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  1. I have Nomad 8 back from Zax that has been totally gone through that I don’t need much for if it would help you and me
  2. I only have the one orientation of the Lemo and I have yet to plug into the camera. So, i'm not sure of the pin 1 position. I was told that there was only one orientation the connector but that was from the supplier.
  3. I have some right angle Lemos for mini coming but only 10
  4. where can I download the lastest Nomad Software? their website has v 2.89 only
  5. I called Zaxcom with a problem on Monday and was told in may be a program glich."you will get a call back in 20 mins". An hour and a half later I called back and was told "they are at lunch" another hour and was told "Howie is on another line but Glenn will call you back in mins". I called again and they were closed. Never did get the call back and still can't get the Nomad to work properly. Great customer service. Never dealt with a company that had such service reps
  6. when the mirroring is engaged the TC freeze does not work. When I talked with Coffey rental department their unit worked just fine. I have tone to the camera but nothing with the TC slate. I need to make this work for a shoot tomorrow.
  7. Software 2.74 Set according to manual but no tone out, Time code freeze works but no tone, What setting am I missing?
  8. can not get Tone on TC slate to work. Have tone out to camera but nothing when using the time code freeze frame.
  9. paul55

    Nomad when?

    Looking for some guidance on the TC slate tone output, Version 2.74 software and I can not get the system to work. I have tone out to camera but no TC slate tone. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Settings? Nothing on the Noamd headphones either.
  10. Of course it is the unit I'm trying to send TC to! Thank you so much for your time and information.
  11. In continuous Gen out and still nothing. I tried to download 2.68 from the website but in now says 2.55 is running. ? What am I doing wrong? It has got to operator error. Blondes!
  12. Just got the Nomad. I can not get a TC output from my Nomad 8 track. It will take a input. Is there a on/off for the time code?
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