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  1. interesting. Thanks Iron Film. I like the waterproof instamic idea especially.
  2. Thanks for this thread. Worked with an Alexa Mini recently (first time). camera set to 48fps. wouldn't take audio or TC. Is there a setting in the Mini menu to accomplish what the FS7 does? note: not sure if it was really 48 or really a multiple of 23.98. First time for AC also. We were shooting outside in -25C, so not keen to fart around with menu, minus gloves. We slapped the sticks and hoped for the best.
  3. chrisnewton

    Np50 chargers

    At the NY AES show, Lectrosonics was showing a multi-bay NP-50 charger designed for the theatre market. slick.
  4. Thanks for this interesting thread. questions: if the link from camera to the truck is wireless, how would you go about inserting the 4 audio tracks into the Black Magic box? you would still need either a wireless AES link (times two for 4 tracks), or 4 analog feeds into the box. Maybe you'll get lucky and the camera will have the appropriate inputs on board. The Black Magic box would work, but might get a bit clunky in practice as it will require 12v DC and uses 1/4" TRS inputs to complicate things. Because the box is post video processing coming out of the camera,there would be no delay/offset for sync. Direct input to camera, bypassing the box would obviously be a simpler workflow.
  5. Also check with your accountant as to what category of CCA different types of gear are eligible. ie: computer gear has a different amortization schedule than other hardware items. As a lot of our gear can now reasonably be categorized as a "computer" it can be written off faster. Make sure your accountant/advisor signs off on this route. Like Rob posted, I treat most other gear purchases as expendables/expenses. I have a line item for repairs/maintenance also ie: I replace a broken or old part. There is no difference in claiming the expense, but it helps me track how mch maintenance costs for my gear.
  6. Way out of my depth here, but here I go anyway. The 633 lets you configure the CF or SD cards to record at a different format simultaneously ie: SD could be MP3, CF WAV. Does this not imply that the 2 media have 2 different "pipelines" feeding them?
  7. I use a Lowel Uni stand. It's about 22" collapsed and has a very wide footprint. well made. a bit heavy.
  8. I believe the output of the G3 is an unbalanced connection. the noise may be caused at the input of your mixer/recorder, which wants to see a balanced signal
  9. I thought I had succesfully negotiated my way through all the wardrobe pitfalls on a shoot, was very collaborative with the department head, etc. The scene was a long walk 'n talk shot down a staircase. After the final rehearsal, and as we were rolling on take 1 (this was on 35mm by the way), a wardrobe person rushed in just before action was called and put a shoulder bag on the actress. yep, right on the hidden mic. Me calling for a cut was out of the question with this director. I went ballistic after cut was called. Bad move, as I was now seen as the asshole in this scenario. No more robe rage from me since, just quiet diplomacy. postscript: that wardrobe person and I are still friends to this day.
  10. If you could pick up a used sounddevices 442mixer (now discontinued) you could feed directouts to the D701. The 442 has plenty of output options to feed other devices (cameras, wireless feeds). It's a very good mixer, but a bit heavy.
  11. I recently picked up a copy of The Absolute Sound hifi magazine so I could have a laugh at the outrageous prices and claims: you know- $3000 speaker cables, $60,000 turntables! etc. One trend caught my eye though, a new codec called MQA (you can google it, I don't have a link). Essentially it's a way to encode metadata from production to delivery which can be applied to files purportedly making significant improvements on all playback platforms. lots of gobbledygook to wade through in the explanation of the theory, but it looks to be picked up by a lot of the majors from record companies to equipment manufacturers. I guess it's a lossless compression scheme with benefits. stay tuned for this one.
  12. I've noticed thesame thing (on the PC laptop I'm using right now). I've been lucky not to have heard this problem on any C300 shoots so far. You could be on to something Jaymz.
  13. Do you mean each of the 8 outputs need to be different mixes? You can do 6 mixes using matrix routing for L,R, aux1, aux2 and a split from Aux3,4 unbalanced. 8 different and separate mixes? I don't have a solution.
  14. Sounds like an interesting project Jan. As Grant mentioned, this is a very big investment, especially if you are thinking of buying it yourself. I think a lot depends on what the budget is for the project: can you make a significant amount to make a purchase worthwhile, or is renting the best bet. The kit you have specified is an excellent one. Whatever route you choose to go I would recommend a powering system for the kit, like a BDS system (check Trew or Audio Services Toronto), with rechargeable NP1 or other batteries. The 633 runs a long time with the onboard Sony style 7.2volt batteries also, and a set is relatively inexpensive. Swapping internal batteries will be a major PITA in the bush. Get effective rain protection for the gear. The new KTek rain shield looks good. Also recommend an XLR snake to feed the FS7, just in case. Wireless links are great, but a wired connection can save your butt. re: "Thecrew wonders why this is so expensive" - ask them how much money they have sunk into lenses for the FS7. They ain't cheap, I can tell you. Good luck.
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