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  1. Hi folks I thought this may be of interest to some on here, I did a walk test of the old and new technologies that Lectro have to offer. I hope you find it informative.
  2. Thanks for your kind comments. We are UK Distributor for Wisycom, but we also work closely with Lectrosonics. Our next video like this will be a Lectro DPr and DBu into a SMQV. I really want to show off the Lectro digital as it performs exceptionally well for an all digital product. We couldn't use 250mW legally in the UK so I couldn't do the test you suggest without breaking the law! Sure, we are going to do some more real-world tests. This was a video intended to show it in an optimal scenario as a bench mark. It is not meant to mislead of course, as we showed the setup clearly. One point to note, the test was done with passive antennas and 5m RG58 cables connected directly to the RX to make sure it was the RX that was the subject, not the amplifier in an antenna! The thing is that there's 2dB loss in the cables, so it would have gone even further with active antennas to compensate for the cable loss
  3. We were using 2, but there's absolutely no reason to expect any degradation provided the channels are adequately spaced.
  4. Check out this video of a walk test of the MCR54 which shows off its incredible range:
  5. Assuming it is enabled in the MCR42 the 'EVO' mode is what you need to set to work with G series. If it's not enabled then contact your distributor.
  6. (barefaced plug alert!) I am delighted to say that my brow beating of Massimo has finally paid off and I am able say that Raycom is almost ready to release the promised Wisycom special deals. It's going to be a choice of two kits with two transmitters and an MCR42 with headphone back. It's such a good price that I have been asked not to publish it online, so the only way to get the info on this is to sign up to our mailing list here: http://raycom.us1.list-manage1.com/subscribe...
  7. To be fair, Wisycom transmitters do have soft clippers and a very large dynamic range. They have been used on everything from Americas Cup, to Formula 1 and Sky News, also in most ITV Studios to name but very few for years without complaints relating to dynamic range. If you are hitting the clippers then you need to back off the TX gain. If that means you are having level problems let me know as that is another issue that can be solved. There is indeed a version with limiter, the MTP40S, coming out soon. As mentioned further up we will be launching a special offer that includes this transmitter as soon as we have confirmed delivery date (expected to be in July).
  8. You could try undoing the two screws that hold the metal sleeve on and slide it off and carefully expose the internal two boards. Make sure they are screwed together tightly and that the inter-board header that connects the two boards is properly mated. I have seen similar issues when this connector is intermittent, usually when vibration has loosened the screws which hold the boards together.
  9. You've hit the nail on the head here. It's not a case of trading profit being cynically taken from one country and 'given' to another. It is common practise for businesses to do this sort of thing, all businesses have a marketing budget and there are many ways to spend it. Having said that, there are some of my highly valued customers in this thread and, though Raycom was not involved in any way in this process, it makes me very sad if it has caused any bad feelings. As I said, there will be a promotion in the UK soon. Pyers
  10. Greetings from the show floor at NAB where I am on the Wisycom booth with the owner, Massimo. If I could just chime in to say that this offer in the USA is a short term limited offer and is heavily subsidised by Wisycom in order to get the product in the hands of US customers for the first time. Raycom spent many years getting the kit known in the UK, as other distributors did in other countries, I guess this offer is seen as a way to shortcut this. The good news is we are working on a special 'kit' promotion for Wisy right now, and it will be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter, along with a mailing to our mailing list (sign up at our website). So, to summarise, here are the hard facts about the current short term promotion: This is a very limited time promotional offer to launch Wisy in the USA, subsidised by Wisycom Very limited number of units in this promotion The units are ILLEGAL TO IMPORT AND USE IN THE EU as not CE approved They are blocked for 75% of CH38 (608 to 614MHz) on BOTH RX and TX rendering them pretty useless in the UK (It will NOT be possible to open this up) Offer ONLY available within the USA, no international shipping Raycom will be offering our own special promotion soon, join our mailing list Cheers P
  11. It only comes with TA5M (mates with TA5F). The waterproof TXs come with 2.5mm jacks.
  12. This will be handy for my son's (ahem, and my!) AR Drone!
  13. Oh dear! I am sorry for inadvertently driving this OT... I was just drawing attention to the re-launched FB presence (for re-launch read actually bothering to update!!!). FB is easier to update on the fly than our current website, though there are plans to improve that. What we are posting on FB is in the clear and there is no need to 'like' the page, though doing so means you are more likely to see updates. No conspiracy, nothing to see here etc..
