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  1. Ive posted the newer video with the older (horrible) mix and thanks again for all your input especially the Thunderbird car
  2. loads of cables makes them funny, generally ok about boom poles, generally i find they dont care that much about anything
  3. Hello All, This is one they let me edit on so it isnt stupidly hot , hope you enjoy, they gave me just the video and 5 hours to work on it All comments welcome as ill hopefully get a few months for the film
  4. http://soundcloud.com/soundrolling/supercarpassbyleman Above is the other CLEAN recording types that I did, ill try the tips too, thanks tom :-)
  5. Oh and it was sent to external device and the edit gave it the distortion which I hate when its all the way through, its not creative then. Thanks again
  6. Thanks guys, I know it way to painful even when you turn it down, its completley f;+%#'d from that perspective but was wanting tips for when I can get in there before him, my recording had headroom and handled it fine, I guess I just need to tweak it and then people can raise the volume of the GOOD sound instead of having no choice :-) Thanks again, If interested ill post results of one I can get my hands on, filming in miami next week.
  7. Hello all, Im just wondering if anyone knows how to record supercars and then make the seem really loud in a mix without distortion I recorded it fine (without going deaf) but the editor did the mix and its way too loud Heres the link: I have since had a grab at a newer version and wanted your thoughts, Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :-)
  8. Would have been interesting to see her facing the waterfall like the camera mike was :-)
  9. Makes sense to have as many people on as possible, if you need to ask a question that for some reason only Europeans could answer then they will here :-) anyone with an opinion or solution will help
  10. I reckon the dreams are a good thing as long as you take it as a sign that you need to prepare more instead of it disabling you :-)
  11. Hmmm, have you worked with any other mixer recorder setups that ideally are cheaper then 788t? EQ would be good too :-)
  12. Oh i should give more info really... For feature and short films mainly but the more flexible, mainly for run and gun as opposed to cart set ups, includes dialogue in cars and massive houses (generally unfriendly) Thanks in advance!
  13. Trying to find a decent solid base to build kit from, getting CMIT 5u and MKE2 lav heads for my G3's but does anyone have any better ideas, im in the Uk but all advice is good :-)
  14. Haha this thread is the most important on the whole forum :-P its genius
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