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  1. Please note this, there are no replacement parts for these recorders, especially screens. If something vital breaks, you throw it away
  2. Try to clean, the board and the faders, try with Isopropyl alcohol diluted with distilled water (50/50), no power on until all the liquid will be evaporated, for great the fader guide (You need open it), silicon oil Best
  3. The Oasis work with the NoVa perfectly (I have both) I did not mean exactly that the Aria had a large size, it seems small, I meant that people expected a Mix8 II, something like the Sonosax, small size and price. Maybe I explained it wrong. Probably if they had taken an inexpensive and small surface, I would buy it to carry a very small setup with the NoVa, at that price I am comfortable with the Oasis. Best Regards
  4. Nice unit but IMMO is a wrong move. I venture to say that everyone expected a MIX8 II, small, like the SX-LC8 + from Sonosax and even a price similar to that of Sonosax (1400), something with 8 faders + 8 trims, pfl and basic transport (REC + STOP). But they have produced something very cool but at an exorbitant price, which with the addons is more expensive than an Oasis, and IMMO the Oasis give more. I don't understand that move Best
  5. https://wisycom.com/products/product/mat288/ https://wisycom.com/products/product/mat244/
  6. Nomad is tiny (also nice for a cart), have neverclip, have zaxnet, have auto trim, have Oasis possibility, have Touch, individual on/low radios, multiple trims to one fader. Deva have touch screen and a nicier file control. IMMO the Nomad is a much modern machine
  7. In Europe is more easily to find RG213 than the RG8 (both are close), up to 30m without amplification (500MHz) (5dB loss), but 11mm of diameter. The LMR240 is nice, is a bit thicker than the RG58 (6,1mm instead 5,5mm of the RG58), up to 22m for a 5dB (550MHz), but is a bit stifther than the RG58
  8. 1/4 or more wavelength, if you have a cancellation in one antenna the other is 90º displaced
  9. Me too, more natural sound. In this test for my taste the Schoeps is a bit nasal
  10. Rycote baseball + Rycote Invision 6
  11. Nice, I have a SX-R4 that I sent to repair the past year, and Sonosax was unable to repair it, the USB won't work and still remain as it
  12. Si eres buen operador de pértiga, en Madrid puedes conseguir trabajo fácilmente, especialmente para plataformas y televisiones If you're a good boom pole operator, in Madrid you can get a job easily, in streamers or TV Good luck Suso
  13. -The SXR4 record all the channels to the CF -The sound is very nice (I prefer it than the new unit), but have the limiters always engaged -The worse part is the lack of repair, I had a unit with a problem with the USB, Sonosax was unable to repair my machine (I sold it)
  14. Nomad/NoVa + Oasis Deva24 + Mix16 Aaton Cantar + Cantarem 2
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