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  1. Didn't have as much time or crew as IPS of course but wanted to run around and get to meet loads of people face to face which was awesome. So enjoy: IBC 2018 Audio: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRQfdeu9nXWIEkHNJpSipj_OiybKDEd8y
  2. Did film school and looking to see how far I can swim haha
  3. Hey all, Haven't been posting all the content i've been putting out because then it would be complete overload haha but one of my newest things is doing live hangouts with anyone that wants to watch and ask questions and basically I will just say my opinion or share what I would do or do do (depending on the questions of course) in the hopes of getting more content that is has a lot of context around it. Ill just share the last one I just did and then if you like to see more just follow me on youtube: Link to all questions: http://soundrolling.com/live-qa Questions: 0:17 - How I prepare for a shoot 1:22 - How I read through the script 4:43 - How to better inform producers about costs 8:40 - Not uncommon for cameras to be worth less than sound gear 10:40 - Mixer recorder separately or all as one unit 14:01 - What's my favourite method for cleaning cables 20:25 - cleaning cables and boom poles
  4. Zoom F4 - £600 Rode NTG 4 - 229 Rode Boom Pro - £166 Rycote Supershield - £215 XLR Cable - £15 Headphones Sennheiser HD25 - £145 2x sennheiser G3 - £315 (£630) 2x Sanken Cos-11 - £300 (£600) 2x RM-11s - £20 Sachtler SN607 Bag - £120 Sachtler harness - £99
  5. Can i add this information to my free reference sound app with frequencies from around the world? whats your name so i can credit you?
  6. currently working to release on Ipad currently only on iphone, android and windows phones.
  7. Hey All, Olle Sjostrom very kindly let me use this data sheet on the free soundrolling app, if you have any further entries feel free to also get in touch with me whether they are local or whole countries frequencies. Then you can search on a google map for them. Search "Soundrolling" in the android / apple ios stores today.
  8. Sorted all that out for ya You will get a notification when its up, Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the Feedback Derek, I will get on that now and should be ready by the end of the week. Thanks again for your support. Matt
  10. Compare over 125 boom poles for min length, max length, weight, material, locking system and if it can be internally cabled on this free android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.p2102JA you can also get it on IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/soundrolling.com-app/id1141818074?mt=8
  11. If you got this from an editor it might slip them into stereo tracks panned left and one panned right so from: Mix Boom Lav 1 Lav 2 you end up with: Mix L Mix R Boom L Boom R Lav1 L Lav1 R and so on...
  12. Actually getting drunk is not needed to perform this task but wanted to show that even someone after a couple of drinks couldn't mess it up.
  13. I've compared the: SuperCMIT 2 u Preset 1 SuperCMIT 2 u Preset 2 CMIT5u Rode Videomic Pro (Camera audio)
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