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  1. Bought a couple of them when they came out. Paired with 4060’s/6060 they were too hot of a level as I’m assuming there isn’t any resistors in the adapters. Where normal talking on an SMv normally would be around 20 I had to set to 8 so you can imagine the issues. With 4061’s I imagine they would better. Ended up just going for the Dpa ones as they were the most reliable. The off brand ypa ones are alright but have had some of them die and some dead on arrival.
  2. This new to me Sonosax SXST! Was fortunate enough to buy it from a veteran mixer who used it on shows that I grew up watching. Unfortunately the day I received it and built it into the cart was the day they cancelled the season due to covid19.. didn’t even get to put up a boom. Recorded some lovely guitar tracks with it while at home
  3. Just received my brand new HMa and did notice the same thing. With the exact same mic the input gain has to be about 10 points higher vs my HM and an older HMa that I was renting while mine was coming in.
  4. Where did you get the sunshade/cover for the monitors?
  5. The LED light could be brighter. Mine are barely visible in bright daylight when I want to spotcheck them on the camera
  6. Only one I've seen is the 12 bay lectrosonics makes. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1243685-REG/lectrosonics_chs12lb50_battery_charging_station.html
  7. The newer Tron Legacy I believe was mostly ADR due to the light suits making a constant noise. I remember an interview where Jeff Bridges actually didn't mind that as he had a second chance for his dialogue. Also much of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. I think in part of location issues and Peter Jackson wanted the best dialogue performances.
  8. There are off brand (YPA) adapters for quite cheap on eBay. They work fine. But I would still recommend the dpa ones just for the ease of mind. They would work in the mean time though.
  9. They don't come with the cases anymore. I put mine in the countryman cases they give. Fits them well
  10. Hmm I would re check the ta5 termination. I have the high sense slims as well. Though hotter than a cos-11 they still sit around 18-20 for normal dialogue. Using mine with microdot and ta5 adapter
  11. Always recommend the Tony Smyles Comm-Biner. Interfaces between mix and comms. http://www.pro-sound.com/p/smyles-comm-biner-walkie-stereo-audio-interface.html
  12. Check out tony smyles comm-biner. http://www.pro-sound.com/p/smyles-comm-biner-walkie-stereo-audio-interface.html mixes in with your cans. I mix the walkie to one ear and then set it just low enough that I can hear if someone says sound or my name over the walkie
  13. SYsounds

    Bluetooth to XLR

    Maybe a built in app to record the audio. I know there is a few that records phone conversations
  14. Agreed if in studio, not much of a point in going wireless.
  15. I disagree, mixing dialogue maybe fine but trying to track guitar or vocals with that much of a delay can really throw you off
  16. Having used the sennheiser rs160 before I would say it's not practical for our purpose. There is a small delay but it is enough to annoy you between the noise from outside and the audio from the hp. Sound quality as well is not what we need it for, these transfer audio at about 44.1khz 24 bit and sound compressed when critical listening. Can't beat a wired set of cans. Comfort is fine but overall build quality isn't as good as our standards 7506, hd25, m50 etc.
  17. Awesome! I have the harness but will it work with other bags?
  18. Are the features of movie slate any better/detailed over sound report writer app?
  19. Did the battery die as soon as you plugged it in or after switching on the 664 to ext.? This is what I must do with my gmp batts. Have everything in the bag off, plug in the np. Switch the 664 to int batt let it start up and then switch to ext. after that turn on everything else that's plugged in. Someone explained to me before why it automatically fails when switched directly to ext but I now forget the reason. ..get what you pay for Though it's a weird tweak my 3 4yr old gmp np1s are still running fine and power my 664 411s SRB and ifb just fine.
  20. Nice! How did you install the shelving and drawer?
  21. Looking at my digi 02 in front me now when set to stand alone mode it says 44.1khz in the sample rate display without any way to change it. "Digital Mixer Sample Rate In Stand-alone mode, Digi 002 functions as a digital mixer with a nominal sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Analog input signals are converted to digital signals for processing and mixing. In Stand-alone mode, Digi 002 supports digital inputs at sample rates up to 48 kHz." - from the manual So I'm assuming it can accept 48k through digital input but will still get converted down to 44.1. If you are using any PT after PT8 you can use any other digital board now and not confined to DIGi/AVID consoles. There are many more digital boards that will work with PT with better sounding preamps for loc work as well that I would recommend over the digi 02..even with the BL preamp mods the preamps were missing lots.
  22. What was your routing between the solice and 2 633s? Did you use one as a backup or 12 tracks? How did you record your mix track from the solice mini?
  23. Used the remote audio lav snake for a good 2 months now. I'm on a series that's all western period wardrobe and had been having a hell of a time getting down tight layers, tight pants and really tight corsets. Often the bullet would just fall off half way through the pant leg and fall into the boot. The lav snake saved me a ton, really fast to use and the actors all loved it, 'no leg shaking required'. The connector end also plugs in well so won't slide out like the bullet. Best part is the nice bag it comes with. I put it in my belt pouch but can easily slip somewhere in a bag cart or pocket. The downsides is that it's a bit cumbersome to pull out and wrap it back up without whipping anyone in a crowded room and for a standard shirt or loose pants the bullet still wins for ease and speed. A couple times the wire had bended the wrong way and went through a wrong layer or would get stuck in a really loose pair of pants. Also a bit pricey for what it is.. Personally I prefer it over the rod as it's more portable and less intimidating to some actors or non actors but will default to the bullet unless it's a tight wardrobe. Another tool for specific uses but when it's useful it really helps.
  24. What are people using for the cinela osix mounts? Mine is too close to the boom. Have internal with kta but for other poles need a solution.
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