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  1. ramallo

    744t obsolete?

    In 2019 is my recorder for ambisonic, have a B decoder inside, is tiny, great line inputs (have very extended lows) and expend no so much battery
  2. Not for bag, I have nice results with high directional antennas such as the 2.4 CP Beam from RF Venue
  3. The next contact is the invoice and your shipping preferences (Best by Fedex)
  4. Today from IBC (Is so tiny)
  5. From a old Nomad manual, I guess that is the same for TX
  6. I did a TAF5 cable for Audio and TC (1, 3 and 5), at start din't work, my problem was: I sent stereo to the URX, and the URX only work with mono audio if you want TC
  7. I had good results with DPA 4062 with BLM6000 and Rycote overcovers. One in the top of the motor, another in a side of the motor and another in there air intake, also other microphone close to the exhaust and other on the bottom of the car. For the interior a stereo pair such as the 184 can do the job. Be careful with the heat inside the motor compartment and exhaust Best
  8. Take a look a Harpex plugin, the Harpex upmix the FOA (First Order Ambisonic) to third order for more spacial accuracy. https://harpex.net Some of my audios in freesound are in B format (If you want to experiment with the Harpex demo) Like any other coincident technique, is phase perfect 😁 Best
  9. I have here some ambisonic recordings, also Jecklin https://freesound.org/people/ramagochi/
  10. My Soundfields also have a heaters inside for the same reason (And is very power hungry)
  11. With humidity the dielectric constant of the air drops, and this is the reason of the noises. This is common for all external polarized condensers, but the easily of this problem occurs depends of the polarization voltage (more voltage worse for humidity) and the separation between membrane and plaque (closer worse for humidity). Only the RF polarized microphones and the electret ones are relative inmune
  12. ramallo

    DPA 2011

    Far from his brother 4011/4018, not bad, but IMMO expensive for the performance (A bit noisy). I have 4, usually use it with active cable for cars or plant mics, or in situations where I fear for the integrity of a 4018
  13. Looks like a bad contact of the front panel
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