  14. Hi, interesting feedback. It is not intended to be a primary means of interaction, but 'a' means. Certainly a means of disseminating information and reaching customers on their terms quickly, rather than bombarding them with emails! I am aware that Facebook is not universally 'liked', I have a very mixed relationship with it on a personal level... We are also planning to get our Twitter feed going again. Facebook and Twitter will always be optional though... I hope that allays your fears!
  15. Indeed they are very similar. The MPR30-ENG has a balanced audio and a headphone output. Headphone volume is by soft menu. The MPR30-IEM version has a large, easy to grab, volume on/off knob and only a stereo or mono 3.5mm headphone output. The IEM version will be lower cost. The RF performance of both are identical.
  16. We have been promised pricing this week for the IEM kit. As stated the pocket RX is true diversity and remarkably sensitive. DSP gives it the option to pair with many brands of transmitter and, in stereo mode, very good separation. The dual rack transmitter uses DDS (direct digital synthesis) instead of a normal VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) to generate the RF signal, this also gives multi manufacturer compatibility ad 80dB stereo separation (if stereo required). Output power is up to 2W. I put some pics up on Raycom's FB page, keep an eye on it as we'll announce pricing and offers on there: www.facebook.com/raycomltd
  17. So far one of the most interesting things I have seen is the new PSC 'Six Pack' 6 channel holder for 3 x slot receivers (good for Lectro SRs, Audio Ltd and Wisycom Ron says) this sits between the Quadpack and the Octopack, though, unlike the Quadpack, it features active RF antenna splitter. It also interfaces directly with PSCs new mixer with a simple D type connector. PSC were also showing their new 'EU Cart', a smaller version of their cart with optional in-built li-ion power. Wisycom are showing their new True diversity MPR30IEM Stere/Mono IEM RX with multi vendor compatibility and a 232MHz tuning range. Also on the Wisycom booth is the new MTB40 plug-on TX. Please swing by (and please 'like'!) the Raycom Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/raycomltd) to see photos and details of the products I have mentioned above. I'll be going for a walk later and will addd some more products to the page.
  18. The new MTP40 transmitters have two compander modes, the previous 'ENR' mode and the new 'ENC' mode. ENC passes the key test!
  19. Assuming you mean 12dBuV for the squelch, try it set to 3 or 6dBuV with tone squelch on, this will give better range, but still not open with noise.
  20. There is a dedicated HDX mode on the Wisy RX, it's called 'EVO' (as opposed to 'SEN' which is HiDyn). If not enabled in firmware I can do it at Raycom.
  21. Hold the UP arrow and turn on the power. The unit will boot up then display the Backlight Options screen. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to select "BCKLIGHT > ON"
  22. I have ordered a pair and should receive them early next week. I will test them in our lab and report findings on here. If they work as stated then they could be very interesting as they would remove one of the main causes of dropout: cross polarisation (in linear polarisation when at 90 degrees you get, in theory, total dropout).
  23. Indeed it is, with a gain of -2.15dBd. dBi is often used by manufacturers to make the gain figure look better to the uninitiated.
  24. If you are unsure of the actual minimum range of your setup, a rough and ready way to test it would be to take two transmitters, TX1 and TX2, tune your receiver to TX1 and set TX2 to a nearby frequency (say TX1 + 500kHz). Place TX1 at a long distance, say 30 feet, from the RX antenna and observe the received signal strength on the RX meter, now turn on TX2 and move TX2 closer and closer to the RX antenna until you notice even the slightest reduction in received signal on TX1 frequency (you will probably need an assistant for this! Also you will need good resolution on the RX meter). This is the point where compression begins. If you then double that distance to allow for resolution issues on the RX meter this gives you a rule of thumb safe minimum distance for your setup. This method will work best if you are using a dipole and you are approaching from a different direction (90 degrees probably best) to TX1 so you do not cause too much fluctuation in the TX1 received signal due to your presence in the path of the signal! You can turn TX2 on and off to see if it is the TX or your presence causing the change in received signal. I just tried this with an SRA with AMM whips and 2 x SMDB (50mW) and the distance I got was about 1.5 feet, so 3 or 4 feet seems safe for this setup. I hope this makes sense!
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