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  1. ramallo

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    In other hand Aaton have a mix surface, for me is very important From yesterday
  2. ramallo

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    Yes, is very polluted, but is free around the world and is less problematic than use higher frequencies such as 5 GHz. Probably will have similar problems as ERX, but is stereo, I want to check it
  3. ramallo

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    No, Now is part of Behringer like Tc Electronic, Midas, Lab Gruppen.......etc. This brand made the best eqs and some outboard of the professional market for decades https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klark_Teknik IMMO looks (I need to check it), nice for send a stereo transmission from the cart.
  4. ramallo

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    https://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Klarkteknik/Wireless-Systems/Instrument/DW-20T/p/P0CE1# https://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Klarkteknik/Wireless-Systems/Instrument/DW-20R/p/P0CE0
  5. ramallo

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    I tried two units, both with the same problem. Is noticeable with music or ambiences (Very quiet localizations), is difficult to hear with interviews or drama (Noisy localizations)
  6. ramallo

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    I modulate at -20dBfs
  7. ramallo

    DPA 4018C vs Sennheiser MKH50

    I love my 4018Cs and I had a MKH50, for me: MKH usually better than reality, 4018 flat
  8. ramallo

    Recommendations for versatile PA speakers

    Yamaha DXR, Nexo design, best speakers for the money http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/speakers/dxr/index.jsp
  9. ramallo

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    The preamps are stellar (For me the best), but this tone is very annoying (Very low level but easy to hear) (I noticed this when I record music or low sonority ambiances), I tried in two 4Minx (My unit and another newer), and both exhibit the same problem. I sent my machine to Aeta, according to Aeta was ok (IMMO maybe is a unresolved spray problem from digital side to analog)
  10. ramallo

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    Is a fft from my Soundfield SPS200, taken from the file that I uploaded to Soundcloud. The high frequency peak is due the combination of the four channels (The fft is a 4 channel combined), and the low frequency peak from the ambience, the problem is the peak in the middle, is easilly distingable (The file was normalized for make it more notorious). The problem is hughe at low gain (0dB), with more gain is hardly to hear. The microphone is ok, no noise in other recorders, and with the AETA I had the tone with all microphones that I tried The 6dB oct curve is due the Nuendo (more lineal than logarithmic)(flat with white noise)
  11. ramallo

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    I tried two units, and both have the same noise. I heard this tone when I recorded music. At the finish of a song, when the sound of the instrument disappear the tone is noticeable.
  12. ramallo

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    I don't recommend the Aeta 4Minx in any way, I had one and I'm very lucky for sold it. IMMO have a awful metadata, no serious surface faders, sluggiest interface I seen (Is not capable of show the TC frames), a slow mirroring (Slower than the Maxx) the ambisonic converter won't work properly, have a horrible low level tone at 1490Hz (Easily audible when work at low level). His favor point, the best preamplifiers I heard in a battery operated device Best
  13. ramallo

    What is your spare recorder

    Primary Zaxcom Nomad, spare Zaxcom Maxx
  14. ramallo

    MEMS.....new mic technology?

    In my opinion the beamforming will be his success, the possibility of change the directivity in real time for focus the source (By an array of mems)
  15. ramallo

    Abisonic Microphones

    In my case with the Soundfield SPS200 is unnecessary, the capsules are very very close