lockit user (I’m firmly in the TimeCode Systems camp) but they should be praised for product innovation. I like the concept. It doesn’t fit the workflow of the majority of my work which is PSC/ENG based. However I can see the commercial and film boys liking it. Any my other new products?
  7. Matt Bacon AMPS

    SOUNDCART.audio launches EXPLORER

    These are now listed on the Trew Audio website at just $1,300.
  8. Announcing the official launch of our new cart model, the EXPLORER. The U.K. RRP price will be £875+VAT however there will is an introductory price of £775+VAT (£100 SAVING!!) available for the first 10 orders received. Dimensions: 1190mm x 575mm x 550mm (HxWxD). Spec: 2x non-sliding height adjustable shelves (optional sliding shelf and additional 19” rack shelf available soon), 3u Rack adapter, Boom Holder, Antenna Riser & Clamps. Further details / photos available at www.facebook.com/soundcart F.A.Q. Q. Can I stand and mix? A. Yes absolutely, thanks to its fully height adjustable shelves it is easy to set a comfortable working height to stand and mix at. Q. Will a sliding tray be available? A. Yes, a prototype sliding shelf has already been developed and tested. Pricing and availability will be announced next week. Q. Can I purchase more shelves? A. Yes, additional shelves will be available. Pricing and availability will be announced next week. Q. What weight can the shelves carry? A. The shelves have been tested to 12kg so will accept even the heaviest of bags. Q. What accessories are available? A. The majority of our Universal accessory range can be added to the EXPLORER such as script holder, tablet holder, headphone holder, cup holder etc. Q. Will there be a waterproof cover be available? A. Yes, a waterproof cover is in development for the EXPLORER. Available hopefully in Q2 2018. Q. Do the shelves fold? A. No, the EXPLORER's shelves do not fold. If you require folding shelves take a look at our MiniCart model. Q. What size wheels does EXPLORER use? A. Front: 6" Casters with foot operated brakes. Rear: 10" Pneumatic for a cushioning ride and great stability. Q. How does EXPLORER ship? A. To keep the price as low as possible, EXPLORER is supplied flat pack with detailed instructions and tools to assist you to assemble the cart quickly and easily. Ideal for those that travel! Q. How is the EXPLORER different to other carts on the market? A. The EXPLORER was designed from the ground up as a low-cost, stable, light-weight, purpose built sound cart (not an adaption of another product). Like our other models the EXPLORER is extremely customisable (adjustable shelves, install accessories in multiple positions, wide range of optional accessories etc.) to compliment your workflow not impose one on you. Q. Will I quickly outgrow the EXPLORER? A. EXPLORER enjoys a wide range of accessories and optional extras that should prevent the need to upgrade for many many years. Q. What is EXPLORER made from? A. Mostly tubular aluminium extrusion making the cart both light-weight and strong.
  9. Matt Bacon AMPS

    RIP - Chinhda Khommarath

    A gifted cart designer and an inspiration to us all. I’ve regrettably never had the pleasure of seeing one of his carts in person but his reputation for attention to detail and expertise preceded him. My condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Matt Bacon AMPS

    SOUNDCART.audio new model

    To celebrate our 2nd Anniversary next month (March 2018) we will be launching a new model. Below are some CAD impressions and photos of the prototype. Model name and price $TBC. For further details, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/soundcart
  11. Matt Bacon AMPS

    MixPre 10t output level

    I don't think it is an accident that it only outputs Tape Level.
  12. Matt Bacon AMPS

    NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    This will ruffle feathers....
  13. Matt Bacon AMPS

    Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

  14. Matt Bacon AMPS

    Zuca carts

    Anyone have an opinion on Zuca's for sitting on? Comfortable? Which model is best for our use? Photo courtesy of Thomas Petrucci.
  15. Matt Bacon AMPS

    sound devices media prices in UK

    How do they compare to suppliers in Europe? They should be very similar as the import costs are the same. The price discrepancy will be down to Shure UK as the UK distributor. Because the UK is still in Europe (for the moment anyway) and the European single Market exists we can buy from European dealer without issues of tax - you may pay more in postage though. If any dealer refuses to sell them to you they are breaking European competition law!!