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    Live sound (front of house mixing). Location sound for film/tv. Studio recording. Live music recording. Studio engineering. Dialog, sfx, foley, ambiance, and music editing. Re-recording mixing. Sfx/wild sound recording. Traveling for work. I have worked in Canada, Hawaii, most of the 48 states, India, and Mexico.
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  1. thank you all for the info! i'll be in the UK next month if anyone is interested. haha
  2. Hey all! I live in the USA and I'm trying to sell my lectrosonics block 26 SMQV and 401 and just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their heads which countries are best to sell these to. TIA!
  3. I can work as a local in Glasgow and London for now, possibly Dublin but I'm not sure about that yet. In the US: LA, NYC, Albuquerque, Austin, El Paso, San Francisco Thanks
  4. Hey there. I'm from the US but I just moved to London. I can work as a local in Scotland as I have a UK passport and a place to live (family). I have a resume but my imdb will tell you more about my work. I've included a link below and if you have questions about gear you can PM me. Thanks! Chris http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2382561/
  5. Never assume anything. And no, the food should be pretty good. Last shoot I did with this crew we were fed well.
  6. Hi everyone. I will be mixing a feature length indie film in NYC in June and I'm looking for a boom operator preferably with some gear. However, not having gear won't prevent you from being eligible. Rate is $125/day Gear I'm looking for: 1 x Lectrosonics lav 1 x smart slate Obviously there is compensation for any equipment provided. Please inbox me for details or links to your work/imdb/etc. Thanks! Chris
  7. Hey Guys I'm in LA for a bit and brought my 702T which has a missing stop button. I rented it out to a recently graduated student and he returned it with the button gone. It still stops recording but I'd like to get the button replaced so I can sell the unit. I called Sound Devices and they wanted me to send it in but I thought I'd try my luck here first. Anyone with any advice would be great! (The 702T is also for sale)
  8. i have the kmr82i. LOVE IT! if the 81 is anything like the 82 you will too. the rode is alright, used it before. i like it more than the 416 but i dont really like sennheiser mics for whatever reason. i haven't used the cs2 but the cs3e is amazing as well. good luck!
  9. lol. do they really charge an additional $109 for a color?
  10. the 664 doesn't do hi res. a deal breaker for me. the 788t doesnt allow you to use limiters in any sample rate above 48k. lame but not a deal breaker nomad seems to be best bang for the buck and has tons of features for the price. no one machine will fit every situation. i'm currently using a 788t and i love it. SD is just solid. i love the feel of the knobs and i feel its a reliable machine. it feels solid and does the job. the audio files sound great and i've had no issues except the lack of limiters at hi res. other than that, i love it. haven't had my hands on the nomad but i think its definitely a good machine and lots of pros out there are using it. like some of the others said, try before you buy. good luck!
  11. What are the differences between the CMIT5U and the CMIT5UAG? TIA!
  12. Petrol PS602 788T HDD 2 x Lectrosonics with Sanken COS 11D Mics (one black, one white) KMR82i Boom Usual supporting gear...7506's, rechargeable AA's, etc. lots of room for expansion...
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