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  1. I have just received the official word from Black Magic themselves: 2.5/5.5mm center positive The Marshalls are definitely probably better but I've had these things since maybe 2014? 2015? I've lost track and so far so good.
  2. Hmm, bad news. Just tried to plug in a right angled BDS cable I use for my 411a and it's slightly too long and too wide / won't go into the back of the power connector of the monitors. Update: Figured, hey why not email Black Magic themselves and see if they respond? I'll keep everyone posted if they do.
  3. I will give that a spin and see if it fires up. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Hoping to revive this thread. Does anyone know the size of the DC connector on the back of the smartview duo series? I want to get the proper BDS and/or D-Tap cable to run mine off battery.
  5. Looks like some sort of ENG kit from the 00's. Always good to do your due diligence though when purchasing used goods from strangers though. I got a PSC Solice Mini for "Too good to be true" pricing a while back so before pulling the trigger, I called up PSC directly to see if they thought anything was fishy with the serial # etc etc. Turns out the deal was legit and some sort of rental place was liquidating inventory.
  6. The ol' "We need sound gear for less than what it costs from a rental house + someone for free to operate it" craigslist special.
  7. I'm pretty sure (don't quote me, but "technically" due to the SR slot standard) that you could probably get 6x 4 channel AES receivers and turn this into a 24 pack? You figure, each TA3 spitting out 2 channel AES so double the channel count?
  8. If asked this by a post coordinator some day, I kinda want to just mess with them and say "Oh I always record to DAT tapes".
  9. I can't speak for the 12 pack but I love my 4 pack. I have two SRc's in it and it's so nice to have four channels of wireless + antenna distro + BDS in one little box. Really looking forward to putting two new 4 channel SR slots in it when they are released September-ish. I also like the battery / voltage indicators on it which is nice at a quick glance + the dual power options.
  10. You'd think that as long as the files are 24bit/48khz, have timecode, and most importantly, sound good, who would care what recorder you use these days?
  11. I two have something similar from Batteries4Broadcast. I was always under the impression that with the toggle switch, you either got V-Mount charging OR DC Out, but the DC Out was always coming from the AC connector? Does yours auto swap to pulling from the batteries if you are in the DC Out position? I guess I'll have to give mine a shot although I think it limits to 60w output.
  12. I've recently reduced down my cart from a full size to the Rastorder DD. Right now I'm going 100% DC with my 3x 150wh V-Mounts I already own, which has worked out fine but I've been looking around for a solution that would allow me to have AC run my distro with a battery backup (or if I need to go remote with no AC). I know there is the PSC Cart Power option along with the big boy Zeuss etc. but nothing either fit right on the DD Cart or utilize/charge my v-mounts. Well I stumbled upon this new thing from Core SWX (who I'm not too familiar with but it seems they are established in the camera world?). Seems it is designed to normally sit between a camera mount and a v-mount but I'm think it would be perfect for my cart. I guess it is in pre-order but just wanted to make it known / curious what other's thoughts are on small cart power solutions as this seems in theory that it would be quite nice? https://coreswx.com/shop/cube-plv/
  13. It's that "bit bucket" approach. Get a very nice analog board and then use whatever can capture it into 0's and 1's for ya. Obviously the 7 series aren't just any old 0&1 converters as they are robust and sound great on their own, but there's definitely something to this approach that I like! Although I'd be remiss to think that having a few Dante Lectro Receivers inputted via a simple ethernet cable would be very convenient, that's for sure.
  14. This will be nice for indies / docs where you are out running about and that field producer just wants to listen to what's going on with their airpods. But yeah, IFB's are not going anywhere like you said.
  15. I know there's been a big move towards mixer/recorders with control surfaces but analog certainly isn't dead at all. The engineers over at Sonosax DEFINITELY believe that, hence why they still make their wonderful mixers. I really like Ben Osmo's "Rig Tour" video on YouTube. Rocking the analog mixer with a couple 7 series recorders.
  16. They are best suited for carts but I've kept one on the bottom of my k-tek bag under my 633 for years for IFB + wireless scratch. Not the lightest things in the world but built to last by usual "fanatic" Lectro standards!
  17. Yes, the IFBlues are available in A1, B1 or C1 configurations.
  18. T4: * DC Power only * Full Size XLR Connector that accepts mic/line and a bunch of other types of signal levels * Pretty large screen that shows levels / frequency etc SM: * Can be used as a lav too * Multiple power transmission levels * Can be used with AA batteries (or you can get a battery defeat) * You will have to get a mic or line level cable that goes the 5 pin connector for getting audio to the transmitter UM400a: * I believe only the "A" version (not the usual UM400) can do the IFB mode where you do some sort of sequence of switches to get it into the mode * 9 volt powered (meh) although I believe there is a battery defeat * Cheap Three options so choose your poison. Each has pro's and con's as you can imagine. You could get a newer SM that does multiple blocks and then get a matching multi block IFB from Lectro to open up more frequency channels that would be available which is nice, especially if you are traveling.
  19. I believe it is locked at 250mw as I've never seen an option on any of mine to lower the power. You could always get a Lectro SM series transmitter and put that into IFB mode + lower the power down to 50/100mw though.
  20. The Toyota Hilux of receivers. Takes a beating and keep on trucking. I've had zero fail on me over the years so whatever chips they were using, hopefully they kept the same suppliers over the years for the new stuff!
  21. That does not appear to be legal nor healthy at all!
  22. Nice set of gear. Curious as to why a 3.5mm was chosen over BNC? I also love the little hot/cold shoe mount piece of kit. That wouldn't happen to be sold on the side would it?
  23. PSC PowerStar Mini Triple Play II has three power inputs so you could hook up a variety of different batteries to it (or even AC power too) at once. https://professionalsound.com/specs/pwrStarMiniTripleII.html
  24. I'd doubt your work abroad would count as the union is going to want to have proof of productions and the easiest way to do that is to produce paystubs from W2's and 1099's of work that is eligible (internet shorts etc don't count - have to be stuff in theaters / television / streamers). More information here: https://www.local695.com/why-how-to-join-iatse/
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