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  1. same here. I'm DMS rig is mostly set on a tripod. i would like to have one cable or one cable with two break outs for input and output leads. i think ill looking into wiring a custom 7-pin.
  2. You can buy just the schoeps (which is actually a rycote) DSM conbox which i believe comes with two CCM lemo conbox cables and a XLR. BH sells it for $300 and change. so it is not horrible. but since i plan on using MKH 8000 series with it i may have to shell out a addition $160 for the cables for the MKH's if i could exchange the CCM lemo cables. 4 channels because no one i know of makes a three. i could be wrong. how do you like the DSM conbox?
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for 4 channel cable for a DMS setup. I'm aware of the Schoeps DMS conbox but I want to weigh my options.
  4. kind of brings tears see that... rental rig for film students?
  5. That looks cool as long as it is not $600. Rycote's pricing has always been skewed.
  6. The DR-680 has had known reliability issues. there was a new firmware but I am not sure if that fixed the issues that DR-680 had. Maybe some others will chime in.
  7. i think a better question is will they continue to innovate? The associated cost of maintaining a extremely large user network that now has to up 24/7 with no exceptions of downtime with preservation of a massive amount of data is tough and very costly. I it mite cost more then their current sales model. this is the kind of thing that promotes innovation And with Adobe now having a large target on their back we will see small companies popping up to fill in the gaps.
  8. You don't fit in any of the three sizes H-Miller offers for the Aeron? Headphone cable is easy. I'm right headed so I let it hang to the left. Never really gets in the way.
  9. I would look at eBay. it mite be cheaper just to replace the connector. But i also dont know the story so i assume you need to keep running those for some reason.
  10. i think Mark is talking about hardware panners.
  11. Probably so, but this is the post place on JW and there as a lot of post guys floating around here. But what Marc said is right. It would be as simple as bouncing or rerecording your mix. if you have questions about exporting and authoring you would be a lot better served on the DUC.
  12. its not only the chair but distance to mouse, keyboard and monitors. it is a domino effect of sorts if one of those things is wrong. although when it comes to chairs Herman Miller, Steelcase make fitted chairs to help find the prefect fit. Try before you buy. i have two Allseating custom Fluid chairs. they are ok but not as comfortable as the Aeron or Mira chairs and have POS build quality. i would not recommend and Allseating products at all!
  13. is space a issue? or is there another reason why you are not using just PCM?
  14. I would like to offer the services of refrigerator. it can crush and cube!
  15. i am in a similar situation. I am recording MS with a Neumann KM 100 double MS set up. I really like the setup but often the self noise just distracts to me. i have been looking at the MKH 800 & 8000 series for some time now. These mics often have a self noise reduction of close to 10db when compared to the ranks of Neumann and some Schoeps. in addition they have roughly almost double the output sensitivity. That being said i think the mkh 8000 series is the way to go. They also have a lot of options like the AES42 module, pad /roll off module, active capsule cable and of course good RF protection
  16. +1 Addition you wouldnt have to worry as much if you budget suddenly changes and you have to move to a small stage/room. likewise with editorial. At the end of the day I would also ask yourself how the end listener experience would benefit from one or the other?
  17. No argument will ever win this debate. people kill people, guns are only a tool in such task. you could ban them but people will find a way to get them making the situation far more dangerous then it is now. If people can not find guns they will probably find or create tools much worse on their own. One thing i do believe is limiting the availability of high-capacity magazines and cartridges.
  18. I am honestly surprised since all of those FUBAR statements he makes followed by the " you are just too dumb to understand! "Sorry statements. i am baffled on how he actually has a show. if you listen to him on KFI in the LA area, he gets cut off by his own commercial breaks constantly.... WTF!!
  19. I completely disagree with you. just because you have some local post getting paid to take your students means nothing. Especially once you get to LA and it is a completely different market and demand.
  20. Keep in mind most schools outside LA will not give you a real world experience. the most important skills you will learn will be working as a intern. LA is pretty busted right now. You may want to look at states that have economies which are expanding, like TX and LA.
  21. David, My best friends mother runs a place that specializes in anodizing. There are two types of shops, ones who take order from anyone and shops that only deal with manufactures. Since all finishes are different and dissolves at different rates it is really problematic to remove finishes. The bath that dissolves finishes can also weaken manufactured parts that have imperfections. This is why a large number of shops dont deal with the public. It is easier to QC a raw unfinished part then something then something you have never seen. Also keep in mind some of the shops that deal with public will cut corners and use the regular anodization process which is not very robust and wears quickly and dont look so good. Get it hard anodized
  22. You can Anodize other metals although it is a lot harder to do and the results can very. BTW the Alu also has to be raw / unfinished. since you are working with finished parts i am guessing you will not be hard anodizing the parts.
  23. You can also use Stan which is better then Slime since you can run it without tubes and at low pressure if you need that. although it does take a bit of setup. Also remember Fix-A-Flat and Slime will slowly destroy a tube. regardless of sealants you use, tire rotation is a must. putting sealant in a tire and then not using it for months is a bad idea. It may be a better idea to run a tire liner to prevent punctures.
  24. Thanks Olle, Rode looks interesting. I already know i can buy from Schoeps. it is $12/m.... not bad but i am weighing my options and i would like to know if people here know of similar alternatives to the Schoeps. it doesnt have to be kevlar since i am keeping my options open right now.
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