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  1. Thank you all for the tips, it wold be difficult for me to send it cause cause I live in Israel, guess I will have to make the effort some day.. And my amatute fix did the trick, but no doubt .. Will have to send it next time. Thanks to all of you. Alfred Tesler Sound Productions
  2. Thank you all for the tips, This is what I did .. Took it apart. Washed it with warm water, dried, and greased the screws, it helped but nothing like a new boom pole. Btw it is a ktek pole
  3. My 10 year old boom pole is not locking properly.. Tried wd40, tried polishing the screws, but one of the poles parts is not holding the grip, do you have any ideas on what to do? Alfred Tesler Sound Productions
  4. Thank you all for the advice, Well I have put some switch cleaner lubrication and it helped. The unit works well.
  5. Hey, got a problem with th power switch of my 211, I wold like to fix it myself. Any tips or workflow on how to open it or what part to buy for the power switch, where from? Any help will do. Thanks
  6. Well we usually work on different audio tools to mix our film, but all of them got something in comment..... The nice picture of the audio form, I guess we can learn allot from each other about the photo of our final mix, like u can see the db range, the pick limit, SNR, amb levels, and on and on. Well I know this topick is not so pro cience reference but we all use this nice audio wave pic to understand what's going on sometimes. Now let's see If I will manege to upload may latest final mix pic. Thanks all...
  7. Well I have to tell u out of my experience. I had a film with the red cam. With a tight location from the off cam to the talent in the picture, the fan was very noisy (even to the talent boom), so I made a professional decision not to put a mic on the off cam. Well I dont know what politics were involved in that set, but I was fired with the excuse of not recording the off cam. So what I have learned from this is... No matter what. Give them the hole show, open mics and channels. They won't understand, and if you have the time.... Just put the Fu**** mic. They won't use it but it can
  8. Well in studio productions with crowd and multicam there is also the option of making a stereo A B mix to the amb as the floor of your mix, and a whireless to the mail anchor. This way you can have a nice environment sound with crowd and the person how talks is always 30 db more then the amb. But again every production needs it's planing, thats conected to script budget cameras and a million compromises.
  9. Thanks allot all u. Well fed up with these problems I found a used PT HD core2 and finally I'm able to finish up the film.
  10. Any of u guys can contact me with a windows pro tools expert? I'll really apriciate the help
  11. Well I got to avid and payed for support. The strange thing is that my support code worked only after I complained, and even I ordered a phone suppot I got a mail and a reply, asking me about my system, after I gave all the info ............, no reply yet. I got to tell you all, I don't get it, it's so hard to navigate in their site (way too much info) and so hard to find support. I'll let you know what turned up with it. Is rediculos you pay for support and don't get a way to talk with them.
  12. Just got a tip Close session. Erase digidesign databases files from all HD. And reload, hope it will work. Well from my side of this I'm using my LE system only for editing and preparing for the mix. The mix itself will be in a better system with a mix room. That how it goes when working from home . If u have any other ideas I'll be glad to hear. Thanks.
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