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  1. boomsound

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I saved the cardboard sleeves my IDX NP-1's came in and i've never had an issue (domestically and internationally). The agent told me to just make sure I take them out of my carry-on to be scanned.
  2. boomsound

    Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    I'd like to give a personal testimony. I sent three Sanken Lav's to Kristian. He quickly repaired and shipped them with the metal connector. Solid connector, solid repair, solid service. I highly recommend having your Lav's repaired by him. Jeff
  3. boomsound

    Cables for SRs- Uni/Superslot connectors.

    I remember as well and I would be interested in buying some also. Anyone?
  4. boomsound

    DIY external bag cart battery

    Alex, I can help you out. I have several pelican cases that are wired already. Just need to add a new battery.
  5. boomsound

    NEED Vdb Boom Pole Cleaning recommendations

    No one in the US offers this service for boom poles? Okay, any suggestions for somewhere I can send it?
  6. I have a Vdb boom pole that needs a cleaning/tune up. Any recommendations to send here in the US? Thanks!
  7. boomsound

    Boom operators - Cool photos

    Booming for Al McGuire in Utah (1997).
  8. boomsound

    Magliner Shelf trim

    I used the door trim as well. It uses a heat sensitive adhesive that for me, got messy down here in Florida. I've had to peel it off and clean the residue several times. I tried silicone and so far it's been fine.
  9. boomsound

    Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    Thanks Jason.
  10. boomsound

    Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    I used the mini output to the headphone in jack on the iPad. Scripty asked if I could do it and I wanted to find out. I thought you could use the stereo cable for a DSLR, so I tried it and adjusted the output level of the Tig.
  11. boomsound

    Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    The script super asked me to jam her iPad Pro with TC. She's using Movie Slate. I used a standard mini stereo to stereo, but couldn't get it to jam. Has anyone done this with success? Thanks.
  12. boomsound

    Installing an SSD in Mac Mini.

  13. boomsound

    Installing an SSD in Mac Mini.

    Thanks for the responses. I'm not so concerned about the physical installation (but I will heed your advice), it was more about getting the OS onto the new drive. OWC suggests doing a clean OS install before adding saved data from the old drive. Marc, which SSD drive did you buy?
  14. I have a Mini 2011 that I want to update to an SSD. My first concern is, how easy is it to install an operating system to the new drive? This was recommended before migrating content from the old drive. Second, which have you used or would recommend, Crucial or OWC SSD? Thanks in advance!
  15. boomsound

    688 keyboard fail

    I would definitely consider Jim's recommendations, especially if they have been used successfully. I'm using a mini keyboard (brand name no idea) that I use with my Mac mini. It works perfectly with the 633 & 664, before and after newest update. However, it still has an issue with the 688 (updated to 4.00). What I have learned is if I unplug the keyboard, power down, wait a few seconds, power up and replug, it will work (as well as doing a quick boot override during power down).