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  1. Thanks for the response, Glenn. Being stuck in 7.97 for so long has been frustrating on a daily basis, since that version has its own set of bugs. Looking forward to moving forward! Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  2. Please let us know what Glenn says. Cheers, Evan
  3. I too am getting fed up with the Vfader issue. I’ve had to go back to 7.97(J?) in order to use them again but I lose the advanced 8.XX features. Many of us have repeatedly asked for this to be addressed and nothing has happened in.... a year, maybe? Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  4. hobbiesodd


    Since pre-orders are already in full swing and the roll out seems to be July-ish, does Zaxcom have any plans to offer package deal pricing for Nova + 212 modules? Inquiring wallets want to know. Cheers, Evan
  5. Jeff! I absolutely love this film. Thank you for being an integral part to making this masterpiece. Cheers, Evan
  6. hobbiesodd


    Does the internal Micplexer work in conjunction with the (upcoming) external RX add-ons? I’m wondering if I can successfully use Lectro SRbs as the two additional receivers or if the micplexer filtering is proprietary for Zax gear. Cheers, Evan
  7. Lasers need jobs too! #LaserRights
  8. Often I wish some of these field producers would be 8 feet away instead of hovering.
  9. Oh noooooooo! We may lose our Comtek rentals! /s https://futurism.com/the-byte/laser-beam-speech-mit?fbclid=IwAR1It6OhF1OBm363rmbXgzeinoHvm4pTqoCwQbRsoV6C6eppsKnyPNc17rM
  10. Exactly. One of the shows I work with has a similar system— running video and audio to director IPads. The (albeit low) latency is still an issue so thankfully no one is listening directly to their monitors and I still rent them Comteks, but that can easily change. It might be wise for us as a group to get ahead of this instead of just dismissing the possibility outright. Cheers, Evan
  11. Wrong. He’s been doing it for years. Clients love it. His rate is quite high.
  12. You can still use WiFi in airplane mode. THIS is a massive drawback I see. People will put up with a lot but if you cut off their internet.... oh boy there’s gonna be a problem. I completely agree. Recently i worked with a VTR guy who used tablets as client monitors instead of traditional HD monitors. He said they were less expensive to buy and clients felt comfortable with them since they already had tablet/smart phone experience. And, he still gets the full rental. I imagine there’s a market for that in audio for IFB. Maybe not yet, but once the latency issue is remedied I could definitely see soundies buying up older iPhones and installing a singular app for IFB.
  13. I was always hoping Zaxcom would add this kind of App functionality to Zaxnet so that clients can download the app and use their phones for IFB/TC. Maybe I’d lose a rental— or I can charge for a password each shoot. I’d make $$ on the transmission and not have to own/maintain as many IFB receivers. Cheers, Evan I’ve experimented with the Vue system and yes it transmits audio but there is a latency that can be annoying for field producers trying to direct in-scene while listening to IFB feed.
  14. Exactly. Just a simple fader panel. It’s a shame Zax didn’t make a FP4 for the Maxx. Yes, I can absolutely use the Kortwich, but I’d prefer not to use an outside preamp. I like having my SRs at line output, especially if the inputs are line. Also, a unit without preamps would likely be less expensive. I was hoping there would be some other unit I wasn’t aware of that fits my needs but I may just get the Kortwich and try it out.
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