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  1. Each shelf can be customized to size at time of order, but I don't think they can be adjusted after the fact. Here it is on the cart.
  2. Anyone else use the Film Devices Rack n Bag setup? It's extremely expensive, but well made. I purchased it specifically because I don't like using an enclosed bag on the cart as I prefer access to the connectors. I use a PSC Eurocart that is mostly in pieces right now preparing for a movie, but this will be on the top shelf as a kind of open bag rig. Dual battery distros that can be swapped from cart power to bag power in a few minutes. I'll add more pics as I progress the build.
  3. I bought this piece almost two years ago. Feels like being a sound mixer mid movie sometimes. Oil on canvas.
  4. Two commercial jobs so far, both with strict social distancing and masks for everyone, face shields for those in close contact with talent. Reduced crews, doors open to the studio and both Zoom and Discord feeds to remote clients. I'll just call it a nightmare.
  5. All my wireless are block 19-22, I set the dipoles at near max length and dont need to adjust. They are quite fantastic in that way, as Larry said above, since they cover ~100Mhz. "Exact" quarter wave or half wave antennas would never work out given how often we need to adjust frequencies, it's always an average across a bandwidth. The SNA600 more than cover the averages of multiple blocks. I have 4 of them and use them for various wireless applications with great success. I do want to test out the new Betso bow ties to test them against the SNAs, but from other reviews it seems they are more or less comparable.
  6. Awesome, thanks a lot for the comparison tracks. This adaptive NR software boom is really fantastic. I'm still not telling clients there are increasingly acceptable post fixes to bad locations though haha. Fix it now!
  7. Where are all these disparaging posts you speak of? Who is exaggerating problems? This whole post seems unnecessary and comes off as insecure. You should probably just let your equipment speak for itself rather than appearing to get defensive over a FAQ post from a competitor.
  8. Wow fantastic, didn't know about Pro Tools First, thanks for that.
  9. I use Reaper on Mac OS. Its cheap, around $60, and has more functionality than Audition. It has it's own quirks and such, but over all its a much easier interface than something like Pro Tools, also much more convenient and cheaper.
  10. Also I recommend an update to v8.1 or later, it requires two steps to update firmware, but adds a lot of features specifically into the channel setup menus that are nice among other things.
  11. I can't help but laugh at these things. Seems such a strange decision to design an input that way. I also haven't looked into it at all, there might be some huge brain design reason for them do it. Another $300 in cables, and better make those lemos right angle haha.
  12. Hah I agree, the Zaxcom FB group was the only thing I still wanted from the platform. Facebook as a whole isn't worth it for me either.
  13. Excellent review, thanks for the write up.
  14. Update for those interested: 1 new COS-11 2 new transmitters 1 fully rebuilt transmitter 1 transmitter just needed a tune up 1 transmitter no damage. Production payed direct or reimbursed everything. Took about 6 weeks total. Results: Pain in the ass, but everything worked out. Hope production learned a lesson... doubt it. Thanks for the advice everyone.
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