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  1. I worked at the Toronto location for a few years. Not a well run company.
  2. Mine died completely in the first two months. Won't power on. Sent it back to Czech Republic.
  3. It's 100% an 1N. Trew will be in touch at some point.
  4. http://www.trojancondoms.com/Product/non-lubricated-condoms.aspx
  5. I've had an SBOX-1N for about two months and it's already stopped working completely. It won't power on no matter what batteries are in it. After numerous tests the battery door closed and won't open again. I've since returned it to Trew to have it sent back to Betso for inspection. It was working great right up until that. I was excited to have a sync box of that size that ran on AA batteries, and not AAA. Stayed tuned.
  6. Lectro explained that the frequency on Ch 1 may actually need to be higher than Ch 2, even though it's an SRb and that's not supposed to be the case anymore. I've tried to recreate the issue but to no avail. The unit will go in for testing this week. Ed, I've had that issue as well, but power cycling didn't fix my problem. It really is very intermittent. Mike, thanks for the warm welcome. I'll have my Lectro dealer try the Reset Sequence you mentioned. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. Having an issue with a new block 21 SRb. Once in a while it will randomly block out all frequencies (as in, if you scan, everything will be unavailable) and it sends a fairly intense feedback into the mixer, sounds almost like a fax machine. Only lasts for a few minutes then goes back to normal. Power cycling doesn't fix it. Currently on the road and it will be awhile until I can take it back. Any ideas welcome. Thanks
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