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  1. Just seeing this. Would love to get a link for 2.18T!
  2. I recently got one as well, and noticed a couple times if I change gain too fast that can happen. I was on 3.xx but moved back to the zax recommended firmware. Haven’t listened for that since but I can test it tomorrow and see if that’s happening.
  3. Yeah totally, it actually worked surprisingly well to cut down the reverb tails without sounding overly processed. They have it built into the auto mixer (though you can set it to NR only) and I've used it on 3 - 6db along with automix when I have a handful of lavs out, but honestly haven't used it heavily yet. This test actually got me more interested in trying it in live rooms though to clean up the mix track a bit.
  4. Don't have any of the SD mixers anymore, but thought it might be interesting to throw in a Zaxcom Nova to the mix, even though I may be wrong but I believe its NR is more of a noise gate than the Cedar and SD style real time NR plugins. NR-3_Nova.wav NR-6_Nova.wav NR-9_Nova.wav NR-20_Nova.wav
  5. Rado are you talking about the rx4 (plugs onto a 414) that glen showed this spring, or is there something else super secret on the horizon? I’m about to pick up a 414. Unless I should be waiting.....
  6. +1 for the SM7b. Though if you have an adequate recording environment almost any decent mic should work
  7. Yep, wrapped the gear tie around the inside of the D ring and back under the webbing. Works really well
  8. Just finished putting together my new Stingray Junior Maxx bag. Lectro SNA600's feeding the LR's with two way passive splitters. Haven't had a chance to test range yet, but looking forward to that. Loving the compactness of the stingray jr so far!
  9. I wonder if it would be possible to have a phone app that tells you the voltage of your battery based on the what kind of juice its getting through the USB port? (I know, another thing to rely on a "consumer" product for, but it might be cool if it worked)
  10. That's what I use, its nothing fancy but I got it with my Eneloops.
  11. Jebari

    744t obsolete?

    I have a 744t and a 302... while the 302 doesn't give you the option of recording pre fader iso's, its cheaper than a 552 and gives you the extra pre's for channels 3 and 4... that said, a 4 channel Nomad is cheaper than a 744t. I think what Jaymz says is a good point though, for recording FX you can also go up to 192khz and you don't need all the Nomads "bells and whistles". I know I am definitely looking at replacing my setup with a Nomad at some point, but the 744 is still a quality machine.
  12. Yeah, It always bugs me how Apple doesn't let you do that... and I definitely appreciate that Howy and the guys at Zaxcom have other priorities.
  13. I like the idea of being able to use an iPad to control smaller devices like the 788. Especially for entering metadata. If only zaxcom would do that with the nomad, you'd could get Diva/Fusion style touchscreen for cart or even bag use.
  14. Im currently running my bag (744t/302) off a red brick on my belt into a BDS with a custom cable. It's heavier than an NP type battery, but it lasts forever and gets the job done.
  15. Thanks! That's what I was hoping to hear, I don't have any experience with Zaxcom recorders but the Nomad seems like an amazing product.
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