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  1. Hi, from one day to another both my wireless keyboard stopped working on my 788t. The still work on all my other recorders. Wired keyboard does work without problems. There is also still 5v coming from the USB port of the 788t, I can charge my keyboard using the usb cable... What can the issue be? Any tips greatly appreciated. I would buy a wired micro keyboard, which is fine, but I guess they are not manufactured anymore... Sander den Broeder, Amsterdam.
  2. dinkie

    Zaxnet setup - Billy?

    Is it possible to output recorded Timecode through zaxnet out of a trx 942 to a qrx 235? In other words: i like to playback audio recorded on the trx942 , send the audio to the qrx, but with the Timecode of the recording, so, not the tc generator. It’s an easy way of copying audio to the main recorder with the correct tc! Thanks, Sander Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk