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  1. Like Bernie, I attended a workshop in Rockport over 30 years ago, and my instructor was Nat Boxer. The stories we heard about working on "Apocalypse Now" were priceless !
  2. I am a big fan of the Tenba cases. I've had a non-rolling one for over 15 years that has served me well on tons of airline trips as a checked bag, and has kept everything safe and sound every time. Very light and sturdy.
  3. Excellent ! 7hrs is a great run time. Thanks for getting back, and keep the reports coming !
  4. Looks like a great solution for a camera link, but 2 things scare me. The unlocked mini connecter, and the giant blue knob which I assume is for adjusting the output level. Maybe I am wrong about that, but it looks like it's waiting for an inadvertent adjustment by the camera operator. A locking input connecter would be nice too. And it was able to drive the line level input ? Looking forward to further reports as to real world usage. Thanks for posting.
  5. Love my Betso TCX-2's for all the above.
  6. Matthew Price, Carmine, and the rest of the sound team are killing it on this show. I think it sounds great.
  7. While not as versatile, here's the camera car used in the movie "LeMans". One camera in the front, and two facing the rear. Despite the extra pit stops to change cameras, this car finished 9th in the 1970 race ! Not too shabby and probably went well in excess of 125mph.
  8. Reading your Dad's obituary in the NYT today made me realize what force of nature he was. My deepest condolences.
  9. I worked there for days on the BTS show, and while the orchestra was canned, none of the singing was recorded in the studio. There was a big improvement in the ambient noise on the stage. The Darling house set was very quiet ( which is why the singing in that scene sounded so good ), and while Neverland had hundreds of DMX and Robo lights on it, it was not as loud as last year. They also brought in a separate truck just for the music in an effort to improve the sound of talent mics. I did hear some low level hiss in the opening when Alison entered the Darling house, so I think there was trouble with her mic(s) in that scene. Overall, I thought the sound was a massive improvement from last year. Definitely a few lighting/video issues. It was an epic production and I give everyone there last night a big hand.
  10. I was there shooting on the behind the scenes show, and when the fountain was running, it sounded like a fountain- not hissing or white noise. More like a big urinal. They talked about that being an issue. The biggest part of the HAVC was located directly over the mountain set, which is why Mark heard it so clearly right from the opening scene. The ground shook when it kicked on. Maybe they figured it was best to leave it on once it was established at the start ! I think the abundance of VariLites was the culprit ( and also made use of a boom impossible ). Sounds like the playback level of the music might have been incorrect too. The team who were micing everyone looked like pros, so unless a wig moved out of position, I doubt a mic was not were it was supposed to be. I guess sound proofing wasn't an issue when they were building F-14's there.
  11. There was a really loud HVAC system in the studio, but I can't believe they would have let that run during the broadcast. The sets were lit with a ton of Vari-Lites. So no HMI ballasts, but hundreds of Vari-Lites making their own music.
  12. All wireless. And lots of hiss...looked like countryman and sennheisers.
  13. "Pop also told me an interesting story that when he was driving the car onto the Warner Bros. lot, the Studio had to change his regular parking spot because the sound of the amazing 12 cylinder engine was ruining sound takes on the stage near where he parked!" Now that is music to my ears !
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