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  1. Great idea. perfect for Comtek receivers.
  2. I had the great pleasure to work with some great old school actors some yeas back. Ernest Borgnine was the consumate pro, and a lovely guy. He had the uncanny technique of delivering his lines, either loud or a stage whisper, and still hit the same mark on my meter. He made my life easy. Never a line overlap either, unless it was called for. Eli Wallach was great to work with too. In one scene, in a super market, I asked him to please give the line a little louder. He said "It'll be OK Kid". It was, and he was nice about it too.
  3. I checked the website and it's coming to an Ottawa theatre soon! One of only two locations in Canada. Can't wait.
  4. I have also had problems with a KM150 for wireless boom. With a Lectro butt-plug the KM150 didn't work at all. I needed a phase reversal adaptor to make it work. I believe it's because my older KM150 is pin 1 hot. With a Sony UWP-D plug on TX the KM150 worked fine, but I did get occasional RF "hash" in some circumstances. works just fine hard wired. My MKH8060 has zero problems with plug ons of any stripe.
  5. Couldn't find the CBC link, but the latest research from McGill University is pointing to intensive mosquito fogging for the Zika virus by the Cubans.Toxins in the spray may be responsibile for the neurological problems. Many Canadian diplomats were also affected at the Havana embassy. Research carries on.
  6. I just worked on a shoot with a prototype Panasonic Lumix S1H, which is their newest full-frame offering. It's designed primarily for video production use, competing with the Sony A7s series. It is designed to be timecode capable, but requires a special cable: BNC-F to a locking flash sync connector. Can't tell you how well it works, because the camera owner didn't have one( I think the idea of using the flash sync input is actually OK, as you will never be shooting video and using an external flash system at the same time). This was, of course, problematic for me, as it was a doc style shoot. I contemplated using my Tentacle sync unit (the camera has a 3.5 mm audio input), but chose to send guide track via Sony UWP-D, as post had not yet been lined up. I wish them well. The camera menus were fairly straight forward, but there are a hell of a lot of options (the online manual is 248 pages long). Getting sound into the camera was exactly the same as the GH4, GH5. I'm guessing the circuitry is identical to the GH series. I can't comment on the picture quality. Didn't have time to look. The camera will be out officially in the next few weeks. Using a prototype camera, or any type of gear, on a paying gig is brave, to say the least, but that's another story.
  7. I have a Sony UWP-D system we bought for my son's burgeoning video business.. I bought the kit with the plug-on 48V PH transmitter. I find myself "borrowing" his RF for a variety of jobs as a camera link and as an extra mic for corporate/AV jobs. The sound quality is excellent, with very low self noise.I was using G2, G3s for links/utility usage, but I find I prefer the Sony for these purposes (diversity receiver, very good build quality). The plug-on transmitter comes in awfully handy too. these units are currently very "future proof", 40mw output, and the frequency band I have is safe for now. It's a great bargain.
  8. interesting. Thanks Iron Film. I like the waterproof instamic idea especially.
  9. Thanks for this thread. Worked with an Alexa Mini recently (first time). camera set to 48fps. wouldn't take audio or TC. Is there a setting in the Mini menu to accomplish what the FS7 does? note: not sure if it was really 48 or really a multiple of 23.98. First time for AC also. We were shooting outside in -25C, so not keen to fart around with menu, minus gloves. We slapped the sticks and hoped for the best.
  10. chrisnewton

    Np50 chargers

    At the NY AES show, Lectrosonics was showing a multi-bay NP-50 charger designed for the theatre market. slick.
  11. Thanks for this interesting thread. questions: if the link from camera to the truck is wireless, how would you go about inserting the 4 audio tracks into the Black Magic box? you would still need either a wireless AES link (times two for 4 tracks), or 4 analog feeds into the box. Maybe you'll get lucky and the camera will have the appropriate inputs on board. The Black Magic box would work, but might get a bit clunky in practice as it will require 12v DC and uses 1/4" TRS inputs to complicate things. Because the box is post video processing coming out of the camera,there would be no delay/offset for sync. Direct input to camera, bypassing the box would obviously be a simpler workflow.
  12. Also check with your accountant as to what category of CCA different types of gear are eligible. ie: computer gear has a different amortization schedule than other hardware items. As a lot of our gear can now reasonably be categorized as a "computer" it can be written off faster. Make sure your accountant/advisor signs off on this route. Like Rob posted, I treat most other gear purchases as expendables/expenses. I have a line item for repairs/maintenance also ie: I replace a broken or old part. There is no difference in claiming the expense, but it helps me track how mch maintenance costs for my gear.
  13. Way out of my depth here, but here I go anyway. The 633 lets you configure the CF or SD cards to record at a different format simultaneously ie: SD could be MP3, CF WAV. Does this not imply that the 2 media have 2 different "pipelines" feeding them?
  14. I use a Lowel Uni stand. It's about 22" collapsed and has a very wide footprint. well made. a bit heavy.
  15. I believe the output of the G3 is an unbalanced connection. the noise may be caused at the input of your mixer/recorder, which wants to see a balanced signal
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