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  1. Very well deserved indeed. I've been on a slew of productions recently that would simply be impossible without Zaxcom wireless. Writeup to follow when time permits.
  2. Johnny, you echo my feelings above. I don't currently see a use for this, but if someone brings one on set and asks me to plug in that's fine. As long as I get my day rate, I'll run sound to a potato if you want.
  3. If you're looking to get into wireless for master camera feeds, you'd want to go the Camera Link (TRX900CL) route as a single stereo transmitter, with the RX200 as the receiver on the camera side. This would be a dual channel, TC capable master camera TX/RX set and works incredibly well. If you intend to purchase transmitters with ZHD modulation and recording capability for on-talent use, then you'd most likely want to pair those transmitters with a QRX200 receiver in the bag instead of an RX200. This setup works very well also, however I do suggest that anyone who goes the QRX200 route also consider immediately switching from stock 'whip' antennas to dipole antennas in the bag. I wrote a blog entry about that topic which is viewable here. Consider then that you basically have two options for TRXLA or LT transmitters (LA = 2 AA, LT = 1 AA). First, I suggest the LA route, as the single battery option doesn't give me the battery life I require in a transmitter. This is personal preference and runtime charts can be found online somewhere. If you buy used, previously made transmitters, TRXLA2.5 or 2.6 are your options. Frequency blocks being 2.5 low (Blocks 20-23 = 512 - 614 MHz), and 2.6 high (Blocks 23-26 = 596 - 698 MHz). FCC considerations apply based on your risk tolerance, area of operation, etc. There is much more information, but overall I suggest the Zaxcom wireless route very much to those who are interested. I'm happy I own mine, for sure. I hope this helps.
  4. I really do like the add-ons, however I'm very much against adding more things to my harness, which already supports the full weight of my bag. I have personally opted for a drop leg pouch by Maxpedition called the Thermite Versipack along with a water bottle holder and folding RollyPoly dump pouch that also attach to the Thermite Versipack. This puts the weight of extra AA's, extra NP-1 (1 or 2, depending), 6 transmitters, extra 9V batteries, Lav Bullet, gum, water bottle and at the end of the night Comteks and transmitters back in the dump pouch on my waist, not my harness. I'm in the process of lightening the weight of my bag overall and taking things out of the bag, going AES route and nuking heavy XLR connectors, etc. Of course each person will have their take on this, but the modularity of the pouches available is outstanding and each of us can find a solution that works well for us in the field.
  5. Thanks Jan, for sharing this type of info. Following thread.
  6. Following your experiences here. Thanks for the info.
  7. I have a Subaru Forester and I absolutely love it. All wheel drive up north is a huge bonus, and I really feel that unless you are able to have a dedicated van as a work vehicle, a small SUV is the way to go in my opinion. YMMV. Good luck!
  8. My range with Zaxcom wireless was sub-par on whips at best, and unusable at times far too close to talent. Then I put dipoles in my bag, and at the same time (literally the same night I added dipoles) I upgraded to the latest QRX firmware available and the range was more than doubled overnight. I've now been using my TRX / QRX combo with up to 12 wireless in one block at the same time while working with another mixer with an incredibly high rate of success and range improved enough that I no longer have worries of dropouts unless someone is quite far away or through too many physical barriers. If you're a Zaxcom wireless user, I suggest immediately nuking your whip antenna setup and investing in a set of dipoles, and then immediately updating your QRX and TRX firmware. The Lectrosonics SNA600a are outstanding in my setup, and can be either velcro'd or cable-tied to most bag setups.
  9. Hi Vincent. I'm sure Jon's look like this one of mine, modified by AudioDepartment. I have 3 like this for permanent camera use, with 3 more available as required or for IFB.
  10. I'm very much looking forward to the metadata update coming for Nomad. @46:50-47:25 in the video.
  11. I shot earlier in the year in the mountains of Wyoming in -4 degree weather (Fahrenheit) and drove snowmobiles around for a weekend with wind whipping at who knows how low temps and they were 100% flawless. Here's a photo of my Maxx bag on one of the machines. For the record we worked multiple 12-hour days in this temperature with no issues from these batteries. And also for the record, I have now had these batteries in everything from -4F to +100F. In my opinion they are an outstanding deal. I can't 100% guarantee them in those temperatures since my max negative temperature was -4F, but I really don't think you will have an issue and I personally would not hesitate to take my batteries into extreme cold again. Good luck!
  12. Hi Dennis, welcome in advance to the jungle that is NYC. Please PM me your email and phone number. There are a number of sound mixers in NYC who meet regularly and I would like to extend an invite to you next time we get together. It would be a great way to meet new people, all of whom happen to be mixers! Cheers.
  13. My deepest condolences to Pete and family.
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