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  1. Nomad/NoVa + Oasis Deva24 + Mix16 Aaton Cantar + Cantarem 2
  2. Is the same garden at the same hour but no same time (Only a pair of mics) (Consecutive recordings), just an ambience for have a idea about his sound (For stereo ambience). The microphones was a pair of DPA 4011 (matched pair) I choosed the Maxx over the Sonosax
  3. I did a test with a Maxx, a Sonosax SX R4+ and a SD 722 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CCWJ9z4ZUuTfUADumHV4ec8jLrBvjxWN/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UCDAC7oxoffZIVgNrmFuc7aecXcEXZ0W/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14eRSRjxDQ_Z_lKyFqApwcYgYKd3iGG4q/view?usp=sharing
  4. The Maxx have a nice preamps, quiet and good sounding (On par with Sonosax IMMO), but have a hardwired low cut (not very aggressive), and no so much gain. The Nomad have a very aggressive high pass, IMMO was designed with dialogue recording in mind. If you have plans for recording dialogs both are great. For FX or music, the Maxx is better option Best
  5. No big phase issues, mainly is a coincident technique (quasy)
  6. No, You can get some b format here https://freesound.org/people/ramagochi/ and try The first one is converted to 5.1 https://freesound.org/people/ramagochi/sounds/525033/ Done with Harpex-X
  7. You need the TouchstonePro for do a connection with the RF Explorer, and this program can export a CSV file for the WWB This is a scan imported in the WWB
  8. I'm using a computer, RF Explorer and Wireless Work Bench (And Touchstone pro for export the scans)
  9. I found the NT -FS1 noiser than the SPS200, but less than the Ambeo
  10. I guess that nothing special, the membranes of these mics are made from nickel and tested in factory at 150 Cº for aging https://www.bksv.com/media/doc/Bp0100.pdf
  11. I said far, not close (I have both), but the NT-SF1 is nice for the price (the SPS200 cost three times more)
  12. I also work with Ms. Preston, in his last film, sad. RIP
  13. Rode still selling Soundfield, as as you suggest, the NT-SF1 is far from the real Soundfield SPS200, but is cheap and IMMO better than Ambeo
  14. The equivalent noise is the noise that remains when the stimulus of 1Pa (94dB SPL) is removed, if you calibrate the mic so that this stimulus gives you 94dB in a meter, what you have left when you remove it is the equivalent noise. A-weighting, it is the same (invert) as the 40phon isophonic curve, not take so much account of the bass and treble (Better figure as the unweighting) IMMO this figures are of one capsule. +6dB of noise in the W channel (all capsules), but +12 dB of sensibility If you need quieter microphones go to a more professional solution su
  15. You can go to the very cheap side, with a Zoom F8 recorder (700€) with Zoom PCF-8n (80€) , a pair of Sennheiser EW 512P G4-MKE2 (1600€), a Rode NTG3 (475€) with a Supershield from Rycote (240€), and two tentacles (349€), HD25 headphones (100€) and a K-TEK KE-110 (170€) . For camera send a used G2 or G3 (300€). 4014€
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