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  1. I understand multiple inputs are regularly combined into one antenna system for in ear music monitors. Is it possible to combine the output of 2 Comtek base stations into one antenna? TIA.
  2. Strongly suggest all view 'Nanette' by Hannah Gadsby on Netflix.
  3. This is for the good Mr. Fisher. Would it be possible to have a peak/hold function on the Venue meters? It is not possible to be visually monitoring all the time and it would help to be able to glance over quickly to see if an overload was at the tx or somewhere else in the chain. Thx in advance.
  4. Started taking the cart apart this afternoon, turning off one piece of gear at a time and doing a scan after each one. No luck until I pulled a pair of jumper cables that took the HD video signal from the back of the cart to the HD monitors. There was still evidence of the spill from the Teradek Bolts but at a much lower level. Reintroducing the cables amplified the spill to the point where it produced interference. These cables are HD-SDI 75ohm rated and soldered by someone with much experience. No evidence of shorts or discontinuity. This amplified rf field was very close to the receivers and caused the bad dropouts. Also, the effect seemed to change over the day being bad at some times and tolerable at others. There was visual evidence of this on the scans. Furthermore, the issue of the smarttune suggesting frequencies already in use seems to have cleared up. So I am glad that I will not be facing this problem but quite curious as to how that amplification worked. That's a head scratcher. Still irritated that the Bolts are so badly made that they dump out crap at 500 mhz when designed to work at 5ghz. Perhaps Mr Fisher would like to wade in on this.
  5. Currently working on a show with many RF sources and getting intermittent but persistent bad interference. My wires are Lectrosonic and Audio Ltd in Block 21. With nothing turned on I get a typical mostly clean scan for my location. Turning on one of our Bolt 300's show broadband but low signal. Can work with that. Turning on only one of our Bolt 600's shows a higher level of broadband signal. Can work with that. Turning on both Bolts shows an additive increase in signal which is now problematic. The level fluctuates through the day, sometimes more (very bad interference) sometimes less(not too bad). There are other rf sources. Many wifi internet routers, spx rf triggers, wireless contolled dimmers. I have contacted Teradek but without reply yet. I am trying to get hold of a spectrum analyzer to track this down. In the mean time, has anybody run across this before or have anything to suggest? And should a product that works in the 5ghz range be spewing out noise in the 500mhz range. Thanks in advance.
  6. jt

    RIP Ray Dolby

    Dolby SR Noise Reduction on a Nagra IV-S TC was and is still the best sounding recorder combination for voice. RIP Ray.
  7. The slate is a custom job by Pace as part of their 3d camera system.
  8. Billy, Any comments about the build quality, vulnerable bits etc?
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