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  1. Thanks for all the input. I have passed on these suggestions and some others I found to the producer. Hopefully one of the suggestions will work for their budget and the talent will be happy.
  2. I have a client that is recording some 40 video podcasts over the next 6 months or so in a studio on a virtual set. All of the guests are viewed and heard via Zoom. I am micing him and using a Comtek with the typical curly in the ear, news reporter style for him to hear the Zoom audio. We just finished the first six episodes this week. I have about 25 days before the next recording session. The presenter is ok with the one size fits many ears, but not loving it. I suggested we go with an audiologist molded earpiece. What I am lacking is a company that would take that mold and make a single IEM. Plenty of musician molded earpieces out there in the hundreds of dollars to several thousand. So does anyway have some names of companies that can make single IEM? Tnx David
  3. Nice solution Cody. Usually lots of V mounts on most sets. Never run out!!
  4. I imagine you are right Mark. Netflix budgets probably suck. Still wires showing or printing through clothing. Not to mention excessive clothing noise. Sad.
  5. My wife and I have been binge watching all of the seasons of the series "Longmire". Been to many of the locations that the series was filmed at. Walt's cabin in the Valle's Caldera offers amazing vistas and is worth a visit if you are ever in the area. My observation is regarding the quality of the sound. Before Netflix took over production, it was of a high quality. We are currently watching Netflix produced episodes. Apparently wireless lavs became the standard. Rarely hear a boom in many of the scenes. Lavs poorly concealed, many cases of clothing noise, a large disparity in levels between actors and comb filtering occurring when actors are very close to each other. I don't know if these sound issues occurred because of production wanting to safe money, move faster or lack of experience on the sound crew, whether production or post. Sadly I find myself focusing of the poor sound instead of the story.
  6. When I worked in the corporate world, if a fixed asset could show a payback in 12 months or less approval to purchase it typically happened. I generally have applied that same criteria to my own purchases.
  7. Andy Cooper was my go to before he started making mixers.
  8. Solid piece of kit. Hanging on for the 24 pak.
  9. Another plus one for the Lectro team. They sorted out my problem which I caused, with no fuss. Thank you Kasey.
  10. Thank you Karl. I have started a dialog via email with Kasey. I will call for Gerald and work through this. Tnx David
  11. lectrosonics smwb stuck in eu hybrid along with IFB and mode 3. Anyone now how to reset to factory? Firmware update did nothing. Perhaps a secret combination of button pushing!!
  12. I have no personal experience with either charger. I have been a ham for many years and used Motorola radios, batteries and chargers in the allowed amateur radio frequencies for most of those years. I currently have four Motorola radios along with the associated chargers. My experience has been their products are mostly bullet and idiot proof. If the price points and specs are similar I would go with the Motorola products every time. YMMV
  13. I have a 12' (365cm) 1/4 turn pole for many years. Overall a good pole. Fairly stiff, though there are some stiffer poles out there. Not a huge fan of the 1/4 turn. I prefer a full rotation locking collar. I have other poles that I used, it just happens to be the one in this length I have.
  14. Looking forward to September. I wish some of the dealers here in the states could do the upgrade.
  15. drpro


    I have seen male talent have their pants steamed while still wearing them. Ouch
  16. Perhaps the new owners of SD have a say now. Looking for a return on their investment.
  17. Thank you John, for the additional info on the mounts. I have built four different versions of a Mini bag. Along the way, I bought a sewing machine, yards of fabric, fasteners, various aluminum pieces and many other items. I get wanting to hold costs until you decide what works best for you. David
  18. Nice John. The MakerBeam stuff is a neat idea. I think when I looked at the 8020 10 series, just a basic one foot piece of the extruded material was close to a pound. The MB at 10mm probably weighs 6-8oz per foot. I would offer if you decide to add the Hydra or just change things look at the birch plywood laminated carbon fiber. A 12x12x1/16" piece weighs about .43lbs. I am curious what you are using to support and manipulate the SNA antennas? David
  19. Glad to see the video of the making of the RA cans. I bought a pair when they first came out. Not sure who made them for Trew. I had to recable mine a few years ago. The insides looked like something my grandmother would have made. Kept the drivers and added better and improved sound deadening materials. Nice to know they have been improved.
  20. Also storing your batteries with the proper crystal can extend their life. Blue or green seem best. Back to the Jack Daniels
  21. And then Vitec comes along and buys Audiotonix
  22. Hang in there for the SRd receivers, reduced weight plus a familiar form factor. And digital.
  23. Matthias, over the years I have tried and used the configurations you tested. For me the Schoeps BLM-03c outperforms all of the others. ymmv
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