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  1. Brian any news from Lectro regarding your issues with the unit?
  2. Curious to hear reviews on DSQD in the real world. What are mixers finding in terms of reception and range? I have heard in NYC they are marginal at best on the street compared to Venue systems.
  3. It is a perfect 2 track backup! Amazing machine and ideal tc master generator.
  4. Why is Sound Devices only making the App for Android. Why not make it for Mac and make everyone life easier?
  5. I actually just got a response from Mark who is always prompt in getting back with answers. As Mojave is 64bit and will not support 32bit he says it is not practical for him to update the software so he suggests not updating above High Sierra. I did update one computer to Mojave and Metacorder does not work as designed and will not play back in native app and has other issues.
  6. Has anyone upgraded to Mojave and experienced any issues with Metacorder? Thanks
  7. Will the new HMa have the ability to remote with LectroRM?
  8. In the specs there seems to be nothing regarding sound inputs. Hopefully Arri decided to not include sound in the design and utilize double system as I always hoped they would on the Alexa.
  9. I am wondering what audio interfaces mixers have had luck with using Metacorder and Yosemite?
  10. What erx firmware have you been using when successfully jamming timecode? I have tried from .5 to 3 volts and continually get timecode error indication.
  11. Actually a SB-3 works fine on all Arri cameras in the regen mode. It is only the ERX2TCD that has problems with this. Either it is a amplitude problem or it is an issue when the ERX2TCD goes out of range and it re jams when back in range and it sends a time code pulse to the camera that it doesn't like. I have a hard time trusting an AC to be diligent enough to re jam the camera every time the operator decides to change the frame rate and then go back to 23.98.
  12. Glen In addition to RED issues with timecode jamming it is also an issue with Alexa XT cameras when in the regen mode on the Alexa. It will cause a timecode error indication on the camera. The only way to rectify this problem is to go into the jam sync mode. This is not practical as the reason for keeping the box on the camera and in the regen mode assures proper timecode sync if the DP decides to shoot high speed and then back to sync at 23.98. Thanks Michael
  13. I have this one for sale. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151228054083?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks
  14. Mathew I too have used an USB XTRAVIEW device to import video onto the screen and float the image over Metacorder. Recently I have had to stop this as it was creating a "static pop" every once and awhile on the record. I use BTV Pro to float the image. I have tried additional USB devices but not the Eye TV device. Just wondering if you have had any problems with this device. I find the quality of the system I use to be better than most small monitors. I must say having the image on the laptop is sorely missed... Thanks Michael
  15. Prior to update to 2.09 mine has frozen twice when trying to power down. I updated to 2.09 and now the unreliability begins? It freezes on copying files to External Hard Drive and also when connecting to computer thru firewire cable. The only way to shut down and reboot is to power down completely and repower (sometimes 2 cycles). The only fortunate thing is my primary record is Metacorder that is to date (14 months)flawless!! It does concern me regarding over the shoulder as the 744 replaces DAT for that application-perhaps going back to previous versions is the answer? I called SD and they are emailing me a patch today or tomorrow-will post when I install.
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