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  1. I have the same hat, Rado. It's funny... I have so much amazing Zaxcom gear and all anybody asks me about is the hat with the clip on visor. Hahahaha....
  2. I only built a shelf for my Zuca cart but what I learned was: Black anodized still looks good and it's taken a serious beating. Locktite and crank down those screws or it will start to all come loose.
  3. I can't speak for the SGS zmt clips but they look like the ones I have for my trxLAs. They were expensive yes, but they're metal, super strong, not going to break. They leave a little indent where the screw sits but I'm ok with that.
  4. Zaxcom 742 with the SGS battery sled for me too.
  5. I've wanted to make one of these for a while. Finally got a used Zuca bag for cheap. It was the Sport model with 4 rollerblade type wheels. I have since mounted two of those wheels so it can roll on its back for loading. I removed the wheels and put the foam filled disc golf cart wheels onto it. I used a bushing to fit a longer bolt through the larger wheel bearing rather than drilling a bigger hole in the frame. I did actually have to widen the frame hole a little bit. I extended the legs with aluminum tubing, perfect fit, with the bolt through it to keep it on. Rubbe
  6. Not quite what you're looking for but years ago I cut a Rode blimp apart and glued it back together to make it much smaller. I basically got the idea from this: https://www.watsonwu.com/blog/2014/5/2/mini-me-rode-blimp
  7. I have only done this a few times with a Zaxcom QRX100 with IFB board. It's kind of made to do exactly this. It sort of worked but the quality of that feed isn't as good as what you're sending, and if there is a problem you don't know if it's actually on the camera or on your return feed. I don't put such large receivers on cameras anymore and wouldn't want to add a transmitter near my camera receivers either. But you might want/need to.
  8. It seems DPA sells it with their kit but it's more like a lav mic on the end of it. https://www.dpamicrophones.com/gooseneck/4097-interview-kit
  9. There's this one that seems to come with the DPA interview kits: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1197934-REG/manfrotto_mpcompact_bk_compact_extreme_2_in_1_monopod.html/amp
  10. Actually I did not know about these; thanks! I wonder if there's some way a transmitter could be made where the plug is inside it, like behind the battery door. You insert the mic and the door closes over the whole thing with a sort of strain relief that catches the wire. No connector sticks out anywhere. Just a thought.
  11. I've been dealing with both of these types of Lemo connectors for a few years now. They're just awful work with. I feel confident in all of my equipment except for those stupid connectors. I had every single one of my screw-type connectors fall apart in the middle of a shoot. What I did was open them up with needle nose pliers: just grab the collar and unscrew it. Fix whatever is messed up. Then I put thread locker on the threads and tightened them again with the needle nose pliers.
  12. I did this for a while with minicircuits like you said. I had two of the 4-way splitters and an RF Diversity fin going into it. Seemed to work alright, but eventually I got the Micplexer 2 which is adjustable and that just worked so much better.
  13. I have the same charger and after a while, some batteries give me the HIGH warning too. They seem to be garbage after that. My first batch of Powerex 2700 batteries all pretty much did this eventually. The Eneloop ones I have now I haven't seen any show me the error yet.
  14. I still think my Zaxcom recording transmitters are the coolest pieces of gear. So small and so powerful. And I don't even own any ZMT's!
  15. Luckily for me I have hobbies like building bicycles and welding. I've had this idea to put an engine on a bicycle for 2 years now and never got around to doing it. Well now I've got nothing but time and it's turning out very nicely.
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