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  1. I’m looking for hybrid Lectrosonics block 25 transmitters. Sell me yours!
  2. Has anyone got wireless designer talking to your Venue (old school) mainframe via USB/ USB HUB for two? I can't seem to get it to work even after installing the 32the bit driver that is on the lectro website. My winbook10.1 is running windows8.1. Thanks!
  3. Agreed! Zaxcom should delay development of the Deva 32 and focus on the genetic cloning of Howy. If anyone can figure it out, Glenn can. Although we may have to keep to first batch of Howy 2.0 in daddy's shed and feed them mustard and biscuits.
  4. I had a pilot unscripted production require me to run around 22 channels and mix it.. I turned on the auto mixer on my QL-1 with success, but at the end of the day I had about 50 gigs of sound and they didn't think to bring a hard drive for transfer... I waited an hour after wrap and they finally brought me a 64GB USB 2 thumb drive which took another eon to transfer.. After they squished one of my DPA lavs, told me I shouldn't be using such expensive equipment, and that they didn't want to pay for it, I opted out of any future dealings with them.. Ps- they did eventually have DPA send me a replacement.
  5. Usually the teamsters get super pissed when you bring in your own equipment. They look at it as if you are taking work from them.. Just last week they got miffed at the second unit mixer that brought his gear on set in a single large pelican case... They took the case from him at the end of the day and sent a truck 35 miles out of town to deliver it to his house.
  6. It's a two part hardening clear resin. Adhesive sticks to it like crazy. Almost too well.
  7. I made my own. They are way softer than stock. I just made a silicone rubber mold of the original and the poured the material into the mold and let it dry.
  8. Nice! That's great protection from actor funk leaking into the circuit.
  9. Who cares? It's tape man! And I'm going for that vintage sound. I really love the volume control. It's just like the new cantar.
  10. The 96k was only implemented in some of the newer firmware.
  11. I'm starting a film Tuesday and am looking for an adapter for 48v powered boom mics for my new recorder.
  12. I quit verbally slating each sound roll when we went away from linear media.
  13. Could very well be. But it would be a much better virtual world If the sounds were also captured in a way that would make the experience more realistic.
  14. My buddy Allen Williams finds your lack of room tone disturbing.
  15. So glad it didn't happen in Georgia.. There might have been heavy return fire from any given sound department or ADs. Some guys sport the Keltec boom poles.
  16. This is an excellent question and probably a bit more complicated solution might be required for shooting into the future with such apparatus. In my mind I would think the work flow might include some sort of movable grid of actual mics going to tracks, or a very nice piece of software that can model a space based on input from programmers concerning the materials the space is comprised of in combination with some sort of perspective mapping using LIDAR models or something similar. The Oculus stuff I've been able to put my hands on is not only 360 degrees, it is full virtual field of image wherever you happen to point your face and they are rapidly innovating ways to move yourself around in this virtual space, soon you will even be able to interact with your own hands that are tracked by the hardware. There is a wide open untouched area for new sound techniques coming in the future for stuff like this. It might be a fad, but then again who knows what the future holds.
  17. Now now. Why can't we all just get a long boom pole?
  18. I can't see any reason to use post fader ISO's unless you are just itching to miss a whole lot of stuff. Pre fade ISO tracks cover your ass no matter what outlet you are recording for.
  19. Update. Boom recorder doing just fine. I've been recording with it along side my other recorders for about two weeks with 32 tracks always armed for testing purposes. The file sizes are enormous, but not even a hiccup.
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