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  1. For those of you getting upset or whatever, watch the video. It's obviously a joke. It's humor for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

    Anyone planning on getting one of these things? I'd check out this video before doing so. Seriously, watch it until the end to really get a grasp on the awesome technology that Apple is introducing into the tech realm.

    Mind = Blown!

  2. Hey, you can try out that new trashcan from Apple. Apparently it's pretty durable. Except for the hole in the top of it. Just flip it over. Only 1 problem though, if you want to upgrade it, you can't do it yourself, because it's a piece of junk.

    Just stick with the apple box.



  3. This past Sunday I proposed to my girlfriend. Check out the video!

    Other than my attempt on foley, the production sound was recorded with none other than my Nomad using the QRX100 and TRX900LA. Boom was, of course, the Schoeps CMIT5U.

    Also, everything leading up to the text convo was recorded straight to the TRX.

    Sound mixer for the Orlando unit: Jeff Pendergrass. Thanks again Jeff!


  4. Wow, this thread has grown a bit. I'm loving the conversations. I've definitely learned a few new things, and sources sited led me to even greater information that I was unaware of.

    Thanks everyone!


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