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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Love hearing what post people have to say about what works and doesn't for them. Do wish we had more contact with them from the beginning of the process.
  2. Super helpful and informative-- thank you for sharing!
  3. Hello group. I once was able to look up laws and licensing for using wireless mics in the UK here: http://www.jfmg.co.uk/ But that link is no longer active. Can anyone help shed some light on what a visiting recordist needs to do when shooting in the UK? This document has been helpful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vPn_iMiK1ux6aWtnh5fGphATnNj-dBnVtfDW8ZaE9LE/edit#gid=0 but am wondering if I still need to purchase a license etc? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for this, Jeff! Really amazing to see these mics and their respective boom set-ups. And yes-- we are definitely working under different circumstances these days, especially with a lot of indie cinema -- noisy locations and the advent of mumble acting. I always appreciate when I get to work with actors who have a theatre background-- you can tell immediately as they have incredible vocal control and range.
  5. Love the info in this post. Thanks so much to all for sharing! Jeff, am curious as to which model of Electro-Voice mics or others would have been in use during those years? They do indeed to have wonderful reach in some of those wider shots.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Always so helpful to see how folks are building things. Congrats!
  7. Thanks for your responses guys. Marc, do you have any recommendations on the heated bag situation?
  8. About to shoot in northern Quebec with a Deva IV at very cold temperatures ranging from -10 celsius to -30 celsius (probably up to -40 with the wind chill). Wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Deva in extreme cold? How does the touchscreen fare?
  9. Yup, was aware of the 50 mW ouput restriction. I thankfully I have adjustable output transmitters. Thanks for chiming in!
  10. Hello, Senator. Thanks for your thoughts... I actually had been contemplating the wired lav into a small recorder option. I have a Zoom H4N but anything smaller that you recommend?
  11. Totally aware that events such as the Olympics are tightly monitored and organized. Was just attempting to make a stupid joke, ie Frequency Police= fail! Thanks for your feedback, Jack.
  12. Thanks, Brent & sb. I didn't know of the Ambient Eumel before. Will look into it. I'll definitely be booming my ass off, but we're following boxers and hoped to have their coaches in the corners wired, but not sure how realistic that will be anyhow. I was working at the secondary media centre in Vancouver but hadn't heard about the roving frequency police! Good to know. LT
  13. Thanks for the feedback, Margus. I freelance out of Montreal. I've heard similar issues about travelling to China. The production is looking into these issues. I'll definitely let them know about getting a license for the UK as well. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond!
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