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  1. codyman

    travel trailer

    Maybe look at what's called "Toy Haulers". Has living quarters and then a big empty, enclosed area where one would haul ATVs / motorcycles etc. Would have plenty of gear for sound carts etc
  2. codyman

    Marantz Carbon Fiber Boompole?

    I'm in the market for a new boom pole and it seems Marantz is making carbon fiber boom poles now? Is this some sort of badge engineering going on for a different company or is it legit? The price is definitely very cheap for what it is which makes me very suspicious... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1383314-REG/marantz_professional_cf11c_carbon_fiber_boompole.html#sp
  3. codyman

    Marantz Carbon Fiber Boompole?

    I hear ya on the Marantz 1970s quality. My 2230 keeps on trucking and sounds great! I ended up getting a K-Tek Klassic. Buy once, cry once..
  4. codyman

    Kit provided by production

    Amen. Remember, the word "No" is a complete sentence. You don't even have to explain yourself, just say "No" to crummy rates/situations.
  5. codyman

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Wasn't able to test the pre's but I'd imagine you couldn't go wrong with either as they are both top notch companies.
  6. codyman

    RastOrder Cart: SU-01V

    Fantastic looking cart! Do you know what the total weight with the big board and all the accoutrements roughly is? Like Jeff said, everything seems right in place where you'd want it despite how fully loaded it is!
  7. codyman

    What is your spare recorder

    I was going to try to sell it for whatever I could get for it but let's face it, it's worth maybe on a good day $120 so I kept trying to think of a good way to re purpose it. Long and behold, it's battery draining ways popped into my head and sure enough, still likes to suck up AA's like they are going out of style! I just throw 8 NiMH partially used batteries in there, turn it on with all 6 channels with phantom power turned on, and then let the unit completely die out which takes two hours tops.
  8. codyman

    What is your spare recorder

    Hey! My DR680 still gets used to this day. I use it to drain down 8 NiMH batteries quickly before recharging / deep cycle charges and oh boy does it drain those batteries quick!
  9. codyman

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Not sure how many takers stateside and take this with a grain of salt but I did play around with one for a bit at Trew Audio in LA (they have it out on demo). Definitely built solid, nice size. A little confusing menu wise in terms of how use to Sound Devices gear I am but I don't think it was overly complex. Seems to be lighter than a 688 would be but given that it's about the same price point and Sound Devices stateside has impeccable service, I'd lean towards Sound Devices out of practicality reasons.
  10. codyman

    time code box

    8 hours of battery life on a timecode box is really bad these days.
  11. codyman

    What is your spare recorder

    For my bag I use a 633 as my main recorder. Then I have a Zoom F4 as backup since it's cheap, has hirose power built in, full size XLR inputs, and accepts timecode. God forbid something happen to my 633, I could pop in the F4 into my bag in minutes and not have to swap a single cable vs my 633 to reduce downtime.
  12. codyman

    Camera Hops

    I'm still a fan of Lectrosonics IFBT4 transmitter for my IFB's, with a Sennheiser G3 set to the same frequency on cameras for a "hop". Just turn the pilot tone off on the G3 and you're good to go / have way more range than a stock G3 transmitter. Sounds pretty damn great too.
  13. codyman

    New Betso Wireless Timecode

    It appears that Betso has new wireless timecode (and slate) products coming out (http://www.betso.eu/products) Trew is listing the SBOX-2RF at $530. I haven't seen the prices of the slate or TCX-2 posted but they all look interesting and a 500m line of sight sounds impressive.
  14. codyman

    Regarding Mojave (10.14)

    Well that is all promising. That being said, I won't upgrade for a while until Avid gives the A'OK on Pro Tools being compatible.
  15. codyman

    New Betso Wireless Timecode

    On the Lectrosonics IFBT4 there is no settings you need to set. On the Sennheiser G3, just tune to the same frequency and then I have the pilot tone turned off and I believe the squelch set to the "medium" setting (I did this because some cameras put out some RF interference so if your IFTBT4 is turned off, the G3 might output a wonky horrible noise into the audio channel of the camera. The squelch setting helped me prevent that from most likely happening if my bag is turned off and they are off shooting B-Roll or whatever). Been doing it this way for years and it sounds fantastic.
  16. 95+% of all my gigs are people I've worked with before or are referrals by that same group of people. Unless you want to go for really low hanging fruit ("We need a sound operator man with a boom and 5 wireless things for $100 tonight in Palm Dale") on Craigslist, you're going to want to know someone in whatever area you move to as they'll likely be the ones getting you gigs / employing you.
  17. codyman

    Deity Connect.

    I guess at this price point you'd just have quite a few on hand and that way you never have to worry about batteries crapping out on you. Speaking of which, in ideal spaces, how many channels can you run simultaneously? Obviously in a busy area of 2.4ghz traffic I'd imagine your mileage would greatly vary.
  18. codyman

    Malfunction of repaired COS-11

    Yeah "Money" doesn't work there anymore. That guy used to fix and make cables like no one else, wonder where he moved on to...
  19. codyman

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I bet a PSC Solice Mini into a MixPre 10 with ISO's on 1-8 and then the mix routed into the "fixed" 9-10 input would sound really nice.
  20. codyman

    Deity Connect.

    Aren't most wireless video systems such as Teradeck in the 5ghz spectrum these days?
  21. codyman

    Hows this for close to trouble ?

    I've been up there before and when I was ~100 feet from one of the transmitters, my Wrangler's soundbar (despite the stereo being turned off) played whatever FM radio signal was being broadcast through the speakers.
  22. codyman

    Deity Connect.

    Obviously jury's still out about all the features / sound of it all. That being said, all these trickled down high tech / pretty darn good pieces of kit definitely make myself envious for those just starting out as you could have an 8 track timecode recorder, boom and 4+ lavs for very very cheap. A little different than my used 416 and stereo Fostex I started out with only 10ish years ago!
  23. codyman

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    Sweetwater has them too iZotope RX 7 Advanced Audio Editor - Upgrade from RX 1-6 Advanced ($299) iZotope RX Post Production Suite 3 Upgrade from RX 1-6 Advanced ($399) I'm leaning towards getting the Post Production Suite 3 since I do like Insight for metering
  24. codyman

    What to do with 600-698 MHz wireless systems?

    I still have a couple channels of block 24 that I use for bigger gigs when I need a high count for wireless. My plan is to just use them to the bitter end in July 2020. They aren't worth a whole lot / have paid for themselves many times over (especially since I bought them used anyways to begin with). Yeah T-Mobile might start turning on 5G stuff in the mean time on a rolling basis but even then there's the guard band / duplex gap that can fit a few channels in for the next couple of years. This whole FCC situation is a pain in the ass that isn't fair but at the end of the day, I've got a business to run and I'd rather adapt than die.
  25. codyman

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Hmmm a duet of tumble weeds?