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  1. hobbiesodd

    Lectrosonics SM tx sma mod

    I have a bunch of SMa transmitters with the fixed antenna and would love to switch them over to removable sma style. The last time I had them serviced I asked Lectro if they could do it but they said no (even though they used to have the SM E01 transmitters with the sma antenna....) so I was wondering if anyone here knew of a way to mod my transmitters. Cheers, Evan
  2. hobbiesodd

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I normally swing the CS-3e for my doc work. (I love that mic dearly— It replaced over a decade of MKH416 adoration.) However I really wanted something lighter and smaller. I tried the MKH50 for a few days, but ultimately didn’t buy one as I felt it’s tonally quality didn’t quite match my CS3e or my COS11s. Especially when I had one scene where 8 of 12 people were mic’d around a table and I used the M1 to grab the other 4 who were of course scattered amongst the group. It’s pickup pattern was a huge advantage over the CS3e and made for smooth transitions between talkers and it’s low profile kept me out of the ceiling fan over the table. So far, the M1 has been a great choice in/outdoors. However... although it’s been my daily driver for a few months now, I also do my best to NOT have to use it— and only swing the boom when it’s absolutely necessary. So my ability to give the mic a thorough run of its strengths/weaknesses is limited to my need to use it. I hope this helps! Cheers, Evan
  3. hobbiesodd

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I love mine. It’s been on the end of my KTek for a few months now— putting it to use in various docuseries environments. I spend a majority of time indoors so the small footprint is perfect for low ceilings. I recently had it out on a fishing boat in the open ocean and was impressed by the isolation and tonal color. There have been a few times where I wish I had used my CS-3e instead, but on nothing critical so I rode it out to test it’s efficacy in different environments. The majority of my work is with wireless lavs so I don’t swing the boom around often, but so far I’m very happy with my CSM1. cheers, evan
  4. hobbiesodd

    Camera Hops

    I’ve used countless different hop systems over the years and a few months ago I doubled down on my old G3s and bought a bunch of IEM recievers so I can consolidate down to one TX for camera and IFB. FWIW— clients have been loving the IEM sound and range. Cheers, Evan
  5. hobbiesodd

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    I prefer to have my Lectro HM towards the base of the pole, so the Squid works great for my needs. And you can’t beat the KTek customer service. Two decades (for me) of solid assistance and care. Cheers, Evan
  6. hobbiesodd

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    What is the product code for this? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is it the INV-6 HG? Cheers, Evan
  7. hobbiesodd

    Sound Backpack Rig

    I did a similar rig for a backcountry shoot in Jackson Hole, only I used my backup F8 recorder instead of my Nomads because I could wirelessly control the gain using an iPad (or even my iPhone!). It was clutch in that situation. I am often tempted to use it regularly, only I wish the Wingman app gave me the same functions as the F8 WiFi controller because I prefer everything else about the Nomad. I found with the backpack setup, a wireless boom approach will help keep your profile way down and give you some modicum of control over the boom input gain. Cheers, Evan
  8. hobbiesodd

    HVAC astonishment

    ... like the sound of your cubicle neighbor sobbing.
  9. hobbiesodd

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I’ve been using the CSM1 in place of my CS3e for a couple of weeks now and I’m enjoying the sound and weight. Mostly docu-series material. Not too much swinging of the boom but when I do it’s been a joy to have the small profile when indoors with low ceilings. It’s sound matches my COS11s better than the MKh50 and it’s off axis rejection is great. It sounds closer in tone to a CS1 than my usual CS3e but now that I’ve moved to Sankens all around there appears (to my ears at least) a consistency between all my mics. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  10. hobbiesodd

    Lectro SRc in PSC RF multi six pack, output levels.

    I am using SRBs with the PSC Six Pack and my receivers are set to +5. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  11. hobbiesodd

    Sound Mysteries

    Gizmodo started doing these short documentaries about various “Sound Mysteries” throughout history. https://gizmodo.com/c/sound-mysteries The link below is for an episode about Carnegie Hall and the acoustic fallout after the 1986 renovations: https://gizmodo.com/what-caused-carnegie-hall-to-lose-its-famous-acoustics-1828033362 The other are interesting as well. Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  12. hobbiesodd

    Zoom F8n.

    IIRC, the F8n inputs are mic/line switchable, whereas the F8 inputs are not. That’s a pretty big improvement. Cheers, Evan
  13. hobbiesodd

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    Is there also a fix for the virtual fader issue from v7.97? Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  14. hobbiesodd

    In ear monitors for production sound

    While they may not be in-ears (although I think the company makes a version that is) if anyone is interested in great sounding cans that can preserve your ears, I’ve been using the Puro BT5200 which features a Db monitor to gauge the volume and help audio fatigue and hearing loss from extended listening. The legitimatly flat frequency response is a bonus too. Double bonus: they sound amazing. Triple bonus: Bluetooth and cabled. Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Studio Grade Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - The Healthy Headphone (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019GD45X4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_k9IuBbT2RE0W4 Cheers, Evan Meszaros
  15. hobbiesodd

    Show me your bag

    This is glorious. Cheers, Evan