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  1. Canvas Pencil Case from Mr Pen. Affordable and available via Amazon.
  2. I get that. I should have prefaced my comment by stating that I wasn't trying o debate the technical merits. I was merely commenting
  3. http://www.moultonlabs.com/more/about_acoustic_and_microphone_levels_levels_management_i/P1/
  4. I would consider headroom to be part of the total dynamic range (signal to noise + headroom = total dynamic range). And yes, I get that it should ideally exceed the capabilities of our mics, but what I'm talking about is practical application beyond that. We can already deliver very good final mixes from 24 bit audio sources. That's what my crack about horsepower was about: yes, your sportscar has > 500 hp, but how often will you use that in a legal fashion driving around town? Most people will never need that.
  5. TBH, a lot of nit-picking about dynamic range beyond what we can already achieve feels like the horsepower arms race that car manufacturers get into when trying to sell cars to people who are likely to drive them on roads with speed limits. If you're doing live music or SFX gathering (or something else with little to no control or chance to anticipate), I see an incredible advantage to anything beyond 24 bit.
  6. Yes. Get with the wranglers/trainers and communicate early and often.
  7. To those who are using Zaxcom wireless with Sound Devices recorders, any constructive thoughts, opinions, raves, regrets? Mostly curious about narrative film and TV work, but all input is welcome.
  8. syncsound

    PSC 12 Pack

    And here I've been working with dual six packs like a sucker. 😁
  9. I use this adapter, and in my experience have not had range issues. I would imagine that that has to do with the fact that it's not on a body, and additionally, while in most modes of operation, it's up in the air to a degree, though admittedly not as high as the boom end. My ops like the fact that the bottom mount balances the pole better for them.
  10. Powerstar Euro Life on the cart, NP1s for mobile/backup. The Euro Life can be plugged in or unplugged while the system is running without issue. If we're stationary for a while, I'll ask for a stinger to keep me topped off, but I can run most of the day without it. My setup is "bag on a cart", so I can run from the Euro Life or NP1s while on the cart, and solely NP1s when the bag comes off for remote locations, car work, etc.
  11. For climates that have dramatic temperature swings (like the PNW where I live), dress for the low temp, not the high, and use multiple layers which can be unzipped or removed as needed. Also, invest in a dry bag. I have 3, some for run bags, and one dedicated to my weather gear
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