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  1. soundwiz

    RIP Eric Toline

    A big loss to the community, great teacher and mixer,may his soul RIP
  2. Very sorry to hear about the passing away of Don May his soul RIP May you have the strength to bear the loss Jeff My prayers for the departed soul RIP Don
  3. Hi JCC I shot a feature 3 years back in Dubai, we had a local line producer who took care of all details, never had any issues with getting equipment into and out of Dubai,they are used to film crew coming all the time(esp from India),I had all papers handy but had no issues,guess a good line producer can and will sort out any issues, I didnt have a carnet Good luck, let us know how it went best Hari
  4. Good points, ditto what Joshua has said on security on sets,I dont mind someone getting to learn something by the way of being assigned work and getting paid as an intern. When working abroad have requested for an asst who would like to asst on project and gain experience ,this has been positively looked at and usually good guys referred to,. Everybody got to start somewhere,but doors are closing and most places dont welcome assts/intern
  5. Very inspiring thoughts and experiences from all of you as John asked,its my topic so I should add my few words,the one advice I remember was from my Professsor at the Film School who told me if you want to achieve something in my job and excel at it, then be at it for a good period of time and don't give up Old School, Jeff,Jay, Robert,studiomprd,John thanks I hope others too join in here enjoyed reading this Hari
  6. Hi Jeff Good to hear your response this is actually a question someone asked me to share with a group of filmmakers while attending a film screening where else but on this forum would I get to hear and share such gems I thought this was profound so I shared it why don't we start with you and expect others to chime in too good day best Hari
  7. Hi All I was just wondering if each of you have any inspirational anecdote from your life to share that completely changed your outlook towards how you did Sound Mixing/Designing I am sure there would be many looking forward best regards Hari
  8. Hi All Hope everyone is doing fine I was having a discussion with Film Students at a workshop recently, when the subject of Technology in charting a career in Sound came up for discussion I would like to hear your thoughts in this regard and how technology is going to influence Sound Recording in the future thanks and regards best Hari
  9. Hi All I am being sounded for a low budget feature shoot in Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar, for 6 weeks ,shoots is on Alexxa,in September,international crew never been there before and no information much on the country or filming there on the net has anyone been there before on shoots or travel,any thing worth sharing or narrating any advice for shooting there will be welcome I will be carrying gear what lectro blocs work there? thanks in advance Hari
  10. Hi All Hope you are doing good My short film "The Road Home"(I did the Sound) was recently shortlisted for the Oscars 2012(LIVE ACTION SHORT CATEGORY) here is the news, the film is listed 6th http://www.oscars.or...1/20111214.html it was previously selected for the Student Oscar 2010 http://www.oscars.or...0/20100506.html pl do watch the trailer: Feel free to share with those who may be interested. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you and be well Happy New Year Thanks and regards Harikumar Pillai
  11. Hi All these are good reading material thanks for sharing best Hari
  12. Hi I am using it all the time Hari
  13. Hi Margus I found your website very tastefully done and your blog is super, nice reading, will read agin in detail one question I have, since I have been pondering over a website for quite long, Does it help in business in anyway? meaning grabbing attention and getting more business here in India, production mixers/designers hardly have any though I have seen some very tastefully done sites like yours and others pl give me your opinion on it best Harikumar
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