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  1. Don't worry Chris, I sure the banking industry and all the others that take/want our money will understand. Not!!
  2. And this is why Lectrosonics is a standup company!! Kudos Gordon.
  3. I guess I was hoping for a stereo in this form. Smaller, lighter, faster.
  4. Had a two day shoot cancel this week due to real or perceived Covid-19 concerns.
  5. It's a cheap simple connector. Manufactures do it all the time.
  6. I believe now amongst the various manufactures the price points have come much closer together than in past years. Yes feature sets differ, but the end is we are all benefiting. After many years in the Cooper/Sound Devices camp I jumped to Cantar in 2017. Is it perfect, no, features keep rolling out just like the other manufactures. For me it pushes some of the buttons in what I want in a recorder/mixer. Bottom line is if you buy a Cantar, Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Sonosax or Nagra, you have a first rate product that will do the job
  7. Yes to caps degrading. If there are carbon composition resistors used then change is possible. Pots wear out. If the seller has a return option and if you are close to one of the Trew outlets (or similar), have it checked over. Great little preamp.
  8. Trump does make a lot of noise!!
  9. Karl any chance of Lectro coming out with VHF radios that are frequency agile, along with some of the UHF radio functions? All of that lovely open RF spectrum.
  10. I may be optimistic on 9-12 months, but all of the systems exist in seperate forms, along with much of the software. So most of the new work would be in redesigning cases and modifying the electronics in the case of the wireless receivers to fit. I just don't believe that Zaxcom in the future will be the only one box shop around. I know there are some folks on these forums with more inside knowledge, than I have. Perhaps another version of the 8 series.
  11. Makes sense to move out older designs to sell the new stuff. Same thing will be happening to the 800 series when the integrated mixer/recorders/wireless systems hit. Then another round of gear sell offs and upgrades. I believe since Zaxcom integrated their systems to the Nova, other manufactures will follow suit. Probably in the next 9-12 months
  12. I like many of us here, like gadgets. My take is just what Ty said it's a tool, could be useful in some situations. The real issue is who pays for this wonderful little box? For a lot less money I can buy a very nice suite of software tools for handling similar needs. Personally I would like to have one.
  13. drpro

    DPA 4060 died.

    Typically my 4060s fail at the head. With practice I could cut the plastic sleeve that surrounds the capsule off without damaging the capsule. DPA was nice enough to send me a number of the beige sleeves. Resoldering the capsule was for me the difficult part. My success ratio was about 3 out of 5 mics. Haven't tried any in a long while.
  14. drpro

    PSC RF mult

    I use LMR-240 for some of my ham radio gear. Excellent cable, though removing the bonded foil shield has its moments!!
  15. drpro

    PSC RF mult

    It is I was just kidding. Definitely would make sense in a permanent install, studio, theater, etc. For a bag smaller/flexible/lighter makes perfect sense. With the RF in and around my bag I want something with 100% shielding. RG316 along with some similar size coax offers. For a cart based antenna system I would definitely choose another cable, though still double shielded.
  16. Second Eric's Ultrasone suggestion. Have several pairs here.
  17. drpro

    PSC RF mult

    or just get some LDF50. Loss ar 500mHz is about 5db per 100meters power handling is 1.5kw at that frequency. You would be the only bag op with hardline!!
  18. drpro

    PSC RF mult

    I use RG-316. It's double shielded. This does make it stiffer. Also fairly low loss for its size.
  19. Simon if possible some time later would you be able to share some photos of Stewart's work. I am interested in how the bed lift integrates with the shelves and attaches to the base. Tnx David
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