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  1. I ended up sending the Ubiquiti mini flex back. Could not get it to adopt to my unifi software to save my life. Factory reset it a bunch and still it just would not connect no matter what. Ended up just getting a generic switch for $17 at home depot of all places and it is working perfect for my home needs.
  2. Definitely true. Then again, I seem to be getting Lectro 400 series stuff for ~$8xx a transmitter these days which is a bargain vs the new price which is pretty much at least double. I know digital transmission is the new darling of the industry (or if you're a Zax guy, has been for a long time) but I have a feeling that the Lectro 400 series is going to be the Sennheiser 416 of our industry and will be around for a very long time.
  3. Switch arrived. Lectro SMV for scale. If this works well for Dante, quite the buy given this could easily even fit into a sound bag if need be. An SMV even weighs more (without a battery even).
  4. Well, you certainly sound 1000x more qualified about networking than my limited experiences. I ordered one not for Dante but for a home use application (I have a detached two car garage that I've drywalled and finished into a sound studio / keep all my gear etc. and a cat6 cable has been run through an electrical conduit underground from the house where the cable modem and router are so I'm creating a sub network for my iMac / NAS / Wifi extender etc in the garage). I've heard a lot about Ubiquiti and I figured for $29, might as well dip my toes in and see if it works out for me.
  5. Ubiquiti makes a little switch that can be powered via USB-C or PoE. $29! https://store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-switching/products/usw-flex-mini
  6. Sorry to hear that they are ripping off your builds, Rob. Worth pursuing legally given their roots in Canada? I'd imagine intellectual property there is treated pretty decent there? Love the DD cart. Mine is now officially 1 year old and working great.
  7. At the new price point, might as well consider a Sonosax since they are almost the same price plus you get those legendary swiss preamps.
  8. I'm a big fan of the "Recorder, boom, and 2 lavs" as an absolute bare minimum "kit" price. Even they want only 1 lav and a boom sit down, I just say that that's the minimum kit because I won't show up without a backup for you.
  9. Very frustrating in general how prices of everything are out of control. $4.59 a gallon to fill up the work van, increased cost of living etc etc. I want to upgrade to an 833 but haven't the prices gone up almost $1000 since they were introduced just a couple years ago? 25%? Clients aren't paying me 25% more that's for sure.
  10. We're in a very similar boat. My 633 has been used by me 95%+ of the time these last five years and every once in a while, I have to dust off my (Wildcard!) Tascam HS-P82. I've been kicking tires on whether to upgrade to an 833 or 888 but now it seems like an 833 with SL-2 will be a great start and down the road if I get a feature, I'll pay for the plugin.
  11. Seems Sound Devices is splitting the difference between the 833 and 888 with a paid add on making the 833 into a 12 channel, 16 track mixer-recorder. $950 USD
  12. I wonder if gear insurers will raise rates in SF / LA given these string of robberies occurring. I always have worried about a vehicle break in and thus have always kept it so that my sound van is either empty or in a locked garage, but I'd imagine there have been a higher than usual amount of brazen daytime, often armed, robberies than usual which I'd imagine will inevitably drive up rates or include more exclusions. I know my Athos policy drops down to a lower amount of coverage if I travel with gear to Mexico, for example.
  13. The only guns a sound mixer should face is a quality shotgun mic. Is this kind of work even worth endangering your life with? Regardless, the Tentacle E's work pretty good actually. It's a set it in 32bit and forget kind of affair. Timecode seems to hold fine. Used a few on a documentary about long distance runners and worked out fine.
  14. If you want to throw it on the hot/cold shoe, a Sennheiser CA2 mount might do the trick with velcro. That's what I mostly use for my hops.
  15. Indeed it has been. I'm half way through Part II and it is definitely fascinating both visually and audibly. Seems Mr. Sutton and Mr. Johns did the best they could in 1969 to record everything but it's amazing what the new tech and the crew harnessing it has done to bring it back, including all the private sidebar conversations. Beware of the hidden flower pot plant mic!
  16. I could be wrong but it seems in North America it is production sound Mixer and in the Commonwealth, sound recordist.
  17. Bummer. Is it a firmware lock or is it an actual hardware difference?
  18. What is locked in the US version?
  19. Yeah I just got an 8 Bay one of those. Set it to .5 amps charging and it's nice that the whole charger is powered by USB. So far so good. Paid I think $60 for it?
  20. Are you all using the 822 with just whips in a bag or are you using antenna distros? Just curious about the 822 as it does seem like a solid performer for bag use given how you can use any lectro transmitter and put as many as needed per a given job in a bag vs always hauling a DSQD around.
  21. It would be sweet if someone could come up with a lithium AA that is rechargeable and has the same runtime as the throw away ones. I know amazon has some lithium rechargeable AA's these days but I've heard that they are dubious at best.
  22. You're going to want to have Moesound to chime in on that. He's the Audio Limited connoisseur around here. Old thread:
  23. I'm just guessing but I'm assuming he's saying that non-rechargeable lithiums given both their higher price yet higher capacity, you hate to say do a two hour sit down interview with a fresh one and just throw it away given there's still a lot of use in it. Yet at the same time, if you have say a half remaining battery, it might put you in a pickle given that you might need a full one for a different day.
  24. It's a bummer but I kind of expected it was EOL given how there's been radio silence about it since the latest firmware update in I think 2016? Personally I'm going to keep mine till it dies because even if I do a full upgrade to something else, it's still a very handy backup or even an 8 channel AES bit bucket (or AD converter!) so might as well keep it since it's a bit of a swiss army knife in that regard.
  25. Bummer. I guess a long shot would be to called Teac North America and see if they've got any NOS collecting dust in the back? +13237260303 8AM–12PM 1–5PM PST Sad Teac/Tascam has abandoned the pro market. Seems they basically are geared towards podcasters these days.
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