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  1. It has been months since discussions on performance of this receiver. I dont know anyone using them in NYC. What are mixers that have them in use saying about range etc?
  2. No Dante? Curios as to why not? 2 instead of 4 channel? On board record? Not slot compatible? Not sure where this receiver fits into my workflow.
  3. Shure has been great talking to the mixers in NYC and getting feedback as to what is needed in the real world. They are coming out with a portable system I hear end of summer as well as plug on boom transmitters. It will take that long as they don't put equipment in the field prior to testing in the field extensively. I agree the spectrum is getting smaller but having a system that switches seamlessly to another frequency is as good as it gets right now and other manufacturers should be following their lead. The answer isn't reblocking and it is important to have as diverse of a system as possible. In terms of a new concept for wireless I don't see that in the near future.
  4. I think you will find in any large city in the US with the limited amount of available frequencies you will have to go with a system that is able to cover as wide a band as possible and offer sophisticated switching and scanning. In the NYC metro area it is very hard to find open channels when running multiple transmitters. The only system out there that is capable of allowing a block of frequencies from 470-636, 606-810, 750-960 is the Share Axient Digital and it has proven to be a workhorse in NYC. Check out the video on Gotham Sound as Tod Maitland used it on West Side Story. Many NYC mixers have moved on to this system as they just don't want to continually retune equipment and it also offers Dante.
  5. Being that the majority of my work is commercials where I continually put out 20+ comteks per shoot day the last thing I want to think about is replacing batteries on receivers half way through the day so this new IFB certainly doesn't fit the bill for me regardless of how it sounds.
  6. Brian any news from Lectro regarding your issues with the unit?
  7. Curious to hear reviews on DSQD in the real world. What are mixers finding in terms of reception and range? I have heard in NYC they are marginal at best on the street compared to Venue systems.
  8. It is a perfect 2 track backup! Amazing machine and ideal tc master generator.
  9. Why is Sound Devices only making the App for Android. Why not make it for Mac and make everyone life easier?
  10. I actually just got a response from Mark who is always prompt in getting back with answers. As Mojave is 64bit and will not support 32bit he says it is not practical for him to update the software so he suggests not updating above High Sierra. I did update one computer to Mojave and Metacorder does not work as designed and will not play back in native app and has other issues.
  11. Has anyone upgraded to Mojave and experienced any issues with Metacorder? Thanks
  12. Will the new HMa have the ability to remote with LectroRM?
  13. In the specs there seems to be nothing regarding sound inputs. Hopefully Arri decided to not include sound in the design and utilize double system as I always hoped they would on the Alexa.
  14. I am wondering what audio interfaces mixers have had luck with using Metacorder and Yosemite?
  15. What erx firmware have you been using when successfully jamming timecode? I have tried from .5 to 3 volts and continually get timecode error indication.
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