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  1. Very true, I'm just stating my experience was without IFB functions. Didn't mean for it to sound like Zaxnet control wasn't possible, should have specified QRX200. I know more than one mixer with full zax wireless and 6 series SD and it all plays very nice. It is a bigger commitment than if the mixer already had a Zax recorder.
  2. I've use my ZMTs and QRX200 with a SD recorder and it works perfect. You do lose out on the benefits of Zaxnet but, in my opinion, it depends on the job and work flow whether that matters. I don't find it a big deal to manually adjust parameters on the ZMT. If you have a 16gb micro SD .zax files will record like 200 hours or something crazy so the lack of auto record function isn't a huge deal. The ZMT on the boom is just fantastic and I'd say worth it regardless of zaxnet functionality. Using ZMTs as bodypack TX would make me want zaxnet more than using ZMT as wireless boom to take advantage of sleep and remote gain functions.
  3. I have to say how impressive the Cosi is with my miniCMIT. I've only just picked it up but I'd say it's well worth the money. Not perfectly transparent, but easily an improvement over the rycote softie I had and more practical for day to day work than my pianissimo zep. The Ossix mounts are hard to weatherproof and the Cosi solves this problem well. I wouldn't use it for rain machine days or anything but a light rain is fine. The miniCMIT will probably live in the Cosi now with maybe few exceptions.
  4. Very impressive work. I don't currently have enough NP-50s to need this but soon enough I'm sure.
  5. I was just doing car to car driving through times square. 2 talent in back of a cab. I used two CMC641 with GVC swivel and used magic arms to rig the mics to the back of drivers and passengers seats. Ran the two mics into a SD MixPre and out to 2x SMQV at 250mw. I've used 4098s, CUB mics, lavs and MKH50s in cars and by far the Schoeps with the GVC are my favorite. It sounded fantastic considering the car was an old crown vic... not exactly without problems haha! Proximity wasn't even that great (~2 ft away from talent) since I didn't have much headroom above and they were shooting 2.4 anamorphic so the whole back seat was in frame.
  6. I have one and I’m getting more (going to use one as a master clock for my Nomad at the cart). The jb-1 is possibly my favorite product design of any sound gear to come out in the last few years. Really astonishing in its efficacy.
  7. Thank you for the straight forward response, this helped a lot. This was not the response I had received from tech support. I received what could be described as “uncertainty”, especially with the virtual fader issue. As if there was something that could be done about it, if only someone knew what it was. That is not an acceptable answer as far as I’m concerned. Edit: I don't even really mind the lack of return 3/4 pfl as the HP preset thing kind of works and I need those inputs so rarely. Again, it's just about being led to believe there was some solution to it when there wasn't. Much appreciated.
  8. I don’t mind so much the bugs or “features” that come along with large updates. What annoys me greatly is being told “oh I’m not sure”, or “ask other mixers about it on Facebook”. When these problems are KNOWN. Just tell me you don’t know what’s wrong or you’re working on it, don’t pretend like there is some solution I missed.
  9. Warning: Annoyed rant below, here are the two questions: How do you all get around Zaxcoms lack of PFL on input 9/10? So far I have headphone presets I can cycle that solo those imputs on HP9/10, not really optimal. Virtual fader issue was a bug induced in 8.01. It will be fixed in an updated version. Edit: removed an excessively (if warranted) antagonistic paragraph. It stands, but might be distracting to the two questions at hand.
  10. Jesse Flaitz


    Zelle is the banking industry answer to venmo. Very secure, if not a little annoying to set up sometimes.
  11. I added a 2" xlr barrel to the back of my miniCMIT to get it in the Osix 2 mount. It's not perfect, but I've had good results. Cinela does seem to require experienced boom op hands in certain situations. I've had a strange clicking sound appear intermittently from the mount and I've yet to nail it down. The 10mm Rycote softie fits perfectly (even though the 12cm is listed by Rycote as the one that fits the minicmit... it's not), but is not very good as wind protection, I'll replace it eventually. Photo link to mount: https://imgur.com/a/Ygwrxtc
  12. Wow, great info Larry, thanks a lot. Clears up some questions I'd had about antenna distros, shark fins and RF filtration.
  13. Jesse Flaitz


    Viral marketing at it's finest haha!
  14. Has anyone used these antennas yet? https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Antennas/product/alp690.html They look great, about twice the price of most other shark fins but with way more features. I have the ALP620s which work well, and the 690s seem like a massive improvement. PSC RF multi powers these for antenna gain?
  15. Jesse Flaitz

    Lectro PDR

    Yeah that sounds about right, as a stand alone solution the PDR is the best local recorder IMO. There's plenty of solutions if you want to get creative, the mini papi into a Tascam will remove the limiter/noise floor issue, but adds bulk and requires external power. An MM1 into a zoom or tascam will sound fantastic, but now bulk is huge, though no external power needed. I guess back when, production would just rely on camera mics? Or hire more sound people? It's made me uncomfortable the amount of times production has asked me to plant recorders with no one monitoring audio. In any of those situations I either push for an additional mixer/A2 to monitor the channels or explicitly state I'm not responsible for unmonitored audio.
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