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  1. Are you finding yourself turning off all the transmitters remotely when you have a lot of downtime between setups? If so, how much more battery life does that eek out in terms of time?
  2. Buy yourself a Denecke TC slate and charge clients appropriately for it. It will pay for itself quickly and they are built to the point where you'll need to will it to your next of kin as it will still be valuable and in use.
  3. It's literally the industry standard procedure for this kind of thing? Of course American viewers though are clutching their pearls and talking about how "we just don't have morals anymore" because we wouldn't want to talk about actual things plaguing this country. Then again for perspective, a news van costs more than a double wide. Oofta, I'll get off my soap box now.
  4. Very clean and nice setup. With how much height it has, do you have a high roof van that transports it or do you have to throw it onto its back? I know we talk about carts on here a lot (which is great) but I wish we talked more about vans and whatnot too! Sadly, the Ford Transit Connect (and the Ram Promaster City + Mercedes Metris - ALL the small vans will dead for North America end of '23) so I'm kicking tires on various van ideas.
  5. Great write up and it's definitely a nice piece of kit. The battery life conundrum is sure a bummer but I think I'd rather play the battery management game and have the spectraband/gain forward. It's a shame they don't have a four channel receiver yet as this would be killer for documentaries or run and gun bags with an 833 / SL2 combo.
  6. I've got a couple of these. Never had a problem with them. I know some like to use bigger capacity cards but 32GB seems to be a nice sweet spot where you can at least fill up some of the card before reformatting vs having a huge card that you might reformat a lot and use only some of the sectors. I've been told this "helps" in the sense that you're utilizing more of the card itself? YMMV Oh, and no matter what you end up getting, DON'T buy from Amazon or familiar "marketplace" retailers. Buy from name brand vendors (better yet, hit up a sound house) because there are a ton of counterfeit cards out there!
  7. Yeah you need a license fo rthe 941-960 stuff. Although the IST 902-928 stuff in the US is open season I believe. This is Sound Devices chart for their "spectraband" transmitter which seems to tune into anything and everything legal out there (in the US).
  8. Well the Zaxcom patents expire in 2025 so I'm sure it will be open season then and I'd imagine manufacturers that have these features overseas but not here could just firmware unlock things at that point. Per Zaxcom's own website (https://zaxcom.com/company/patents/) these are the Patents that were licensed to Deity and they expire summer 2025. https://patents.google.com/patent/US9336307B2/en?oq=9336307 https://patents.google.com/patent/US8385814B2/en?oq=8385814
  9. Anecdotal but I'm counting 18 2.4ghz wifi signals fighting each other for frequencies at my house in a single family neighborhood that is less dense than Los Angeles by far. With something like a Sennheiser G4, you'd be able to choose a UHF band like their AW+ block (the recommended frequencies that are available for SoCal, your mileage might vary elsewhere) and will be able to dial into an actually unused frequency. Being that it is the UHF band, you'll also to be able to choose an actually unused frequency whereas in 2.4ghz, it might be unused for a minute or two and then a WiFi router decides to auto switch to that frequency to fight you on it. Leave the 2.4ghz stuff to the "vloggers".
  10. Because "A1" is just shorthand for Blocks 470, 19, 20. They aren't "old blocks". They literally are the blocks.
  11. You made a mistake and now you won't make the same mistake again. It's not "dumb shit", it's how it works and how frequency blocks work. What you're feeling is stress and embarrassment because you were under pressure and didn't know that this was a thing. Be thankful that you aren't working "back in the day" when you needed to use a screw driver to change frequencies and if you were kinda on the right "click" but not really on the right click, you were really scratching your head.
  12. I think using an app like FreqFinder to make sure you don't have any inter-modulation would help more than trying to reduce the power. Spacing bag hops as far away (and make sure they don't conflict frequency wise) goes a long way!
  13. Definitely the mic. You said it was a rain scene. Did moisture get anywhere need the mic? Maybe at the connector? I've had connectors shorting out before which have done all sorts of odd sounding things.
  14. I've called manufacturers before and ran a serial number by them. Thankfully every time I've done it (only a handful of times), everything came back OK.
  15. codyman

    Zaxcom - TRXLA5

    It's nice that those guard bands are included. Those are great, consistent gems of "free space" to park mics and IFBs these days.
  16. Hey Karl. How does the AES routing work on the unit? Is it fixed with Channels 1/2 3/4 outputting on the TA3 connectors or can you choose what goes to where? My 633 has just two channels of AES on one connector but I could see myself in a sit down interview situation using only two channels and putting the system into vector? Mode and wanting to put both separate, bonded channels onto that one AES connector.
  17. Glad to hear things are getting back on track and sympathies to the residence of Rio Rancho who have been putting up with muffled, unidentifiable screams echoing from what seems to be Lazer Rd.
  18. Do any of the Lectro Wise Men know if everything is on schedule for release soon? I think I was quoted "Hopefully September" for my pre-order.
  19. Ask production, "What's your ADR budget?"
  20. I finally saw someone on a shoot with a proaim cart but it was one of those Inovativ knock off carts. The guy was a know-it-all schmuck to deal with even before I noticed the label so it wasn't shocking once I did. He definitely wanted to make people think he had an Inovativ without actually paying actually for it.
  21. Works fine and sounds great! I'm sure as the spectrum becomes more and more crowded, I'll eventually have to jump to a full digital solution for the wireless to pack things in tighter with wide band, but for now, I'll keep on rocking it as it was paid for long ago so it's all gravy at this point.
  22. That was my original thinking when I bought into the whole v-mount system years ago. I do notice now that a lot of cameras seem to be using gold mounts though which wouldn't work with this plate BUT at a minimum, all these camera batteries have d-tap so you're always covered there. I do believe there's simple gold mount adapter plates which might be a good investment too.
  23. If you want a $200 solution, I literally (yesterday) just got in the mail this little device that's technically meant for cameras BUT seems to be working fine on my cart with my 788t + PSC Solice Mini + VR Field + PSC Four Pack + 2x IFBT4 + Blackmagic Monitors. V-Mount goes on top. I have the power adapter in the "AC" position so if it gets pulled / AC power dies, v-mount auto kicks over. There's a separate "Charge" port for a non included adapter so I think the AC adapter can only either charge the battery or run as a power supply, not both, which is fine because I just want the battery for backup and I already have a dedicated v-mount charger for my 3x v-mount batteries. I have my blackmagic monitors plugged into the regulated 12v DC port and then I have the d-tap plugged into a splitter that goes via D-tap to TA4 for the PSC four pack and another Remote Audio BDS. Seems everything is working fine at the moment but haven't used it on set yet. 100 watts is the max power output of the device so YMMV. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091513XWH?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  24. I still have a 411a that I use on occasion and yes, the bar is set high with that one. That being said, the DSR4 looks like it is cooking up to be pretty special so TBD. I use a K-Tek Stingray bag right now but yes, thinking of going smaller for the new DSR4 setup. Possibly just a smaller K-Tek bag maybe?
  25. Covers every frequency from 470-608mhz so your transmitters will be compatible.
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