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  1. Many things in our industry can be debatable, like does Zaxcom have better range than Wisycom or Lectro etc. This may be a main concern for those completely restricted to carts, but for people like me I am solely concerned with weight. Has any pro manufacturer big or small attempted in any capacity to match Zaxcom in this area? The NOVA has been for a few years now to be wholly unmatched in this concern...but I'm hoping someone out there has made an attempt.
  2. end of the year damn, need it now! ha
  3. Well first what is full name Martin? No Jeff said that I can post that as well, but if we both feel like posting private messages gets us somewhere then maybe it won't. I agree I didn't handle the beginning the best, but as you can see people don't trust others who react the way you are right now. I'm not sure if I had handled this situation differently it if would have gotten us anywhere, you seem immune to reason.
  4. Well I've sat back letting Martin take care of himself, as you can see his demeanor. Him saying outlandish things about me and pulling numbers out of nowhere when nothing has been presented to me in that way...but I'm fine with explaining, and he hasn't technically said his real name either. I guess its worth saying since he is telling whoever wants to know through pvt messages. After now communicating with Martin and realizing that this is exactly what he wants is me to respond I do it for the sole purpose of showing the other side of his extremely damaging claims. #1 He is convinced I deliberately sent him a nonworking transmitter ON PURPOSE. Let me tell why this is not provable and untrue. He waived shipping insurance when I asked him in writing if he wished to have that applied. Is it possible that something in a used hardware device could be internally damaged from shipping? Yes, unlikely but is possible. The other thing to consider is that others have used my second gear package. Is it possible when I tested the transmitter that the gain was already up from someone else and the quick sweep test I do of plugging it in and making sure it goes into record and sounds decent that this issue was overlooked?...definitely...that still does not prove willful nasty intent, which he keeps repeating. #2 He keeps bringing up Ken as a prime example of me again trying to rip off people who I've been selling gear too. Let me be clear, in the past two weeks I have sold off a whole other entire gear package all while working 12 hour days, as we all do. I've sold 6 of these TRX2.5LA not 2 and many receivers...and other things with nice buyers and no issues and NONE on ebay. Ken immediately realized there were a couple menu items missing from the transmitters extended menu setup such as record on bootup and the card wouldn't format correctly, even though it would go into record and sounded decent before format with me, it was also on an old update version in the 8.XX where settings can be lost since I hadn't used it for awhile prior. He immediately sent the transmitter to Zaxcom and they fixed it at no cost and sent it directly back to him the same day at my cost to him being a happy customer. Yes there was an issue, but on a couple days added on to his experience he got a transmitter back inspected and approved by the manufacturer...not much better than that in the used world. I tried to do this with Martin but Martin insisted on sending it back to me for a full refund all the while from the very beginning being nasty and threatening legal recourse (I can give you our whole conversation if interested), which did eventually occur after I tested it and came to the conclusion that he probably didn't damage it or that it wasn't damaged during shipping. #3 He opened this forum "I've been ripped off by a jwsound member!" From the time he messaged me saying it was broken til when I gave him a full refund including shipping costs was 9 days. He went from making me aware of the issue to fraud and courts and legal threats and aggression in public in 9 days, this despite me fully communicating what was going on. I received the transmitter back on Friday. Monday and Tuesday were 14 hour days so I couldn't find time to test the device and I'm closing on a house. Yesterday I was wrapped at 1pm. I tested the device and even after updating the software the problem continued. I actually sent Martin a refund BEFORE I noticed this posting, since he will only message me through jwsound. In no personal messages by him or communication up to this point after the full refund was $55 ever mentioned. This seemed to be brought about by him posting in halfway through this forum. Initially I would say I acted suspiciously of his demeanor, which he through email and then switched solely to jwsound messages...I thought something was odd or off by his bringing up courts and being aggressive at the first sign of a device not fully working. I've bought devices from used and new parties and have had problematic units before, it isn't unheard of but I find calm and pleasant demeanors solve the issue quicker as the buyer in that situation, so I immediately did not trust him when he switched to solely jwsound messages from email...so my reaction was indeed not to be helpful because my lack of trust and i would change that reaction if I could, but that does not mean what I did originally was in anyway willful or intentional. We exchanged 40 emails before any postings he sent me through jwsound. When he first bought the unit my suspicion was also heightened because he insisted that on the day of purchase I send the unit via USPS priority to him. I kindly told him that I work 12 hour days through til past the time USPS is open. He again asks if I will send via USPS, I do not know how to respond as I am working during those time periods and expressed that as such, and say I can do UPS or Fedex only. Luckily I find out I can send USPS priority through a UPS store and all is well so I thought. I do not like sending via USPS because I don't feel like a high priced item should go that way but I respected his request...this is also why I didn't respond to kindly to his first response about it being straight up broken and wanting a full refund. I then thought he tried to scam me due to all his previous emails trying to push the price down further, by using the unit a day or so and then finding a reason to dump it back to me for a full refund. I simply did not know why he was being aggressive and threatening legal recourse...when I've sold well over 20 items recently to fellow sound mixers who have been kind and understanding with no issues...and even when there was one Ken had trust that I would do the right thing by him, which I did. He keeps repeating that I wronged him in a willful way which is extremely damaging to my reputation and can have a severe impact on my career if the wrong person reads this. I do not want any kind of legal proceedings in anyway against another sound mixer (truly absurd), but if he keeps insisting these claims all over the internet I'm not sure how else to react to this. I am a member of IATSE 209, AES, and active on all sound communities online. I'm not sure how else to take these matters but very seriously.
