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  1. This is a must in my kit. I've made the mistake of forgetting it before. Ouch.
  2. Haha, this is great! I'll always be a huge fan of "The Office"
  3. I have two situations like this. One with a reputable channel. They broke my GoPro, then told me they'd replace it. It's been over a year and nothing. Another job in San Diego has yet to pay my invoice. Apparently they spent the budget elsewhere. This again, was over a year ago. I don't think I'll ever see either one.
  4. I have done this a few times. It has already been mentioned, but I took a wireless mic and placed it right into the headphone ear piece. Usually they have extras. If so, put it in there and tape it up well. If not, then put it in your own. It sound great for me!
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