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  1. I have a few mini-Maglights with company names on them. Still use them to this day. On a more humorous note, one year I produced a CD (yes, it was that long ago) as an end-of-the-year gift for all my clients. It was titled “The Very Best of Room Tone” and it was ~30 clips of silence with various titles like “St Patrick’s Cathedral” and “Sara’s Living Room” .... It was huge hit with the production companies and I still randomly get a mention of it on set to this day. Sometimes being remembered for creativity is better than handing out another flashlight.
  2. oh it’s far from any real dynamic applications for sure, but just wait... once this idea gets more mainstream attention, we’ll be inundated with requests for Comteks with “ear bubbles”. 🙄
  3. Obvious subject hyperbole aside, this tech is truly fantastic. The 1st link is a brief showcase and some talk from the founders. The 2nd link has more info on how it actually creates the sound pockets. I haven’t done a deep dive into the specs yet— I’m curious about the noise cancellation abilities. It would be great if you could dial in the immersion intensity so users can control how much of the outside world you hear... https://noveto.com Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  4. hahahaha the original garage rock
  5. The depth of technical detail they published is truly astounding. Somewhere in one of the articles there was mention of using the data to recreate the effects in a home studio. I’d love to try it. cheers, Evan
  6. Very interesting read about how scientists explored and recreated the unique acoustics of Stonehenge. This first article is the broad strokes: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/stonehenge-acoustics-sounds-voices-music For those that want a deep dive into the details, here’s the actual findings report: (It’s a little dry, but the specs are there. It‘ll be fun to recreate the effects in my comp— I’ll get to it one of these days....) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305440320301394 Cheers, Evan
  7. We can certainly support it because it’s an open source thing (that the company really wants everyone to adopt). We would just have to build code for it. I think my partner can put out an ndi stream from qtake and test around that. I don’t know about the authentication side of it — that’s something I’d have to ask our CTO. We have a pretty extensive list of features we’re working on implementing at the moment, but if there was notable interest in using Tethyr for NDI then I could make a case for pushing its support to the top. Cheers, Evan
  8. We’re in beta testing now and about to roll out a big update in the coming weeks, but you can DM me and I’ll send you a link for a “lite” version of the current interface you can play around with. The cross-platform playlist is a pretty amazing feature. I’ve got playlists stacked with content from a multitude of sources. (When the protests were going full throttle I had a MultiView command center with live-streams from all over the world on my single laptop screen— it was wild.) Once we integrate the APIs for sub services like NetFlix and HuLu, my days of switching back and forth betwe
  9. Here’s a fun thing that might not be perfect for your current needs (but it eventually will be 😎).... I helped develop a program called TETHYR which enables you watch multiple streams from different sources simultaneously on a single display. Tethyr harnesses content from different sources and gathers them together in one convenient program, letting otherwise conflicting codes play nicely in a singular interface. Then, you can streamline your workflow by running the content from these different sources simultaneously in the same display, thereby increasing your productivi
  10. Seriously... 14? Oof. If I need more than ~8 in a bag I’ll use a 2nd bag— and a 2nd Sound Mixer. Cheers, Evan
  11. Once again, this forum proves to be a wealth of useful information & pro tips. Thanks to this thread (and a couple of others on here) I was able to successfully rewire a bunch of lavs for Zax with significantly less turmoil than I would’ve endured had the people before me not shared their experiences. Special shout-out to @John Blankenship for discovering the best Lemo connector option as well as sharing the perfect ground-to-shell technique. After 20+ years in this industry I am still learning new things, and thanks to everyone here it’s a lot easier than it
  12. I’ve been using it since its release— I love it. Never had any distortion issues. It stays on the end of my pole for most docu/reality shoots unless I need to switch to the the CS3e. Cheers, Evan
  13. Hiya Mark— This link is dead and was hoping to get my paws on some of that beautiful wire. I know its been four years since this post, but hopefully you have a few specs you could share that would help be narrow down my currently fruitless search? Anything would help: make, model, size, manufacturer, etc.. I need a dozen antennas for my post-mod IFBs and am trying to avoid the price tag of the Lectro/RemoteAudio options. Thanks! Evan EDIT: I just found another thread here for DIY sma antennas where more info on these types of wires is cover
  14. I have always left a small gap. That’s the way it was taught to me 20+ years ago and I haven’t deviated since. Is it beneficial? I can’t say for sure. I haven’t had the time/situation/desire to make comparisons. I have learned nearly everything I know from people better at their craft than me, and rarely question these little tips and tricks gleaned along the way. Cheers, Evan
  15. This is great info— thanks everyone! I’m in the market for a rolling carry-on that fits overhead compartments in smaller regional CRJ planes. The Think Tank Advantage (standard and Plus versions) apparently do fit, however a big benefit of the hard case pelicans/nanuk is that it can double as a seat (which is important for some of the more “interesting” locations I find myself in). I won’t have any issues with overall space on the plane (I usually board in the early groups) but the actual compartment is my biggest concern. Does anyone have first hand experience with the 1535
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