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  1. I use this adapter, and in my experience have not had range issues. I would imagine that that has to do with the fact that it's not on a body, and additionally, while in most modes of operation, it's up in the air to a degree, though admittedly not as high as the boom end. My ops like the fact that the bottom mount balances the pole better for them.
  2. Powerstar Euro Life on the cart, NP1s for mobile/backup. The Euro Life can be plugged in or unplugged while the system is running without issue. If we're stationary for a while, I'll ask for a stinger to keep me topped off, but I can run most of the day without it. My setup is "bag on a cart", so I can run from the Euro Life or NP1s while on the cart, and solely NP1s when the bag comes off for remote locations, car work, etc.
  3. For climates that have dramatic temperature swings (like the PNW where I live), dress for the low temp, not the high, and use multiple layers which can be unzipped or removed as needed. Also, invest in a dry bag. I have 3, some for run bags, and one dedicated to my weather gear
  4. SRC are B1 (blks 21-23), and less than a year old. I did verify that the walkies are operating at 4W.
  5. The walkies are in the 400 mhz range and I don't have any bandpass prior to the six packs.
  6. Anyone encounter this? Likely a proximity issue, but looking for any and all info. When walkies are keyed near me, I get lit up with huge bursts of white noise along with some screeching tones. Using PSC fins, six packs, and lectro SR-Cs.
  7. Same noise, regardless of wire/antenna position.
  8. Will experiment, but given the wardrobe, we have few cable/antenna placement options.
  9. These B6s worked fine with both SMQVs and SMs. Would a wiring error only introduce noise with the SMWBs?
  10. Getting some high pitched noise (assuming it's RF) with Countryman B6s and the SMWB. Happened on 2 different B6s, never with COS-11s or OST mics. Anyone else run into this?
  11. Plus 100. Low wage = low respect.
  12. I was searching the forum to see if anyone else had had the same problem and found a solution for it. I bumped Eric's thread (since he posted the actual error code) to see if it would get some attention. Side note: syncsound is Christian Dolan from Portland, OR. I also have a (neglected) blog called sync.sound.cinema where I used to write about sound for picture. I'll try re-sizing and see what that buys me. Thanks!
  13. getting the same thing myself. any progress on this?
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