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  1. Thanks Larry! looks like I'll need to chat with my bank manager!
  2. Hi Guys, Has anyone experienced any issues with a CMIT into a Lectrosonics HM? I used a friends CMIT for a film a couple of years ago and loved it. I finally bought my own one but can't get it to play with my HM plug on. There is no level out of it until I set the TX to 55 (max) and then its terrible and unusable, with hiss and noise. It works fine cabled into my recorder. Is there some grounding issue here? My friends CMIT worked fine with the same transmitter. Any help would be appreciated. Trev
  3. Just want to revive this thread. Any news on how these units are functioning? Any news about an smqv sized digital transmitter would also be great!
  4. The handle is an accessory offered by Maytec. Trev
  5. Hi guys, Hope everyone is holding up well in these trying times! Wheels are mounted to the cart by a single long axel through the entire length of the t slot. I was lucky that the diameter of the T slot centre hole matched that of the wheel. So all I did was cut a steel bar to length and then cut a thread into each end. I purchased everything from Maytec. The free design software is amazing! They have a range of excellent panels to use for shelving. In the end I went for a composite material. Its hard plastic in the middle sandwiched by very thin pieces of aluminium. Its exceptionally light weight and strong enough for purposes. The only thing is that it does get scratched easily. Trev
  6. thope

    DCHT & M2R

    Hi Karl, Thanks for your reply. If the bandwidth limitation is a function of sending 2 channels, would it be possible to send a single channel mono full bandwidth signal? This would make it better as a camera hop in my humble opinion. Trev
  7. thope

    DCHT & M2R

    Hi all, I'm very interested in this system. I love the idea of having 1 transmitter sending a mix that can be used by a receiver for a camera hop as well as listened to as an ifb. However I just discovered it's bandwidth limited to 12khz.(or there about) Karl is there anyway to disable the LP filter? Can't seriously consider this as a camera hop without it. Considering the digital transmission...is there a way to output a full bandwidth, aes signal from the receiver? Thanks in advance Trev
  8. I have a couple lectrosonics ARG 50 cables that i would like to cut and reterminate in half lengths. Has anyone seen these bulky BNC connectors or have any idea how to install them
  9. Anymore news on this? The initial press release came out a while ago and there's no new info on the Aaton site?
  10. This is brilliant! Back into the workshop for me!
  11. I think the Amazon has a pretty loud background noise. Put that same camera in an otherwise quiet room, add in hot temp and humidity and and you may as well be standing next to an A380
  12. I'm dealing with this problem at the moment. We're shooting in +40 C with humidity and the red cameras have what we call "Chernobyl" melt downs regularly. The Tilta backs are terrible, though we do seem to have some control over them. Are you sure camera department arent telling fibs? We've had both our lead actress and the DOP complain about them. I've sent samples to sound post to keep them in the loop. That's about all you can do. Cover your self and hope next time production won't bother with those silly little toy cameras.
  13. Are shot lists still a thing? I mainly do scripted drama and am constantly amazed about how much is made up on the spot. This is despite weeks of pre production and location recces.. we arrive to shoot and coverage is improvised on the day. I'm young enough to have grown up this way, but have fond memories of film school where the whole film was shotlisted and everyone had all the information to be able to get on with it. I'd love to know if this happens everywhere or just where I work.
  14. I've done that through the supplier, it was a major pain for me, as I'd already had cables made up. The other problem was that the unit has been made wider, so it didn't fit in the bag that I had just had custom made!
  15. I just received my six pack, and the new version does not have the db37 connector on the bottom. The only audio outputs are the side ta3's. This is not reflected on the psc website .
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