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  1. My MiniCMIT has started giving me a very low output. I thought the talent was just extremely quiet, I had the gain almost maxed and it was producing a lot of hiss. I'm using a Zaxcom Nova and I've never had the gain so high before. I tried the other mixer inputs, cables, etc. Same thing. I definitely have +48v set and haven't changed any settings. I'm on the road and don't have all my gear to try a different mixer. Renting a 416 to get through this shoot. I'm wondering is this what "humidity" does to these mics? Maybe it is just dirty? I wouldn't say it's particularly humid where I am. I'm on the road in a different city now and it's got the same problem. It does not crackle or make any strange sounds, I'd say it sounds fine just so extremely low that I'm maxing out the gain (which isn't fine.) Any ideas?
  2. I carry them in a rolling carry-on bag and one still attached to my mixer. They usually check the label and swab everything and I'm good to go.
  3. The black and orange eneloop 2500 is great. After about 3 or 4 years mine are all starting to go bad but they've had a good long life. Before those I had the powerex ones, they were great but seemed to become unusable sooner. Maybe in a year or so.
  4. I have since copied the idea of a Camelback reservoir in the laptop compartment. Works well! I wish the bag had some sort of strap or buckle inside the shelf. I often remove my mixer and leave a gizmo bag there, but it flops around and has nothing to attach to unless the mixer is beside it. I'm worried it's going to just fall out.
  5. I have that same bottle carrier, but I couldn't find a good place to mount it. I guess the waist strap is a good spot while you're wearing it. I have been strapping a thermos with a groove around the middle to the bungee on the side.
  6. I have an "all terrain" Zuca that works great. It's the Orca bag/cart that completely let me down.
  7. Ktek Stingray Backpack is on sale right now. Sounds like it might be useful for you.
  8. There is a group for Zuca cart builders: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1595929987382210/ Just my opinion but the Orca cart is no good. Great idea but it didn't work for me in so many ways. It also broke the very first time I used it. Maybe if you're only on nice smooth surfaces?
  9. So far this backpack is working great. It feels like a very durable and professional hiking pack, not just a bag with some straps on it. On a shoot where your only option is to haul your gear on foot, this is better than simply wearing your mixer the entire time and much better than shoulder bags or carrying cases by the handles. The Junior mixer bag does fit in there just fine. I keep my harness attached to the bag sort of jammed behind it. It is more snug with the large gizmo behind it aswell but both methods work. I was worried about something falling out, especially when I pull out my mixer and leave just the gizmo bag in it, but the way it's designed I don't think that will happen. I guess I wish it had some kind of water bottle pockets or something towards the bottom. I'm struggling to attach even my molle bottle holder to it and I don't like the idea of it hanging off the flap. I think I will steal your idea of a small hydration pack where the laptop compartment is. My headphones are sort of hanging off the side getting knocked around and squished but I'm not sure how else to protect those. Anuwaus, another solid Ktek product; they all are!
  10. I go all day with Nova and one 98wh smart battery. I used to carry 3 of those batteries and the charger... not anymore. This is with the Nova and its own internal receivers; nothing else.
  11. Thanks for the review; I just ordered mine. I'm on a show right now where this backpack seems like the only option. I plan to put the Stingray Junior in there. I realize it will be too small so I also ordered a large Gizmo bag. I guess the two bags will sandwich together upright into the slot in the backpack. I'm curious how this will work out, I can't find a picture or video with the JR loaded up in there.
  12. Maybe you stripped the screw? I know my old Nomad knobs the set screws stripped pretty easily and my wrench would just spin. I put new screws in and they tightened properly.
  13. The ones I have just discovered from another thread here are called RED16 connectors, I think made by Cable Techniques. I have been replacing my mics with these as they break, so far so good.
  14. Here are the parts I ordered and these are Canadian prices from a place in Quebec. I am extremely happy with the quality of this miniature cart. I truly have been beating it to hell, rolling it behind speeding golf carts, through snow, over curbs etc. I love it, already got my money's worth for sure. Eventually the handle will probably fall off since that is the weak link here but it hasn't happened yet.
