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    Been working production sound for about 2 years now. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA available for work as sound mixer, boom op, and utility! If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me anytime!

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  1. So since I'm running a 633 with a SRB (sometimes 2) Should I get the medium sized bag? Or stick with the small size? Someone told me the medium size is more comfortable and everything isn't crammed inside.
  2. So my current harness and bag setup is a Versaflex harness with the original Stingray bag (the blue one for the 633). I'm really interested in the K-Tek harness, but I'm torn between getting the updated Stingray bag (#2) or going with Orca. Anyone out there that's tested both bags with the K-Tek harness? Which one feels better on your back? Also I was told that I may want to go a size up in the bag for the Stingray since I'm not using low profile cables (Running a SD 633).
  3. Available for work until April, if anyone needs a sound mixer, boom operator, or utility please contact me! I'm currently in Knoxville, Tennessee but I'm more than willing to travel! Justindfox@live.com 865-806-3937
  4. Sorry for the delayed response. I've been swamped with work the past several weeks and being sick for several days. I wanted to apologize to those that I feel like I've "offended" in any way shape or form, it certainly was never my intention. I'll admit I'm still a "green" in the industry but I've worked and dealt with using a simple recording set up (DR-680 w/G3's), until I recently worked with an experienced sound mixer who helped me pick and choose the right gear that would be light enough for my small frame but still be an industry standard. I've tried again and again to search for things on this site but every time I search I get these weird almost broken links to the site (see attached image). I've cleared my cache, tried several internet browsers, and even uninstalled and re-installed them and still get the same results when searching. This is why (for the 2nd time now) I've made a posting and received comments on how I should search through the forums better, plain and simple I can't! I'm running on a 2009 Mac Book Pro tried using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox with all the same results if anyone can help with this problem feel free to comment or message me. Now to the ones who have left plenty of helpful comments I thank you for doing your best to explain to a newbie like me what you exactly do for certain situations and how you feel it's best done in our industry. I always feel rather intimidated to say and ask, but I've only shadowed a couple of sound mixers for about a grand total of 5 or 6 days after about 3 years of working, so with that being said and as many different clients I've had (and never received a complaint that I'm aware of) I feel like I've done fairly well for myself.
  5. I just upgraded my package to a 633 and just wondering (total newb question) what do you do exactly for the general LR Mix? Typically I just hand off ISO's but I know sooner or later I'll be on a job where they will want a mix. What should I have levels at? What needs to be panned where? So far I'm running boom and two wireless with possibly 4 wireless sooner or later.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a fairly new sound mixer that's been working for roughly two years now and I'm looking to upgrade my kit lately. Currently I'm using a Tascam DR-680 with two Sennheiser G3's. I'm looking to upgrade to a small kit (Possibly 633,664, or the Nomad). Then I was hoping I could get advice on what direction I should go wireless wise? It seems like these new Zaxcom 200 series would last me better in the long run. Looking to also be able to send signal to a two camera set up and also have signal going to scripty, director, producer, etc.
  7. Thanks for all the info but I found using a lanparte v-mount battery distro works perfectly fine . Now for the dr-680 users out there one thing that seems to drive me a little crazy is how on earth do you reset the takes? Say the shot goes from 5B_001 to 11A_001, instead of actually the take reseting back to when the scene has changed it will just keep going up to 11A_002
  8. So I'm about to purchase a DR-680, I've got 3 IDX NP-1 batteries. All I need to power is the 680 itself, which would be my best solution for a NP-1 cup/bds?
  9. Available for work in the Knoxville/Nashville, TN areas and in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA areas as boom op, utility, and basic sound mixer. Feel free to contact me anytime. Willing to travel if living quarters are provided.
  10. Me being extremely new to this industry (4 years with school work, only a year in the actual profession), I found that starting all on your own is extremely hard. When I first started all I had was a h4n, crappy (and heavy) boom pole, and an NTG-2, I did what my parents say is "the dumb thing to do" and moved out to Los Angeles not knowing anyone at all expecting to find work. I worked a 3 day shoot on a short and boomed for a great mixer, Victor Bouzi. After that I boomed for him several times on shorts, pick ups for features, and commercials. He then started to send me some really basic mixing gigs, occasionally letting me borrow wireless lavs and comteks. I then got offered a feature in FL, knowing I had no gear I figured I could just get a front of the money and buy all the gear needed (really really dumb move on my part). As the my flight date was nearing I was getting more, and more nervous that I wasn't going to be able to do this gig at all. I then remembered that I had a fellow friend/sound mixer in the area that had all of his own gear, James Nolan. I talked with him right before, hired him on with the deal to use his gear, and to switch out every other shoot day mixing and booming. I thought at first it was going to be terrible, but now that I look back at it, it was one of the best times of my life (Different story for a different time haha). After that I went back to Cali, and then worked some more gigs, saved up and bought some more gear. I still have a really basic package and I'm looking to expand (HS-P82, two g3's, mkh50, & a carbon fiber boom). I just recently moved to New Orleans to try and work on bigger projects. So with that being said, are there any mixers that would just like to meet in the New Orleans, LA area? Or maybe in the Nashville/Knoxville, TN (where I'm from) area?
  11. Definitely get the harness, it will be hell on your back but if you have a nice sized comfy portable chair with you that should definitely be a lot of help for your back when you need to rest. Also one thing you could do is when you arrive get a small mobile tray like thing, I mixed on a 2 month documentary feature out in the city and desert, definitely wish I had something to hold it up! My back was killing me at the end of the shoot days!
  12. Pretty new to this blogging thing. But I'm located in North Hollywood looking for work, I've gotten plenty of experience on a bunch of different project including mixing on a feature and plenty of shorts and commercials. If anyone is looking for a boom op or possibly a sound mixer with a basic set up please PM me anytime!
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