  5. Thanks everybody, and old school actually isn't that much the carbon fiber skeleton weighs only 3lbs with the straps waist band etc. without the bag, and the bag is very simple an RX12 and a Nomad, very few cables involved there either. It requires two batteries instead of one, but again on the back that is absolutely nothing. I actually feel weird going home after work everyday and feeling nothing in my back. My body almost has been expecting it. This may sound weird, but that first day using it and it working so well I was almost emotional a mixture of extreme happiness and hoping that it can change lives. It has been so sad on boards like these to see mixers come and go with whole gear packages going up simply because they no longer have the capacity to hold the gear and they are in constant pain. I personally think these last twenty years of backbreaking reality we will all look back and not believe the barbarism involved and how we couldn't see how seemingly simple changes can greatly impact our lives for the better. Much like Paul O'Neill from Alcoa giving his speech on Safety changing the whole industry and the manufacturing sectors viewpoint on safety we can all hopefully accept and get our manufacturers to work in the right direction.
  6. Something new for you guys from Zaxcom in anticipation of NAB its awesome!! "They concluded that carrying with a back pack required the least additional muscular effort of the methods investigated and that carrying a weight in front of the body required the most effort...front of the body should be avoided because it increases load on the back muscles..." -Introduction To Ergonomics- Bridger I made that quote back in October on this board and Glenn Sanders took notice. I've been testing hardware and software in the field for several weeks, and let me tell you very impressive and ZERO pain or tension on my back in anyway period! Check out the video for a teaser I made.
  7. YOU NEED TO GET THE ANTENNAS OUT OF THE BAG. You will get clean scans as well if you get the antennas away from you by like 5ft. Huge con in Zaxcom gear, but there are many pluses so I deal with it. Their other gear in the bag leaks a lot and their are no fixes by Zaxcom as of yet.
  8. Hey guys I'm looking into GPS anti theft devices I can conveniently put in my gear package and be able to locate if problems arise. Of course I have insurance etc, but want further peace of mind. The GPS trackers I'm looking at so far need full view of sky to get it correct. Looking for any suggestions for you if you are using one you are happy with. Maybe one that emits a pulse every 15 minutes or so that has the power to penetrate a layer or so. Thanks.
  9. Hi Dimitri, the only concern I've had with the modern Nomad is the top menu knobs, then again every mixer recorder has certain weak areas like that. Everything else has been very sturdy.
  10. Yea mounting my fp8 on the bottom was a must for me from the beginning and after removing and reattaching several times now has never been an issue. Although I have no desire to make a one unit I'm hoping that this type of stuff will be an inspiration for future Zaxcom products. Having an all in Nomad type device, RX12/RX6, and power all together AND it being significantly lighter than each separate piece of gear put together would be awesome. They could also develop software to put everything on ones back and simply only have to have a device in front.
  11. Agreed John, hear hear. I've never had a transmitter poop out...I've just had it become a normal transmitter ie lose zaxnet/recording capacity
  12. I reserved a hotel through the NAB website awhile ago, they didn't state if the hotel will thorough check for something or what exactly they will need to see before they let you go forward with the reservation. Anyone have any experiences with this? So far I only have a exhibition pass.
  13. Pretty cool stuff and Colleen looks great too!
  14. Maybe they should lower it to 10mws and then the only way you could receive the audio would be by using a cart...thereby making reality bag rats like myself having to find a more tolerable environment by sitting at a cart haha
  15. Is this spawned from you reading the importance of lavs posting? Truth be told I am mostly in the same boat as you. I thought that even in Hollywood that the modern LR or mono mix provided by mixers along with their isos was for dailies only. Much will disagree but I wouldn't want my mix I provided no matter how good I was at mixing down multiple tracks into a couple to be used for actual broadcast. With much much more time in post to do a precision dialogue mix to fit their needs I would rather them use my isos to make something really well done. I got out of live audio because of its lack of exacting precision/human error and staying power...unless working at the microbudget phase where everything goes straight to broadcast it doesn't make much sense to me either. For me in a reality setting I use the faders for yes IFB and camera feeds...while some are used for actual gain adjustments on the transmitter through zaxnet.
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