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  1. Erik Gao

    DPA 4098 Travel cases

    Hi Glen,do you have the UniFlex 4080 in stock right now?I might need two,can't find it on your website anyhow.
  2. Erik Gao

    Comtek 216 series

    Maybe you can consider the mini-base station BST75-216 as an alternative choice? I do have some experience using it in bag for some particular scence
  3. Erik Gao

    Chinhda Cart Revisions

    Beautiful pieces! Kudos to Chinhda
  4. Erik Gao


    I've use a leatherman charge tti for the last 3 years , so far so good
  5. Erik Gao

    Sound Devices 664

    Anyway,glad to know sven is gone.
  6. Erik Gao

    Sound Devices 664

    Great news!
  7. Erik Gao

    COS-11D Misty

    Just found this at lectro's FAQ "We recommend wiring the standard level COS-11 in a 2 wire configuration with a 1k resistor in series with the white wire (source wire) to ground. This reduces the output of the standard mic by 6 dB which will prevent overload of the input buffer on the UM400. This isn't necessary for the SM series since it cannot be overloaded by the COS-11 under any circumstances. It does make the microphone compatible with both transmitter series. The Red Dot Cos-11's are designed to have 9 to 10 dB less output than the standard COS-11's and can therefore be wired with the source lead directly to ground" Does it means Red Dot is a simple solution for um400 without add a.resistor?
  8. Erik Gao

    COS-11D Misty

    Thanks Jon, But I've asked the very same question to Sanken guys via email, they told me that they normally recommend the reduced sensitivity version for lectrosonics but didn't tell me the reason,just curious about that
  9. Erik Gao

    COS-11D Misty

    Hi folks, Recently I want to add these adorable lavs to my kit,but I'm a little confused about the normal version and the red dot version ,which one is perfect for my older lectro um400 (non sevro bias),and which one is more suitable for SMQV,my thinking is red dot for um400 , normal for SMQV,but I'm not so sure,I did search the forum but no answer solve my question exactly,so looking for some help here,any advice would be appreciate. Erik