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  1. rosa

    Fostex DV824

    I recently bought one of these for $70 and have been using it to record music at home. I saw on a couple of posts mention of software 2.25. The one I bought has 2.21. After cleaning it up it works well, but I am not able to export files to the computer, I believe because of the disc format UDF. Does anyone know if a later software would format the DVDRAM in Fat32, and if it is still available somewhere? Thanks, Rodrigo
  2. thanks. I am asking for a camera man friend that has lots of sennheiser wireless parts, cables and connectors he inherited . I saw lemo 1 pin, battery eliminators, doors, older lav mics. All new. If anyone is curious I am happy to put in touch with him.
  3. would anyone know what this cable is and if would be useful to anyone today?
  4. The editor said that didn't work so it might be an issue with polyfiles. Thanks very much though for your replies.
  5. Does anyone know how to view or keep the names of the audio tracks, within a polyfile, in an editing sequence in Premiere pro? I am on a job where the editor is on location, and when I went to check in, I saw that in the editing sequence all the audio tracks were named a1,a2,a3.....rather than the names I put in the recorder boom 1,boom 2, lav henry.....
  6. I was at the inauguration with a cmit on a pistol grip, mixpre d, the small lectro recorder and wired to camera. We then went to cover the protest where a limousine was eventually lit on fire. That was where I regretted not having a camera hop.
  7. Yes, moving the TX a few yards away does change the results of the scan considerably, but still affects the scan when I turn the mixer on. As I said before, the mixer by it self does not alter the scan, only when the IFB is on. Yes, Block 26, and the TX in IFB mode, by itself scans as expected, (3rd picture) Compatible with what? Its only one frequency. Many Times. My question is, How can an IFB affect the RF coming from the mixer or vice versa? I´ll keep trying different things to find out what is going on, and hope to learn something from this. Thanks
  8. 633, Lectro UM400 in IFB mode and UCR411a, all independently powered for the test. Rx above Mixer in bag, and IFB TX on the side of the bag.
  9. Hello, I did 4 scans on my Wireless Receiver, and the first three make sense. The mixer by itself did not add any significant RF, and the TX by itself added the suspected amount, but when I turn them both on I don't have much to choose from. Any ideas? 1)RX 2)RX+Mixer 3)RX+TX in IFB mode 4)RX+Mixer+TX Thanks, Rodrigo
  10. I did sound for Jeff Lewis, who is playing on the 21st, several years ago at DC9. Thought he was brilliant at the time.
  11. Yes, I was reading parts of it earlier today. Thanks to both for all the information. What I don't get is why certain microphones use two cardioids for figure 8 rather than a single capsule without the delay line? I am sure there is a good reason for it.
  12. Thanks, and a cardiod pattern itself is created by mixing omni and figure 8, correct? So in the case you mention, how are the two cardiods created to start with? Is it Physically or electronically?
  13. From what I understand, 2 cardiod capsules, back to back, and out of phase, create a figure 8 pattern. If this is correct, which way is front and back of the created figure 8? Looking at the graphs I would think the sides of the cardiods are now front and back of the figure 8, and the two fronts of both cardiods, being out of phase, cancel each other out. Is this correct?
  14. Thank you very much. Would you know what the z at the end indicates?
  15. I am looking to repair the cable that goes from an RM to a BDS, both made by Remote Audio. Unable to source the connectors used by Remote Audio, I decided to search for a LEMO. Its a 6 pin the same size or series as the common 5 pin used for TC. The 5 pin connector model number is FGG-0B-305-CLAD52Z. Anyone with more experience know if its safe to assume the FGG-0B-306-CLAD52Z would be the correct 6 pin for this? Thanks, Rodrigo
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