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  1. Celac

    Wave Agent equivalent for Quicktime files

    You mIght look at https://lesspain.software/kyno/ It is much more than logging software (and not free like Wave Agent) but it will export excel reports along with a long list of other features. I think that it is a very useful tool.
  2. Celac

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Perhaps. You'll notice I didn't mention Dugan It would be ideal for the application that I have in mind however.
  3. Celac

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Is there a mix assist function on the mix pre 6?
  4. Celac

    5D Ashtray

    Hey, That's a great story, as much for the cultural change it illustrates as for the punch line. There was indeed a day when camera stores had ashtrays on the counter as there was one when salesmen walked around with cups of coffee. (unfortunately I'm old enough myself for the latter) I have had the (dis)pleasure of having to clean the residue of cigarette smoke off both optics and lab equipment. It is not only yucky but takes quite a bit of work and I imagine it would be equally troublesome on mic diaphragms etc.. Celac
  5. This is true of the supply side as well as the demand. As much as the cost of film influences the decision to use it, the falling demand has endangered the viability of manufacturing it. I've been through a coater and the volume of product that comes shooting out the business end requires a robust demand to swallow it up. These plants are scaled for a market that no longer exists. Unless someone finds both the capital and the energy to retool them so that they are economically viable producing for niche markets the manufacturers will turn out the lights long before the demand reaches zero. Labs too... sigh. Celac
  6. Celac

    rental houses: SF Bay area

    Dan Dugan has SD recorders for rent. http://www.dandugan.com/rental_equipment.html
  7. http://www.weiss.ch/afi1/afi1.htm TC electronic had a box (discontinued + cheaper) that did the same sort of format translation. The 788 would serve as the preamps and converters and the data would simply transit through the box. It is cost prohibitive though. You could buy two Travelers and a pair of AES / Spdif impedance matching transformers and get the same AES input count + field operation at significant savings.
  8. Celac

    Behringer 1002B

    Maybe these: http://www.jlmaudio.com/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=117 Regurgitator... hah! Lots of neat stuff there. Celac
  9. Celac

    Behringer 1002B

    That direct out board looks great, I bet you could sell kits and / or finished boards of those.
  10. Celac

    Behringer 1002B

    Sorry, I was unclear there. I meant, "what are you powering the mixer from"? I think though, after reading the LiFe thread that I know the answer. I really like this project. I have one of these units and modding it for direct outs seems like a really valuable upgrade. I wonder if my soldering dexterity is high enough to do surgery on PCBs? Anyway, given that you are unlikely to use either of the sends for effects (and keeping in mind the initial value of the unit) would it be possible to simply repurpose one? ...e.g., rather than sending the "FX" to its output take the output of that pot and (maybe using a Dsub on the back) use that as a direct out? You would lose one send but it seems like the benefits would outweigh the loss. I assume the the send must have some kind of amp since it outputs (at least consumer) line level and is pre-fade. I hope the tramp steamer eventually brings your Studer eventually floats over. Celac
  11. Celac

    Behringer 1002B

    How are you powering it there, are you running off the internals? Celac
  12. Celac

    iPhone 4s

    Yes. Maybe we can introduce "Siri" to "Sven"...
  13. Celac

    AKAI Pro LPD8

    I think you might want to look at Ableton which which is a software tool used by performers / composers to do that. Akai makes controllers, as does Novation, Korg, Livid and others. Cool tools to build out / customize your rig are made by Cycling74 and plogue. There are some very cool videos on the cycling74 website showing how Max / Ableton can be used to not only trigger playback in real time but control myriad things. I think though the Senator has a point though, there are forums focused on these tools and their use. Celac
  14. Celac

    tape baking services

    That I have actually had happen. I have a lot of stuff on CDR's which, if I was drawing comics, would clearly emit a ticking noise. The Senator is fine by me. His answer, implying but not stating "both", was clear enough. Celac
  15. Celac

    tape baking services

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose it is one of the curious ironies of the current march of progress that the tools are still available to transcribe ancient (and in my case, commercially valueless) media but not so for comparatively recent formats. I imagine that the kernel of a business might lie therein given the value of these properties. If nothing else it is clearly incumbent on modern archivists to vigilantly manage the migration of digital assets to currently viable formats. Plus... I got an enigmatic one-worder from the Senator. Celac