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  1. When I've worked with horses they got freaked out by the boom. It's actually kind of dangerous because they can freak out while the cast is riding them. I had to go full lavs on that one. The other problem was I couldn't get up there to fix a lav that was being ruined because cast adjusted their scarves constantly (winter scene). I dreaded those horse scenes...
  2. Valentine


    Does the Nova Zaxnet still transmit audio? I notice they call it a "remote control" so I'm wondering if it still works like the Nomad's Zaxnet.
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this but you can get a whole bunch of little ziplock bags at a "Dollar Store" craft section that fit perfectly. I pop two tiny holes and squeeze antenna/mic through them. Put the clip on over the bag. You can even roll it up the bottom and change a battery quickly a few times before the bag breaks.
  4. I've traveled from Canada to India for a shoot before. The one issue I remember was I had all of my per diem in rupees and then realized I had too much to enter the country with. So I had to switch it back over to US currency and then get it switched again once I arrived. I guess it depends where you are but I was in a small city and I couldn't spend $200 US currency if I tried. Everything was super cheap. Mumbai was a different story though. Stick to bottled water. And enjoy!
  5. This happens to me on my Maxx v 2.16. If it rolls over into another take it says it's mirroring but the big 2Gb file vanishes from the mirror folder. They can be pulled from the MARF. Hope this gets fixed soon so I can go back to just handing over WAV files.
  6. I also wanted better range and started bolting an RF Venue sharkfin to the bag. I chose this because I have receivers spread out over many blocks. It's a bit cumbersome but it certainly improved my range big time.
  7. Not the best picture but this can be carried onto a plane.
  8. Early Maxx user. I've used a bunch of Transcend 32GB 400X cards since the beginning and never had a problem.
  9. Same here. I thought the rubber ring had just fallen out but they must be new ones. They don't stay on well at all. Never had a problem with the old ones.
  10. I just cut up two cheap USB cables I had sitting around and swapped/soldered the wires inside to match the diagram. Probably not the most solid cable but it's never given me a problem.
  11. Found a good use for the mesh in the front of the bag. Handle of my carry-on (which has the rest of my gear) slips right through it for easy travel.
  12. Ive also done it a lot (from Canada) and all I had was a carnet and a letter explaining that its for a Canadian broadcaster. Nobody has ever asked to see this letter.
  13. Probably not an issue for most users but something I've noticed working in cold climates: Maxx is really hard to get into record with gloves on compared to SD.
  14. "He's probably in the washroom 'pulling focus.'" "Well, now they're just pulling each other's focus." "Probably had 'soft focus' last night."
  15. +1 on Neos. They're light, cheaper, more comfortable, and very popular up North. It's all I need for my feet. I have the Explorers.
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