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    I'm an avid fan of electronic dance music and produce/DJ whenever I have free time. I also like to play games on both PC and console platforms.
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    I started my career in sound as a music recording engineer, then branched out to post production audio then pursued location/production audio. I now do both production and post production audio. I've worked on a variety of projects ranging from shorts to features, webisodes to reality TV.

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  1. 1200s stopped production late last year. I never got into vinyl in terms of DJing. I got into it when the digital age already took hold with laptops and CDs being the main source of audio
  2. Why is it called "Dead Cat?" I usually refer to them as blimps.
  3. The Zoom H4n was my first recorder paired with a Wendt X3... got the job done . I also have a PMD 661 which is a great step up from the H4n in terms of build quality and overall features such as professional line level input and a knob for gain adjustment rather than clicking buttons. I hear good things about the Tascam DR-100 although I've never used it in the field. The build quality on that is better than the H4n, has a wireless remote control that is removable from the unit and is at the same price point as the H4n, whereas the 661 is about $200 more than it.
  4. Really? Camera operator with RED camera (LA) (in the land of reality) Date: 2012-02-29, 10:49PM PST Reply to: jmm4t-2878441141@gigs.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] 200-300/day, so if I ware a loader I might be interested. Seriously though, 575.00 for an AC. 800.00 for an OP, these are standard, non-insulting rates; and evan those are negotiable. where do these guys get the tenacity to post such inconsiderate listings. 200/300 might get you some red pro primes, that's it. Location: in the land of reality it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Compensation: no pay PostingID: 2878441141
  5. Perhaps it is because this is possibly what they go through in real life on a regular basis so they're not "acting" but yet they are... I'll have to watch it to really give my opinion on it (story wise). IMHO using live rounds on a film set is something I would definitely not feel comfortable with, in experienced hands or not. Although I do go to the range from time to time to get some rounds in so its not that I'm not use to the sound of a gun firing at close range.
  6. Anyone ever shoot a music video with acoustical instruments? I.E: playing a Violin and Piano (no vocals)? Is the workflow pretty much the same or are there subtle differences since playing an instrument has its nuances moreso than just singing?
  7. Congrats to both Gene and Thomas for an excellent job well done! I'm definitely going to watch this in theaters. It must have been great working with real American heroes.
  8. Hiking boots when out in non-urban environments, New Balance for all other locations. I need to pick up a pair of Merrell's.
  9. I'm still relatively a newbie to the politics of negotiating. I recently used the same line of "that rate is lower than my normal rate but okay," and they still gave me the "I'll call you back in 10 minutes," and I never heard back from them.
  10. jhaudio

    Nomad when?

    Hmm interesting. I made a $500 deposit @ Gotham for my Nomad 8. Estimated delivery is 3 months but Chase says to expect it to be longer (6 months?) Since there is such a long wait, I had to go and buy a SD mixer/recorder set up to hold me up until then.
  11. I come from a heavily moderated forum that has many rules/regulations to try to reduce the number of scammers active on their site. The way they regulate their "For Sale/Want To Buy," forums is that big ticket items (However much mods deem is high value) require some sort of vouch if possible. If not, the seller should put their real name and/or contact information and have some history on the forum via post count, etc. Another thing would be once an item is sold, the OP can edit their post or put up a new post within said thread stating that the item is sold and lock the thread. Just my .02.
  12. I purchased an Alfa Case BoomTube which is about $90 bucks IIRC. Depends on your boom pole size. Not a cheap option.... but is a hard case that takes up little real estate http://www.alfacase.com/Boom_Tube.html
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