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  1. I use a Lectro PDR..... Small, Light, 6 hrs, 110 dB D/Range, 24 bit 48KHz .wav files (BWF)
  2. Sounds a bit suspect. The only incident I have ever heard of was when a colleague cooked the audio board on an Alexa by inadvertently sending P48 voltage into the headphone jack. He was using one of his Mixer inputs as a return feed from the Alexa and and didn't check that P48 was switched off first.
  3. "I found them rather frustrating, since you need an app to run them, which means you are now dépendant on your phone working and their app being up to date with whatever updates your phone has imposed on you. I also feel like they don’t jam correctly on the first try every time, and will stay in sync with themselves, but nothing else. Just my experience." Not quite true Jon, you do need the app to set them up, but once set you just turn them on and jam to whatever. I rarely use the app unless there are changes required to the TC Rate for example, however I do use the App for spot checks which I can do on multiple units at once and without going anywhere near the camera due to the Bluetooth capability. Mine have always jammed first time, every time, and they are at least as accurate as the Denecke TS-3 Slate and the Sound Devices 788T that I typically use along side them. All 3 play very nicely together and hold sync accurately. Don't get me wrong, I love Denecke products, they are rock solid and I previously used their Boxes. The JB-1 is a beautiful bit of kit at a comparable price to the Tentacle. IMHO, they are both contenders, but for me the Tentacle won the day due to its Bluetooth capability. Cheers, Steve
  4. Tentacle Sync E........ small, light, robust and long battery life with bluetooth connectivity. Obviously, as is with all boxes, you'll need a variety of cables to connect to different camera's. I have 3 that all proven to be very reliable. https://www.tentaclesync.com/sync-e Cheers, Steve
  5. Yes, and other advantages would be that it has power distribution and RF distribution built in
  6. Or a couple of these.......... https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/dashboard.html?model=ZFSC-4-1-BNC%2B
  7. Seen this one?......... https://www.bs-rf.com/en/products/rf-distribution/
  8. I have been using the Williams Sound HED 021's with my R1a's and have found them to be excellent and ticked all the boxes. My brief was: small over ear style, lightweight, single lead on one side, mono, right angle plug, reasonable price.
  9. The MKH70 has been an integral part of my arsenal for many years. I find the MKH70 superb for isolating particular effects/dialogue due to it's excellent rear rejection, so for example at a beach if you are pointed away from the waves you will barely hear them. Also great for highly directional applications, I used it a few days ago to track Race Cars around a circuit and it did an exceptional job of not only focusing on particular cars but also pulling in the sound from long distances. Whilst I rarely use it, when I need it there is no substitute and it serves me well. I would definitely class it as a specialty Mic as I only use it in certain circumstances as opposed to my CMIT5U for example which is extremely versatile and covers a wide range of situations.
  10. Steve Foy

    Camera Hops

    I use a Lectrosonics LR combined with a Tentacle. Small, light weight, reliable and never had a complaint from the Camera Dept. The photo shows this combo side mounted on an Alexa Mini but can be mounted on top just as easily...........
  11. Exactly why I switched to R1A's, and they really do sound fantastic. They are solid and take the knocks. Apart from the odd bit of cosmetic damage I have only had one fail in over 10 years from a kit of 14. I find the headphones are more prone to damage and abuse than anything else. If an R1A did get completely trashed or lost I would be billing Production anyway. Steve
  12. Hmmmm, maybe post on the Sound Devices Facebook page for further clarification........... +7.8dBu Max Output does seem low, the 633 for example has Max Output (Line Level) at +20dBu.
  13. Which camera are you referring to ?
  14. Yes, well noted....... I probably should have pointed out that I was speaking relatively in regard to most common headphones used for IFB's.
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