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  1. PaulE

    Wireless blocks in Chicago

    (Despite knowing the answer) I'm gonna drag this up and ask if there has been any change in block 25, good or bad?
  2. PaulE

    Rechargeable AA's too big?

    I have experienced the same problem. I now use PowerEx NiMh with all the wrappings removed. They fit nicely into the Lockits and master clock and will run almost 24 hours. Gotta be careful with them when they are loose in your pocket though. But PowerEx supplies handy little cases that solve that problem. I have a few peeled sets for exclusive use with the Lockits in an army of unpeeled ones for the transmitters. Cheers, pe
  3. PaulE

    Tape Residue Removal from Lavs

    I use Varsol. Submerge the rubbers in a small dish and let them sit for ~15 minutes, take em out and wipe them off. Works like a charm. Also rub on the mic cable to remove any other residue. pe
  4. PaulE

    Someone finally did it...

    Its not so bad if you listen to the song and ignore the video.
  5. PaulE

    Nitto no. 500 Adhesive

    I use Nitto almost exclusively for hiding lavs, planted mics and many other things. I would buy a roll if you can. You can always cut it to fit your Cub. In fact, if you do buy a roll I would love to know where you got it. paul.
  6. PaulE

    Idx Lithium NP-1 in cold weather.

    I agree with this. But in addition, the info that I've found says that the minimum operating temperature for the Lithiums is about -10 C. Might be best to keep the battery inside your jacket(s) with just a cable running out to your gear. My $0.02. pe
  7. Do you have this book? "Location Audio Simplified" by Dean Miles http://www.locationaudiosimplified.com/ Though more oriented towards video rather than film, it still blows away everything else that I've seen... pe