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  1. Me too. I accidentally put my mp3-player with a sandisk card in it throug the washing machine. The mp3-player came out stone dead, as expected, but the SD card worked without any problems.
  2. Thank you everyone for your answers. It seems to be more or less like I thought, which is good to know.
  3. Hello! Just something I was curious about; my impression is that most people leave their mics inside their shockmounts and blimps, even when they're not in use (but maybe I'm wrong about this). If this is correct, I was wondering if those of you who have done this for many years have noticed any negative effect on certain kinds of suspension? Thanks in advance! Jesper
  4. I just read through this thread. I don't mean to "revive" it now that it seems to finally be at rest, as I think the most relevant information have been said many times over. I just thought I'd respond to a question a ways back and mention that Final Cut Pro 7 and X do support subframe editing of audio (up to 1/100 of a frame), though I don't know if this has any relevance when the files are imported, or only after. Does anyone have information about or experience with working on a program other than Avid, and do they have the same issue? Is this only a problem with Avid?
  5. It sounds like you should rent a mk4 and/or mkh40 and compare them to your mk41. It might be just what you're looking for, but it might not - as Mr. Wielage said, sometimes you do need two booms (or a plant mic). It would be interesting if you compared the mk41 and a cardioid, and see how much difference there is between going close with the cardioid, and backing off a little with the mk41 to get a similar pickup area (closer should be better, but...).
  6. Really nice. I hadn't thought about giving in this way, and I could definately see myself doing something very similar in the future, so thanks for the idea. Great initiative, and I hope you'll get tons of work!
  7. Unless there's a breakthrough in nanotechnology or similar, I wonder how much smaller these things will get? Of course, the computational parts will keep on getting smaller every year, but the analogue parts must put some definite restraints. One thing I'm wondering is why they all still use several full-size XLR-inputs and outputs, instead of TA3? Shure, it's practical with the bigger XLR, but at this pricepoint and for use in a bag, most use custom cables as it is. Maybe there's a difference I don't know about, or that it just doesn't have a big impact on size at this point, so practicality wins. For me, the biggest difference bewteen the two units right now, is the fourth preamp and neverclip on the Maxx, vs the two additional inputs on the 633 (and to a lesser degree, the powersafe function).
  8. That's surprising to hear. In sweden, we have to pay taxes (25% + customs) for everything bought outside the EU if it's above a certain cost (about 600 usd), wether by shipping it in or traveling there and back. I thought this was the case for all EU countries.
  9. Another +1 for smaller pots on 1-3 (though take in mind I haven't had one in my hands yet). The zaxcom maxx seems to be just what you describe.
  10. I think the joystick seems like a logical choice since it takes up very little space, and I can imagine it being easy to work with when wearing big gloves.
  11. From a glance, it seems to be what so many have always asked for - a 302 with ISO. Roughly the same size and weight of a 702/744. Just a small detail I like; the headphone out is 1/4, not the flimsy 3,5mm
  12. I think this is the problem too - you might be overloading the input of the transmitter, so it doesn't matter how much you turn them down; you're just lowering an already distorted signal.
  13. I get the same thing (usually around the nails from all the velcro), and it only takes 2-3 days of work for my fingers to start bleeding. I either wear thin, comfortable gloves, or use some skin-friendly tape loosely around my fingertips. Works alright.
  14. Using a prop is the best bet. If that's not an option, then I've heard that dry beech wood is among the most quiet.
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