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  1. Hiya Mark— This link is dead and was hoping to get my paws on some of that beautiful wire. I know its been four years since this post, but hopefully you have a few specs you could share that would help be narrow down my currently fruitless search? Anything would help: make, model, size, manufacturer, etc.. I need a dozen antennas for my post-mod IFBs and am trying to avoid the price tag of the Lectro/RemoteAudio options. Thanks! Evan EDIT: I just found another thread here for DIY sma antennas where more info on these types of wires is covered. I am curious, though: You wrote in 2018 that you've switched over threaded cables instead of the super-elastic solid wires. Has that been a marked improvement? And if so, which type/size have you found best works with the SMA connectors?
  2. I have always left a small gap. That’s the way it was taught to me 20+ years ago and I haven’t deviated since. Is it beneficial? I can’t say for sure. I haven’t had the time/situation/desire to make comparisons. I have learned nearly everything I know from people better at their craft than me, and rarely question these little tips and tricks gleaned along the way. Cheers, Evan
  3. This is great info— thanks everyone! I’m in the market for a rolling carry-on that fits overhead compartments in smaller regional CRJ planes. The Think Tank Advantage (standard and Plus versions) apparently do fit, however a big benefit of the hard case pelicans/nanuk is that it can double as a seat (which is important for some of the more “interesting” locations I find myself in). I won’t have any issues with overall space on the plane (I usually board in the early groups) but the actual compartment is my biggest concern. Does anyone have first hand experience with the 1535 or Nanuk in the CRJ overhead? Or, do the Think Tank rollers have an interior frame sturdy enough to use as a seat/mixer-perch? Cheers, Evan
  4. I’ve been using this mic as my standard on the end of a pole since it was released with zero issues of overload like you describe. My situations are intensely varied and unpredictable— with laughing, whispering and a (more often than I would prefer) cacophony of screaming children. Cheers, Evan
  5. Dr Sarno is amazing and his books are nothing short of miraculous. I’m glad you’re better now— it’s yet another example of the efficacy of Dr Sarno’s “treatment” and the overall power of the mind. Cheers, Evan
  6. He’s been using this gag since the beginning of the original show. I think I remember hearing a “rub” on one once during a more active bit so I think they use(d) the audio from those exposed lavs. They normally use white tape on dark clothes and black tape on light clothes just for added cringe-effect. It’s such a stupid gag but It always makes me laugh. Cheers, Evan
  7. I don’t mind exposed lavs— they’re barely noticeable. Cheers, Evan
  8. Glenn was quite clear regarding this months ago when you complained about the Nova screen size. I’m pretty sure nothing has changed since then. Cheers, Evan
  9. For a raucous and raunchy surf/garage/punk/rockabilly hybrid, I adore the sound of Poison Ivy and her 1958 Gretsch (6120?) weighed down with heavy strings. When I saw them live she had blackface amps on stage but I remember her saying somewhere that she uses smaller rigs for recording sessions. Anyways here’s some of that original Psychobilly sound: Cheers, Evan
  10. no, however I haven’t ever used this setting since having them. Maybe it’s a firmware issue? I can compare their versions and see. Thanks, John! Cheers, Evan
  11. I’ve recently noticed that two of my TRXLAs give a very false readout of battery life when using Lithiums (QRX setting). I can have two fresh batts installed and the indicator will drop to empty and blink within seconds. This is an issue on two of my four LAs (1x2.5 / 1x3.5). The nimh and alk readouts are just fine. Cheers, Evan
  12. I have to do unmonitored vehicle bag drops at least once a day for many of the docu-series I work on and have been doing so for 20 years... Jeff is right— 32bit is unnecessary. Wireless on talent and proper gain staging is all that Is needed. Cheers, Evan
  13. Reviving this thread..... Any new options out there? I love the silicone skin that SoundCases NYC is making, however the clip seems a little too bulky for my needs. I would prefer something that sits more flush against the transmitter (and 360 degree rotating ability is a major plus!). The OR311 seems okay.... But only okay. Maybe its great, I don't know. I can't seem to find the Sony pouches shown above. Those too seem fine, I only wish the clip rotated. I often have to point my tx antennas down. Just want to see what other options are out there. Cheers, Evan
  14. Hush lavs work great for me as well— held in place on the antenna by topstick or super-mini rubber bands (which I buy in bulk and use for excess cable wrangling as well). Although in extreme situations, the hush can be its own form of absorption material and you get back a tiny sponge which is quite vile. The glamorous life of showbiz. Cheers, Evan
  15. hobbiesodd


    For those who have hands-on Nova experience so far: Does the dynamic banking effectively eliminate the need for a FP8-style hardware add on? I usually run 6-8 wireless on any given day and the V-Faders of my Nomads are too cumbersome for quick, on the fly adjustments and the FP8 (for my setup) is overkill. I’ve read the thread and watched the video but the precise functionality of the banking/non-autotrim is still shrouded in a little mystery. Any first hand knowledge of this Nova workflow with more than 5 wireless would be a great help. Cheers, Evan
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