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  1. I have a couple lectrosonics ARG 50 cables that i would like to cut and reterminate in half lengths. Has anyone seen these bulky BNC connectors or have any idea how to install them
  2. Anymore news on this? The initial press release came out a while ago and there's no new info on the Aaton site?
  3. This is brilliant! Back into the workshop for me!
  4. I think the Amazon has a pretty loud background noise. Put that same camera in an otherwise quiet room, add in hot temp and humidity and and you may as well be standing next to an A380
  5. I'm dealing with this problem at the moment. We're shooting in +40 C with humidity and the red cameras have what we call "Chernobyl" melt downs regularly. The Tilta backs are terrible, though we do seem to have some control over them. Are you sure camera department arent telling fibs? We've had both our lead actress and the DOP complain about them. I've sent samples to sound post to keep them in the loop. That's about all you can do. Cover your self and hope next time production won't bother with those silly little toy cameras.
  6. Are shot lists still a thing? I mainly do scripted drama and am constantly amazed about how much is made up on the spot. This is despite weeks of pre production and location recces.. we arrive to shoot and coverage is improvised on the day. I'm young enough to have grown up this way, but have fond memories of film school where the whole film was shotlisted and everyone had all the information to be able to get on with it. I'd love to know if this happens everywhere or just where I work.
  7. I've done that through the supplier, it was a major pain for me, as I'd already had cables made up. The other problem was that the unit has been made wider, so it didn't fit in the bag that I had just had custom made!
  8. I just received my six pack, and the new version does not have the db37 connector on the bottom. The only audio outputs are the side ta3's. This is not reflected on the psc website .
  9. Hi vale, Cheers. The front cover is held with Velcro and the handle helps to pull it off
  10. Hi Jeff, my name is Trevor Hope. Thanks for putting up n the gallery
  11. Thank you sir! Been a labour for love for sure
  12. Thought I'd upload some shots of the finished product. With all the little extra bits that took ages! Thanks for all your kind words.
  13. I don't think anyone would have the need to power these externally from the camera and have them power up/down as the camera does. Infact, this would be a bad thing to do. The nano's have such an excellent battery life that there's never a need to do this, and doing so would actually make problems more likely. They get turned on at the start of the day and do their thing all day without worrying about battery or wether its on or not. That's what's so great about them. Thanks Klaus for your prompt and thorough reply. Much appreciated!
  14. I agree, this is annoying. I've contacted ambient about it. Let's see what they say
  15. Is there any chance you could share the wiring scheme for this. I'd love to make one myself
  16. Kids put this on the trolley this morning, guess I have the day off
  17. Thanks for the link. I've ordered some. They look great Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  18. Wandering ear I saw your cart on here and copied your patch bay! Is this yours? If so , how did you print the wording on the coloured neutrik surround I finally managed to get the gear in there today
  19. It's crew cab with a canopy, I'll take some photos in the next day or 2 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  20. Very nice! Are you addicted? I'm trying to find excuses to rebuild my follow cart. Think I might build a directors monitor trolley for a friend Whats the total weight?
  21. Oh yeah, makes sense! For me the cart travels split in half. I have a slide out shelf in my ute and it's really simple to split it in half and lift them in. That's what the red scooter wheels on the side are for Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  22. I believe the difference in the €20 version and the $7000 version is intensity. If you want to use it during the day in full sun then it needs to be very powerful. In Australia laser pointers are heavily regulated ( as are a lot of things! ), So one powerful enough is actually very difficult to get and is illegal in some states without a licence so its probably a lot more expensive then it should be. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  23. Im in pre production on something where we're in the bush for 3 months, so I've tried the laser idea with the production office. Hopefully they agree and I can test it out. It's very expensive! Had prices from $7000AUD to $3500AUD. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  24. Thanks for all your kind words! I've had some significant problems to solve but im definitely making progress. I've had to change the location of the axel which made the overall distribution of weight better. It still feels stable and has a nice balance when it's tipped on its back wheels for transport. Matt, I really like those front castors. Maybe I'll see how things go after working with it for a while. The handle is the width of the trolley. Here it is in position for a sense of perspective. Just waiting on a few custom parts from the fabricator before I can get the gear in. All the aluminium extrusion came cut and ready to put together. Ive had to do a few small machining jobs to fix problems and I built and threaded the steel rod which makes the axel. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  25. The inboard wheel design was for 2 reasons. Making it narrow enough for easy access through doors was the first. With the fat tyres, over all width would have been over 700mm. However the main reason was due to how I transport the cart. I dont have a van, I drive a ute (what you guys call a pickup truck) and so space is limited. With my follow cart in the back, I had very limited width for the main cart. I've found it to be very stable. The only negative is that the tipping point seems off. While my old cart was 4 times as heavy, tipping it onto the back wheels for moves was really simple. This cart feels like the weight is too far in the front half.
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