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  1. Same thing here, tentacle E won’t jam 29.97 from my nomad, I have the older style tentacles as well, so just jammed the old one and then used that as master and jammed the E to the master, worked fine but would be nice to not have to do the extra steps. Since the old one jams with no issue maybe tentacle has changed their software with the new style and it’s a problem they can fix.
  2. First post with this Tapatalk app, seems to work pretty good! This is my current setup for a show I'm working on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My apologies, the application is for bag work, thanks for the link. Any other options?
  4. Just wondering if there is any option some genius has figured out to boost the Zaxnet signal coming out of the Nomad from 50 to 100 mw? I want to start using Erx's as comtek/timecode feeds, but find that it doesn't have nearly as much range as my Lectro IFB system. Also don't want to get the Zaxcom IFB transmitter, that kinda defeats the purpose of Zaxnet. So, possibly a firmware upgrade, or antenna booster? Or is it just not possible? Thanks
  5. I have been experimenting with the Litelong 650, and 780 Mah, as well as the Soshine 600's, I can say with confidence that both outlast the iPowers. I like the Soshines more than the Litelong for sure though, they have lasted longer, and considering the advertise 600 Mah, and are lasting longer than a battery advertising 780 Mah, right away that raises a flag with me. I also have found that the Litelongs don't keep a consistent charge, they can die anywhere from 4 - 5 1/2 hrs, wat too much of a variance for our line of work. I've been using the Soshine chargers and find they work really great
  6. Is there a sensible reason that I am missing not to have the auto trim diamonds on the card display? I like to use that screen primarily because it is the only one that displays track names. Any time I want to check my auto trim levels I have to scroll through all the pages to get back to the track name display. Would it be possible to make the *Star* button function as the headphone select? Whereas when you hold it down for a second it would scroll backwards?
  7. +1 to everything the Senator said here! It sounds to me like OP may be mistaking the great "two hands in the air" style by watching to many boom operators on film sets. These guys are trying to get really close, granted, but they also have the luxury of rehearsals and SCRIPTED DIALOGUE! Not to mention in most cases the talent is also wired as a fall back. A sound mixer with video feeds to tell said boom op what the frame size is, and any spots that may be trouble. Im not sure how many reality shows he has worked on, but its pretty hard to boom more than 1 person (let alone more than 3
  8. Today I was staring at my nomad levels, when a tiny bug crawled across the screen. Without really thinking about it i put my finger on in to remove the little critter. He just kept on crawling along, completely unaffected by my poke.....hmmm. Yes, he was on the lcd screen, underneath the protective screen, and as long as he stayed along the edge, he had a perfect little protected track to run along, I couldn't get him! Bastardo! Then he made a fatal error, he crawled out towards the middle of the screen and SPLAT! I got him!... hmmm. Now i have his remnants permanently etched into m
  9. I found a Hitech 10 bank charger here: http://batteries.batterymart.com/search/index?filters[top_level_category]=Battery+Chargers I wonder if it would work with the 600 mAh Hitech 9 volts. I can't seem to find any Hitech website to ask.
  10. It definitely sounds like a power issue in the receiver to me. Phantom power turned off? What are you using to power the Rx? If you have tried more than one lav, and you still have the problem, it could be the connector on the transmitter..
  11. I think it should be made clear that yes, this is a great way to keep things neat and tidy on the mirror card, but if you happen to forget to enable whatever track on the primary card nothing will be written to the mirror card for that and all subsequent takes. As a safety, since I usually only record up to 5 tracks, I leave them enabled on the primary card and toggle them as needed to the mirror.
  12. Does anyone know if the USB output on the Nomad 8 and 12 will power an external hard drive?
  13. I met Rick, David, and Dixie, in 2001, I had just moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in our field. I can with 100% honesty say, that without their patience and hospitality I would never have lasted in this complex world of sound recording. Rick was one of the coolest, most down to earth people I have ever met, and on top of that, had a way of doing things that made me regard his as a kind of "Audio Outlaw" He always had a kind word and a funny story, and was brilliant when it came to anything technical. I was lucky enough to get to visit him at a party before Christmas, and wish I had
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