  15. I would say for narrative I go to skin a lot. They are professionals, they are used to being miked, the mics absolutely must be 100% hidden, and a boom is usually sounding better anyways. For everything else (reality, docs), I almost always go to clothing. It stays on much longer, it's way easier to mount without making it awkward, a slight wrinkle in a shirt isn't a big deal, and there's often no place for a boom anyways. Winter, the hat (toque) sounds great and I have editors TELL me I must put the mic there. Of course they don't know how dangerous that position is in real life. No matter what you do, there's a chance the wire will come out the side and completely ruin every shot until it's fixed. If a wire pokes out a jacket that's one thing but somewhere on their head? Terrible. And it happens. I have developed my own technique for scarves and it works wonderfully. You take the mic (I use Cos-11) and weave it through the scarf so it's just under one layer of it. Then you put the pop filter on so it doesn't slide back down. No tape needed, works great.
  16. I ordered 4 of these RED16 connectors. I'm going to start replacing my broken Lemos with these once they break. And they will break. Extremely fragile the stock ones I have. Absolutely can NOT use the "lav snake" to pull them down tight pants. The connector is guaranteed to rip right off. These do appear to be better than what I'm used to. Low profile but also a tightening collar that looks like I can just use needle nose pliers to tighten.
  17. I've done many reality shows using only the Rycote stickies and overcovers. I often just preload the mic with these in the morning. Very rarely have these fallen off. I mean crazy, crazy shoots in all kinds of weather in every environment. I guess some material like wool nothing will stick to but most of the time they work just fine. I do think the Ursa furries are a bit better and softer than the Rycote ones. But the Rycote is available in a big bag of 100 and they do the job fine. The Ursa sticky is not as good as the Rycote sticky though. Huge fan of these products, I use them all of the time if we might end up outside.
  18. Undercovers are indeed awful. My theory is the overcovers are so thick they push the fabric away from the microphone and the undercovers do not.
  19. I have the same hat, Rado. It's funny... I have so much amazing Zaxcom gear and all anybody asks me about is the hat with the clip on visor. Hahahaha....
  20. I only built a shelf for my Zuca cart but what I learned was: Black anodized still looks good and it's taken a serious beating. Locktite and crank down those screws or it will start to all come loose.
  21. I can't speak for the SGS zmt clips but they look like the ones I have for my trxLAs. They were expensive yes, but they're metal, super strong, not going to break. They leave a little indent where the screw sits but I'm ok with that.
  22. Zaxcom 742 with the SGS battery sled for me too.
  23. I've wanted to make one of these for a while. Finally got a used Zuca bag for cheap. It was the Sport model with 4 rollerblade type wheels. I have since mounted two of those wheels so it can roll on its back for loading. I removed the wheels and put the foam filled disc golf cart wheels onto it. I used a bushing to fit a longer bolt through the larger wheel bearing rather than drilling a bigger hole in the frame. I did actually have to widen the frame hole a little bit. I extended the legs with aluminum tubing, perfect fit, with the bolt through it to keep it on. Rubber stoppers on bottom. To make the folding table, 8020 aluminum pieces. One bolt fits into the original 1/4" hole of the frame. I drilled the second bolt hole. You do have to grind away some of the sides around the top where the plastic handle folds into for the folding shelf to sit flat when it is down. And then relocate the two screws that hold that piece in place. The tubes, water bottle holder and boom holder are all bolted in with Rivnuts. Highly recommend getting the rivnut tool, lets you mount stuff without drilling right through both sides of the frame and looks really clean.
  24. Not quite what you're looking for but years ago I cut a Rode blimp apart and glued it back together to make it much smaller. I basically got the idea from this: https://www.watsonwu.com/blog/2014/5/2/mini-me-rode-blimp
  25. I have only done this a few times with a Zaxcom QRX100 with IFB board. It's kind of made to do exactly this. It sort of worked but the quality of that feed isn't as good as what you're sending, and if there is a problem you don't know if it's actually on the camera or on your return feed. I don't put such large receivers on cameras anymore and wouldn't want to add a transmitter near my camera receivers either. But you might want/need to.
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