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  1. For AA lithiums with no minimum, Sam's or Costco. 12 pack of AA Energizer brand for $20. David
  2. A few years ago I was working a shoot with Oprah and Denzel Washington. He was a bit stand offish with everyone, Oprah on the other hand ate with the crew and others on the set. Afterwards, she gave each one of us a new car. Really nice. David Rogers
  3. Another reason the H&K .40 with hollow points goes on shoots with me. David
  4. Probably will never have children! David
  5. Doing a check around and found some as low as $400 if anybody is in the market. David Rogers
  6. Does anyone have contact information for robertson-taylor. My current policy with SF is coming up for renewal in March. It might be time to shop around. Thanks David Rogers
  7. Jeff who is the source of the cart or the various bits and pieces? Thanks David Rogers
  8. I have need from time to time to multitrack multiple speakers and have found the Alesis HD24 recorder to be a great choice. I have one recorder along with a MOTU Digital Timepiece which accepts WC and TC and locks the Alesis to both. Use a TC slate or clapsticks for sync. What is nice is the Alesis records in its own format (FST) and you can then transfer the audio files into whatever format you need, SD, Wav, etc. The down side is it only records to one drive, so there is no backup, however throughout the day I typically mirror to the second drive. The recorders are cheap enough you could roll two at a time for your backup. Mixer wise, a Yamaha 01V96 gives you 16 inputs with 16 ADAT outs or a Yamaha DM1000 will give you 24 in and 24 ADAT outs. The cost for two Alesis recorders and 01V96 is a lot less than one SD 788T! On the other hand it is a bigger package. Managing the data is simple one track per person per day. Regards, David
  9. So true. A BMW dealer I always frequented until he retired, would sell you the bike at the manufactures MSRP because he could not sell for less than that, but would then throw in saddle bags, perhaps a new helmet. These items might total another $800-1000, thus your discount on the new bike. David
  10. Another British company that makes a number of audio items including several location type mixers is Glensound. www.glensound.co.uk David
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