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  1. And every cop in Juarez is staying at a hotel because they're being targeted by drug cartels http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/americas/juarez-police-trade-their-homes-for-hotel-rooms-after-5-colleagues-slain-in-cartel-attacks/2012/02/01/gIQAhMlwiQ_story.html
  2. Thanks to all for the 416 suggestion. That was what I leaning towards after seeing so many people using it in a previous thread. Tons of great advice. Chris I will I definitely check out the Oktava MK-012 mic. I guess the main reason I was thinking about the musical end was from these videos I have seen on http://www.blogotheque.net/. They feature live recordings that are often outdoors and shooting artists that are often either walking while playing acoustic instruments and singing or sitting outdoors. I am going to try see if I can try out the 416, 50, Rode NTG-3 , Neumann KMR 81i, and Sanken CS3e. Sorry for being a bit touchy...I appreciate all your comments a lot (including the Senators!) Great to hear peoples unique and knowledgable opinions on some of their favorite pieces of gear! I find it amazingly helpful!
  3. Hey well Sr. Senator, it was with fear of reprisals from you that I have hesitated to post this question and many others. All the while I have been meandering around the internet without the sense that I have full knowledge of the mics available in the price range I am searching in... How many hours must I research shotgun mics till I have satisfied your quota? Because I can tell you Ive had extensive phone calls with very knowledgeable sound people and researched on my own for hours and hours. Also, what thread are you speaking of? I just did a couple google searches of jwsoundgroup and didnt see it... Also, if it pisses you off so much why not just read the other threads and pass over mine, since there have already been many helpful replies to this thread. If you are going to be the thread police, why not give more detailed feedback than "hey dude, there's a lot good mics out there!" Many thanks to Nick, Rick, John, and the two Jason's. It's great to see so much quality information being shared, I freaking love jwsoundgroup.net. Just wish I could actually ask the questions that I really need answered without fear of being belittled.
  4. This site super cool! mainly location audio recorded with a boompole, not sure about mics and exact setup, but you can see the Sound guy in the videos often!!! http://www.blogotheque.net/ Here's one recommended video: maybe skip ahead towards the end of the video...there are a couple different locations where they shoot the last being the best... Arcade Fire
  5. Yeah by musical performances I am thinking of mainly acoustic performances with one to four people max... kinda leaning towards the 416 right now...but am a bit worried about interiors with reflection...my friend has one and doesnt really use it for interior interviews, but thats also because he has a schoeps cmit5u
  6. I am looking for a versatile boom mic that I will use mainly for interviews but also some musical performances both indoors and outdoors. Any opinions?
  7. Thanks for the replies yall... Nomad does look perrty enticing, but the 552 seems a bit more reliable. Has anyone heard of problems with Nomad? "What are your purposes for the mixer? And have you also budgeted money for the accessories you will need? Cables, bag, harness, etc." I am interested in working in reality and on features, but am hoping to use it mainly on documentaries and lower budget commercials in the near future. My hopes were to spend another 3 to 4 grand on accessories.
  8. A good buddy of mine suggested to buy the SD 552... Seems like a solid recommendation... Anyone have any other recommendations for mixers or mixer/recorder combos in the $2000 -3500 price range? Thanks
  9. Love to see so many fired up sound people! lot of ol' man grumbling though!
  10. Awesome keep em coming! How are things going over in Sweden?
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