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  1. Usually in front of the trumpets and trombones is sitting a methacrylate shield, for do a protection for the musicians seating in front of this instruments. The complete paper: https://academic.oup.com/annweh/article/55/8/893/264708
  2. Is a matter about max spl and distance from the source. A big orchestra easily meet 120dB SPL (Peak) in a fortissimo in the typical position of the main pair, but over 130 (Peak) as spot microphone (Depends of the instrument/instruments) https://academic.oup.com/view-large/3169085
  3. I have a NPF mod and last 8 to 10 hours
  4. I did a Ambeo vs SPS200 comparison, and my impressions was very negative against the Ambeo, good for the price, but this was all. In my initial impressions I found the Rode much better than the Ambeo
  5. Good noise but very short max SPL, 120dB SPL is a short number
  6. Resurrecting this thread, finally I have a Rode I taken some ambiances for test. I left some recordings in this link (A format audios): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fzyp94xAzA1WZlZoybHdu1hxIrgxzL9w Both microphones with his windshields, connected both to a DAD AX32, at 40dB of gain the Rode and 45dB the Soundfield. *The Rode have problems with the hum (here in Europe the AC is 50Hz), very big 50Hz noise, I don't know if is regular with this unit when is connected to AC powered recorder, or is just the test unit
  7. I have a QRX100 and a QRX200 and usually I have better reception with my QRX100 (both with whips, dual mode and XR), is a bit baffling 🤨
  8. The Maxx have the best preamps made by Zaxcom (Better than the Nomad) and on par with other much more expensive and/or exotic recorders. The DPA 6060 is a superb nice lavalier microphone, not a right "all use" SFX recording microphone, just my opinion. F.E. My actual SFX recording package is a Sonosax SX R4 (without +) and a Soundfield SPS200
  9. +1 in SD 744 or 722, 702 the best preamplifiers ever made by Sound Devices and dirty cheap in this days. Also a superb nice option is the old Sonosax SX R4 (Not the new +), very bad and ugly software interface, but four nice preamps (IMMO better than the new one) (Can be linked all), low power consumption, and cheap now If you can afford, the Zaxcom Maxx are great, never clip, four preamps (nice for ambisonics can be linked all the gain preamps) (no decoder, no calibration for the inputs). My only drawback is: I can't work at 192kHz (I don't care), when I set this fs the Maxx start with a choppy sound (2.4 firmware). Best
  10. Hello, I use them for acoustic music recording also live shows (CK63/61), for me is a less costly replacement of the DPA 4011/18 (that also is better than the CK63+C480 but no so much) (Sometimes I use a lot of microphones). In the subjective world: more definition to my ears. But I was very happy with the CK93 for indoor interviews, also the fig 8 (CK94) is a superb nice microphone (The CK92 is nice too), but I don't like of this series the CK91 and the CK98 (Very prone to manipulation noises) (Too much bass). I usually go to Bilbao (I work as live technician with some folk bands from Euskadi), when I go next time, I will warn you. Best Suso
  11. DPA 4018 or DPA 4011, it depends. P.S. the 63 is a better microphone (With C480) than the 93, but the 93 is a very good microphone for the price
  12. Great, I'm waiting your audio related products
  13. Me, great (My unit won't work with cable only with Oasis or Bluetouch)
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