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  1. I know a guy here in Spain who has one in his small attic, and the power supply in the bathroom, so crazy
  2. KA400 is a cardioid with restrained bass (Vocal use), the regular cardioid is the KA200. I have KA200 in my Soundfield SPS200 and is a superb capsule, on par with my DPA 4011 in my opinion
  3. I had the BSRF AS122 and was great with the Zaxcom's
  4. HD25 4ever, 22 years with my first ones and still alive. For me isn't perfect, have a bit exaggerated lows (but good for stay aware of the low frequency noises in localization), and a bit hyped the highs (nice for hear the hiss of the lavaliers). IMMO is one of the best sounding "closed" heaphones that I tried (The open headphones sound much better but not for this job), and one of the more ruggest
  5. The Rode isn't the same league (Is nice for the price), if you want an ambisonic at same level as your Sennheiser you need buy a Soundfield SPS200
  6. I was a user (I had a full unit), but I have a friend still with one, I could ask him. In other hand the ambisonic decoder option (Only for headphones) "only" works with the Sounfield SPS200 and any B format microphone, and sincerelly is a fiasco, the matrix was wrong. I had this option and no used it, IMMO much better use the fron mics as L and R for monitoring. Only I miss the sound of the preamps (But not the noise)
  7. In Spain is cancelled or on hold the 95% of drama shows or films
  8. Two stereo transmitters, like the TRX743 with a Schoeps Super C-Mit attached (You have one channel unprocessed and the other processed)
  9. ramallo

    744t obsolete?

    In 2019 is my recorder for ambisonic, have a B decoder inside, is tiny, great line inputs (have very extended lows) and expend no so much battery
  10. Not for bag, I have nice results with high directional antennas such as the 2.4 CP Beam from RF Venue
  11. The next contact is the invoice and your shipping preferences (Best by Fedex)
  12. Today from IBC (Is so tiny)
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