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  1. True. But my inner and outer old men took umbrage. 😁
  2. Any real world experience to share about the PSC 12 Pack?
  3. I did a feature this past winter. During the workflow conference call, the post supe asked me what recorder I use. When I said it was a 688, he replied, "Ah, a classic." It took every last whit of my self control to not yell at him to get off my lawn.
  4. Mostly just big Ziplocs. The ACs hold them horizontally, so their wrist fits into the opening to clap the sticks.
  5. Gotcha. My only experience has been with rain protection, essential here in the PNW.
  6. Is this for rain protection, or for large bodies of water?
  7. Still early days, but I imagine that once this tech improves, it might serve as a replacement for some ADR. I would have to assume that SAG would include language to limit its use, but for indies and for general walla, those might someday serve as a kind of "stock footage", or even a plugin: https://www.aflorithmic.ai/post/creating-einsteins-voice
  8. I mix to mono (with pre-fader iso's) until directed otherwise. My philosophy is to give them what they ask for, so long as it isn't unduly burdensome.
  9. I've used 75 ohm short BNCs for timecode for years with no issues.
  10. As the topic says, curious about real world experiences. Thanks.
  11. I had the opportunity to work with him on an indie years ago called The Kill Hole. I remember him as polite, professional, and intense:
  12. If I may ask, how did you calculate the rate for that?
  13. Do you get vehicle rental for this?
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